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  1. Was a good run out for truro pity they could nt have got a goal / corey did pull off some good saves to stop exeter making it more / think truro are going to miss the players who have left this season / hope i am proved wrong come end of season / yes as stated above announcer said he could not read team sheet
  2. Luke is on trail at swindon at the mo / what about martin rice lol 😃
  3. Rocky gone to taunton town / who is to go next ?
  4. Yes this is the big question now /would be a big loss to the team if he did go
  5. Trouble is after the season they had i think most supporters will be looking for a play off place as long as it does not put to much pressure on the team / i think it will be a lot harder league nxt season cant see torquay wanting to stay in this league for more then one season along with a few other top clubs / should make for some good games nxt season
  6. And truro fc lit up on arch outside of wembley aswell
  7. Yes some might still go if other clubs come knocking on the door a long time till season starts yet / but good like you say that they are moving early to sort out the team for next season / we have got to be looking at playoffs again at least after the season we have just had but a few good teams have come into the league this time so a good strong team is needed
  8. Good to see Truro F.C have kept most of the players from last season / with 5 players still to decide over the summer/ should keep for a settled team for the new season ahead