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  1. I thought that they have already been promoted. If that’s the case they might take it easy😉
  2. Really proud of Saltash tonight, pushed Parkway until the last 10 mins. We’ve played them 3 times this year and played 3 very different teams. Like someone said , not breaking any rules but it doesn’t feel right. In the semi final most at least were Parkway players, tonight however 2 from Tiverton.This makes a massive difference. Not sure what can be done to stop it, maybe nothing.
  3. Great result for Saltash tonight. Parkway went in 1-0 at half time,thanks to a Hobbs strike from the edge of the box. Saltash had the keeper to thank for keeping them in the game,must have made 5 outstanding saves. In the 2nd half Saltash started to create more chances and goals from Hall, Brown (pen), Ferris and Holter wrapped up a fine win. Not one bad performance from any of the ashes tonight. A truly great effort, especially as it was their 3rd game of the week.
  4. Close game. Not much to chose between the top 6.
  5. St Blazey 0 Saltash 7 Saltash were quite comfortable against a really hard working St Blazey. Scott Coombe opened the scoring with a fine individual goal. Ferris and Hall got the next 2 to give Saltash a 3-0 half time lead. Hawkins,Brown and Walton2 got the 2nd half goals. Saltash now move on to 3 games next week