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  1. L.Gibbons

    Duchy League AGM

    Torpoint's Duchy side will still predominately be playing their matches at The Mill, Horson Field is a very convenient back-up as that's where the P&D side play. As mentioned, with Rame now folded that has freed up a pitch for when the inevitable backlog of fixtures happens. Don't be surprised to see the P&D side play a game or two at The Mill next year.
  2. L.Gibbons

    New Management at Torpoint Atheltic

    Totally agree, Justin's personality will be greatly missed from the changing room and his evergreen ability on the pitch. Hopefully he won't be staying away too long. There's no chance he's got rid of the boots yet surely...
  3. Torpoint Athletic are pleased to announce the new management team of Callum Bays and Dominic Smith for the upcoming 2018-19 campaign. Callum is a long serving member of the Club and was assistant to the outgoing manager, Justin Norman. Dominic joins the Club from Rame Peninsula having taken over the reigns for the final months of their season. I'm sure it'll be another strong campaign for Torpoint in the Duchy Premier.
  4. L.Gibbons

    Duchy Four Sat 26th

    Completely agree with you Dave. So many hiding behind a username on here. Congratualtions on yesterday's Cup victory. Luke.
  5. L.Gibbons

    Duchy Knock Out Cup Semi Final tonight (Wed)

    It's just been agreed that Dammerell has been given the go ahead from the league to play for Foxhole in this evenings Final...
  6. L.Gibbons

    Duchy Knock Out Cup Semi Final tonight (Wed)

    Ringers 😂😂. Those 4 players all signed on in late November with a squad restructure and with a limited number of games from Dec-Mar were unable to make the required number of fixtures. S.Rosevear played 11 games this season, tough for a ringer. I played 5 whilst away with the forces. M.Crowley played 6 whilst working most weekend. Thanks for your input though.
  7. L.Gibbons

    Duchy Knock Out Cup Semi Final tonight (Wed)

    A cost effective decision for the League Committee.
  8. L.Gibbons

    Duchy Knock Out Cup Semi Final tonight (Wed)

    I'd have to agree with you Grant. Fairest measure for both sides. Still not great for Foxhole and would the league want further expenditure?
  9. L.Gibbons

    Duchy Knock Out Cup Semi Final tonight (Wed)

    I wouldn't either. But if you were Torpoint would you accept an administration error by the League? Lots of pressure on the League. They won't won't to lose their Cup Final double header on a bank holiday Sunday. Think they'll stick with their decision. Unfortunately an apology won't cut it.
  10. L.Gibbons

    Duchy Knock Out Cup Semi Final tonight (Wed)

    Village team 😂😂. Come on, I thought we were having a grown up conversation. Starting to sound like Fat Ron (or one of the individuals named above).
  11. L.Gibbons

    Duchy Knock Out Cup Semi Final tonight (Wed)

    Positives and negatives to having a club of teams. The negatives are rarely mentioned. I've lost players on Saturday mornings before big games, always the inform players to give them a chance of stepping up. Some never return and that's the positive/negative in one. It's a bitter pill to swallow being removed, pending appeal, from the Cup. As of last week Torpoint would've gone without Damerell and there so called 'normal squad', only to be told no by the league. To be told you're ok to play then to have it taken after the victory is gutting. I'm not going to lie and say Damerell didn't have an impact on the night. A player that started with the 3rds had a strong game before being removed by injury. With the strong performance of the other 11 on the night, I still believe we would've had enough. This involves 2 teams and the league. Not those that hide behind a username. I applaud those that pledge loyalty to a side whether they're still playing or not.
  12. L.Gibbons

    Duchy Knock Out Cup Semi Final tonight (Wed)

    I take it St Stephens don't help their reserve side or vice versa from time to time. Torpoint Athletic support all 4 sides.
  13. L.Gibbons

    Duchy Knock Out Cup Semi Final tonight (Wed)

    Another needless rule that isn't used in Senior football... How more times will the Duchy committee make these types of changes?
  14. L.Gibbons

    Duchy Knock Out Cup Semi Final tonight (Wed)

    Totally agree. Incredibly unfair on St.Mawgan who could rightfully ask for a replay. The League wouldn't want to lose more money though...
  15. L.Gibbons

    Duchy Knock Out Cup Semi Final tonight (Wed)

    Something that was highlighted by the management to the Club secretary, then passed to the league for verification. 4 players were unable to play with a final squad list then submitted and verified by the league prior to the evenings game. This has drawn a dark cloud over Sundays Final and affects the preparation not only of Torpoint OR St.Mawgan but also Foxhole. Clarification is required for all parties with appeals pending... An emergency meeting to be held tomorrow to save further embarrassment for the league officials?