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  1. Looking forward to watching a game at Penryn tonight. Been meaning to go down there for a while but have never got round to doing it. Should be a good game by all accounts.
  2. Good knowledge Mike for a non Truro fan. I was at this game and it was a great day out for the club. A great atmosphere.
  3. I'm with you here Rappo. I wasn't around so much when players used to use the keeper like you mentioned above. But taking the back pass rule away makes the game flow more and takes away another way of time wasting unnecessarily. Can you imagine if players were allowed to do it now?! I definitely like the idea of the Temporary Dismissal ruling coming in to play. And as far as I'm aware it's had a positive impact hasn't it?! As for repeat substitutions, from my experience it isn't always used.
  4. CornishRhino

    Flexi Football - Open Match

    Great that this has been organised Dave. Unfortunately I can no longer play due to an ear operation. Gutted as I was looking forward to getting involved in this one.
  5. IF Truro make the play offs I hope to come Dave. I've got two weeks off work as I've just had an ear operation. Providing I'd be well enough it would be the ideal chance to come and support the team when they need it most. I'll look out for transport details after the games on Saturday have been completed.
  6. Truro will be very unlucky to not reach the play offs with the position they are in now. If only I knew who they were playing so I could work out on how I could get there.
  7. CornishRhino

    WSM 0 Truro 2

    A crucial 2-0 away win last night at Weston. A tough Saturday in store but the players certainly helped their play off chances by winning last night. Be interesting to see how the weekend results go.
  8. CornishRhino

    SWPL - Monday 23 April 2018

    Current teams in the league, despite not taking promotion, want to remain competitive and still try and win the league. The difference is with Plymouth Argyle they don't. They don't respect the league, have no interest in the real results and put different players out each week.
  9. CornishRhino

    SWPL - Monday 23 April 2018

    I've never been a huge fan of it to be honest. There is definitely a case when saying it will bring a bit more of a competitive edge in some games. But I agree, I don't think they care about the competition or the league itself. All they do is chuck 11 players on the field every week, sometimes changing each time. A professional football club that has a second team should be playing in a professional reserve league.
  10. CornishRhino

    SWPL - Monday 23 April 2018

    In my opinion they shouldn't be playing their Reserves in the South West Peninsula League anyway. They should be playing in a league full of other professional sides.
  11. CornishRhino

    NLS - Saturday 21st April 2018

    Very good yesterday. Then again, I expected that as she's refereed I believe as high as the Sky Bet Championship in previous seasons. Who is now doing the PA announcing Tom?!
  12. CornishRhino

    NLS - Saturday 21st April 2018

    Awful performance Gazer. Truro looked like a team full of amateurs today. Made far too many mistakes and lacked any real quality or invention. Same tactics from start to finish. Just nowhere near good enough.
  13. CornishRhino

    NLS - Saturday 21st April 2018

    The 3 points are much needed today. I think that would all but secure our play off place. A loss and it would make things very difficult in the remaining two games. I also hope both Tyler Harvey and Cody Cooke are fit enough to play some part in the game. Just one of them would still be alright. However, if they weren't then it would be nice to see both Rocky Neal and Niall Thompson given a chance going forward.
  14. CornishRhino

    NLS - Saturday 21st April 2018

    A big game for Truro today. A cracking day for football which is going to be played between two good sides in the higher positions of the league.
  15. CornishRhino

    CS podcast - want a go?

    I do mean come on and talk. Certainly not from Torpoint Dave. That's a long way off from where I'm from. I'll wait until you possibly do another Trelawny League feature.