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  1. Dissent.

    Wow. Where are you coming from fenman? The Blackburn game should be a good game. I don't support Plymouth but I'm making my way up from Truro to watch it. Looking forward to watching Blackburn to be honest. They look good this season.
  2. Dissent.

    I'll try and answer your two questions at the end of your post fenman. I'd personally buy tickets online. Although I do think you need an online account of some sort. I do believe it would be cheaper online rather than queue on the day and pay a little extra. And yes, they probably do moan as do fans at every club.
  3. Dissent.

    There is a simple answer to this Keith. The officials are too weak. Certainly most are anyway.
  4. Premier League Football Contracts.

    The amount some clubs charge, some of those are abroad, then it wouldn't surprise me. Although then again, I hope that won't be the case. Just out of interest, how much was it to watch a game in say the 80's or 90's?! Being born in the late 90's I wouldn't know.
  5. Just this second paid for my copy Dave.
  6. Premier League Football Contracts.

    It definitely can't go to the NHS. As, like you said, they are two different industries. My apologies on that front. The statement came out slightly wrong. I was more thinking along the lines of how it's so frustrating that all this money is being chucked around, essentially being wasted on those who don't need it. It's very annoying that we see how much our NHS is struggling and all these rich footballers and celebrities are living the high life. Some of them probably don't even think about that. On another note, do you see us being priced out of watching the sport on TV? I certainly hope not. Even if we were, there are more ways out there that the money will come from.
  7. NLS - Saturday 20th January 2018

    The interest is fairly low as the club's PA isn't very good. Not just that, the future looks fairly bleak with Truro not having a ground to play at next season and no sign of new investment. The future doesn't look bright at all.
  8. Incredible video Mark. It's great to see so many different faces telling so many different stories and sharing their memories of Trevor. That man was a true legend that did a lot for Cornish Football and every club he was at. A great man that will most definitely be missed.
  9. That one is out the window. Some would say an upset as they are knocked out by New Inn Titans.
  10. Premier League Football Contracts.

    It's all the top clubs paying this sort of money out to players. You can't single out any one team for that. But yes, the money is ludicrous and could be spent much more wisely. For example, our NHS. But like I said, we can't and won't ever stop it.
  11. Premier League Football Contracts.

    The answer is simple Keith. It can't be stopped and won't ever be stopped. I totally disagree with it all but it is something that is unfortunately happening and will continue to happen in many years to come. We all know who is to blame, these rich foreign owners and their money. Then again, it wouldn't be as exciting if it wasn't for them.
  12. Ahead of Trevor’s funeral on Friday ...

    I'm going to keep an eye out for the video. I can't wait for this one!
  13. Ahead of Trevor’s funeral on Friday ...

    Can't wait to see the final video Mark.
  14. Looking at this draw I would fancy a couple of teams from the west to make up the last four in the competition.
  15. Favourites

    I'm sure this has been announced already a few days ago. It's on another section of the forum I believe. If I'm correct it's fairly soon. UPDATE - The following was posted by David Bray on January 6th. > Anticipating doing both the Senior Cup Q/F and Junior Cup Q/F draws at the County Office on Monday week ( 15th ) . Irrespective of the number of matches completed by that date.