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  1. John i am suprised Penzance Afc don't promote their partnership with Mounts bay football development centre more ? Especially with the goings on with certain Clubs at the minute, i myself was unaware of a partnership between the two and im sure many other people are unaware as well.
  2. I would be interested to know in what sense Penzance Afc are linked to Mounts bay football development centre ? I never knew they were working together and had a link ?? Maybe someone from Penzance Afc could clarify
  3. David187

    A message from Culdrose Youth

    What about the centre of excellence that mousehole afc are advertising all over facebook ? Beginning monday 2nd July i think it was ?? Announced with the statement "prepare yourself"
  4. Having been on the board at a few professional level football clubs and currently still a board member at one (not for long i must add) i can give a reasonably honest opinion of this situation, ive seen this many times further afield where an Amateur Club tries to climb the mountain like stairway to semi professional and professional football, take it from me based on many varied experiences, the financial implications are absoloutey spine tingling and you will need some serious backers who are willing to throw vast sums of money into (what seems) a blind alley, these clubs which i have witnessed come to a very distressing end when the money finally disappears, bear in mind these Club backers are always business people and in their world if it isn't making a profit it's a financial burden they don't need, two fantastic local Clubs steeped in history (especially Penzance) shouldn't ever need to merge if run correctly (which from what ive seen they are), i never criticise anyone for trying to improve themselves or their organisation but as long as they do it in the correct honourable manner, Penzance Afc in my opinion have done the correct thing in not losing sight of thier status and what realistically can be achieved with the infrastructure etc, i wish you good luck but can honestly say i hope the tarnishing of your Clubs good name and the upsetting of various local Club relations is worth it in the end. P.s i would obtain Chartered standard status first as a good basis before looking at buying football grounds etc. Dont take any of this personally its just my own opinions.
  5. David187

    Penwith Exiles Looking for players

    Combination league is a shadow of what it was 15-20 years ago, people need to stop considering it as a (senior) league (which it isn't) and succumb to the reality that its basically an amateur grassroots league equivalent to the trelawney prem, and from what ive seen other than the top four a pretty poor standard of football And in my opinion the exiles could have played in that league 3 years ago from what ive seen of them a good outfit easily capable of a top 6 finish in the Combination league
  6. David187

    Mousehole Fc

    Hayle surface is good but the pitch slopes which isn't ideal, mousehole pitch is much improved but still is too far out the way to ever be considered for any finals etc, penryn from what ive seen is still up there with the best in the county, but i do have a soft spot for bickland Also with trungle you need a 4x4 to get there 🤔
  7. St just beat st agnes with 10 men ?? Is this correct
  8. The concern is that if a Club is categorizing itself as a "academy" or "centre of excellence" then they have to adhere to the FA criteria which is set to clearly identify the difference between a grassroots Club and a professional Academy or Centre of excellence, ie Academy players must train a minimum of 4 hours a week and be signed to a minimum 1 years contract and a maximum 2 years which then excludes them from grassroots (Club) football, a player must then de register from said Academy to return to play grassroots (Club) football, Academys or Centres of excellence must also give 7 days clear notice to a players Club before any approach is made for any such trial etc, i can go on and on but the point im trying to make here is that if your playing in grassroots football leagues against Club teams and players are not contracted to your Club for the minimum 1 year term (which excludes them from playing grassroots football) then you cannot classify your Club as a Academy or Centre of excellence, by all means try to move forward and improve in the correct channels but not by mis leading people into something that it is clearly not. Then also the concern is a Club obtains all the best local talent through dishonest means for short term success thus having a detrimental impact on football in the local area, especially at youth level
  9. The lad Ellis who plays for Pendeen maybe St Just is the quickest ive seen in the combo (haven't seen much of him this season though)
  10. I have asked and had mixed answers from different people who are associated with the Club, seems to be a very misinterpreted area especially amongst the immediate areas, a simple public response would clear all the misunderstanding up
  11. So are Mousehole Afc running a football Academy then ? If someone from the Club could just clarify that would be great.
  12. Why this fixture didn't go ahead ? Pitch was looking fantastic, even if the referee called it off it would be interesting to know his/her reason(s)