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  1. David187

    Trelawney prem title contenders!!

    Penwith for me, look very strong (from what ive seen) and have quality right through the team, hopefully get to see some of the other contenders in the next few weeks !
  2. As title states, is there any games on this Saturday in west Cornwall?
  3. Been out and about watching a few games from the trelawney leagues and must say Penwith Exiles are looking a good outfit , full of good footballers, play some good football and can compete physically, i also made the long trip down to St buryan last night to watch them play St Ives Combination league side, the gulf in leagues was clear from the off, St Ives much the better side and clearly far fitter than the junior outfit, lots of long ball action from St buryan which wasn't working and made an easy game for the St ives boys, the exiles boys look a cert to get promotion in my opinion and after people telling me to watch St Buryan this year i don't think ill be heading out there again !
  4. Been down way down west at the weekend visiting a friend (who is a keen local football follower) and one thing he was saying was how in west cornwall there seems to be a real shortage of players and it seems to get worse the further you go down, it is a real worry when these smaller (restricted catchment area) clubs start struggling to put teams out as you have to fear for thier existence, the main example he mentioned was the St Just and Pendeen teams as they both manage to field Combination teams every year but has heard that this could be the hardest year ever for both Clubs ! I hope this is not the case as we want to see all our local Clubs thrive not struggle
  5. When this circus ends its going to be a very long lonely way down to the bottom of the pile, countless local Clubs relations tarnished and their reputation in local football, talking to a few people involved with the club in question they are even losing faith in this so called vision, i feel there is going to be a lot of smug faces when this carnival ends.
  6. David187

    Endorsed Academy

    Has anyone seen the Endorsed Academy promotional video clips ?? Really ??? That football club are becoming a laughing stock especially when they are putting things like this, i mean videos of 8 year old children reading a script of how they are loving football and its changed their life etc etc then clips of parents preaching and waffling on about the academy and its ambitions 😂😂 i mean cmon its getting absoloutey ridiculous, they want to be taken seriously as a Club and then they go down this route, you have to see this to believe it. https://www.facebook.com/mouseholeafc/videos/1536792869759033/
  7. There's been money in amateur football for many years going right back through decades, some committee's as stated are closed shop which is ludicrous this day and age, i agree club's need to make being a committee member more attractive and try and shake off the tag of all members are of the older generation, unfortunately the downfall of these clubs is also when people are Officer's, committee members, managers etc for their own gain or personal agenda rather than doing whats in the best interests of the Club (i have seen this a lot) some people like the status as Chairman or Manager and a member of the committee but when push comes to shove they dont actively do anything proactive. In regards to management also long terms are great and an absoloute credit to the commitment shown to the Club but realistically in the best interests of the Club they should be looking to work with them to plan for the future, many times it becomes closed shop because these positions are held by long serving members (who have always done it) so it becomes an awkward situation, in my experience you need to embrace and welcome change for the Club to move forward, something which lots of committee's and Clubs are not fond of.
  8. I believe a lot of the Clubs that have been paying these youngsters hasn't helped, take for example a promising young talent who has been swayed to play for money from 16/17 years old then being asked to paint the changing rooms at the close season ?? Immediately when players are paid they are put above the Club and probably assume everyone at the Club working is paid anyway. I do disagree that youth football is to blame as youth football is far more structured than lower level adult football and to be honest it usually when these youngsters step into adult football that they go downhill due to the lack of coaching and structure adopted by many Clubs and teams (but not all of course)
  9. Was chatting to a friend at the weekend over a tipple or two and had quite a concerned discussion about Club Volounteers (or the lack of), he is the Secretary at a club at present and said that at their Agm they had numerous people step down due to age etc etc but nobody willing to join and help in the running of the Club, i know times have changed but back when i played if you came to the end of your playing days you gave a little bit back wether being helping behind the bar, working on the ground etc etc, it is worrying when you see clubs folding and the ever growing lack of willing Volounteers wanting to get involved and help out in any form, he also told me that they had a new member of their committee (great he thought) and after the individual done a sat afternoon (3 hours) behind the bar he was outraged to realise it wasn't a paid role !!! Previous years everyone got involved just to keep their local club alive but it seems the future is certainly bleak for clubs without financial backing.
  10. Deryks first job seems to be getting rid of the whole squad 🤔
  11. What is going on ??? Penzance seem to have basically acquired the majority of Mouseholes squad from last season ! Be interesting to see the Mousehole squad for next season's campaign 🤔