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  1. CornishRhino

    Unai Emery at Arsenal

    Making plenty of signings as well. Something Arsene Wenger didn't do in his latter years.
  2. I meant on the South West Peninsula League website. I saw all the Twitter posts. I saw all the Twitter posts. I meant I couldn't see anything on the South West Peninsula League website.
  3. He clearly didn't last long at Helston then. Although I couldn't see anywhere about his original transfer to Helston?!
  4. There's something wrong if Stewart Yetton is warming the bench at Parkway. I'd like to see him and Hobbs next to each other. That could end up being a dream partnership.
  5. CornishRhino

    Trelawny League AGM

    I'm sure many people, including myself, would be interested to hear of any developments from the Trelawny League AGM taking place tonight.
  6. CornishRhino

    Chacewater Football Club

    Positive signs at the moment. Very good numbers at training last night.
  7. Do many come from Carharrack anyway?!
  8. I agree leedsunited. I find that with the scouting clubs now have in place, if a player is good enough to make it at a decent standard, be it professional or not, then they will do. There should be none of this 'ifs, buts, could's and maybe's'.
  9. I totally agree Rayvon. I can hardly recall Lee Hodges playing Rocky to his strengths. However, in a couple of ways some would say that this league was a little too much for him. It'll be interesting to see what the new striker is like. We'll soon find out in around a months time.
  10. CornishRhino

    Unai Emery at Arsenal

    I'm confident he'll do a better job to start with compared to Wenger and his latter years at Arsenal. The fans have no choice but to get behind him after what they've endured lately. Interesting and exciting times ahead at Arsenal.
  11. Can't comment on Rocky Neal back when he was of that age as I've only really watched him the last 2-3 seasons. I can safely say that whilst he is a very good player at non league level he isn't quite good enough to break in to the professional game. Shame he wasn't given the chance back when you say he should've had one.
  12. CornishRhino

    Unai Emery at Arsenal

    Injury has certainly ruined his career to date. Or at least the last few seasons anyway. I for one hope he comes back. As for Arsenal sticking by their players, fair play to them. I'd have released Abou Diaby much earlier than what they eventually did.
  13. CornishRhino

    Penryn Athletic

    I have it on good authority that regardless of how many players follow him from Carharrack, he'll pick the best players from both current teams for his side. That's of course if they want to stay. So not sure all the current Penryn lads will leave.
  14. Not quite sure about that. But he'd certainly make a very good non league player for sure. He'll shine at Taunton.
  15. I saw that. Not a surprise to see him leave Truro. He didn't get the game time he probably wanted.