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  1. Yes I agree Dave. Just commented on Roy because the recent serious injury wasn't down to an unfit pitch.
  2. Weather and pitch was nothing to do with the recent leg break!
  3. 2 from each. Sticker,st.Stephen's,lizard and mousehole for me
  4. Abandoned

    It was actually 86mins with 3mins of injury time to play which wouldn't have to be played.
  5. Abandoned

    Perhaps it was because there was only 4 mins left. And with the weather and cancelled game's already to catch up on maybe that's the reason.
  6. I see the st.day v perranwell game result has now been added. The date is in the future though so something isn't correct! :-*
  7. You won't play at home with the rain coming in tomorrow.
  8. You said recently!
  9. Carharrack don't pay!
  10. Do you mean have? Hasn't it got to be in by the end of the year.
  11. I think the ref had Mr Fisher in his ear, from what I saw.
  12. I was at the st.day v perranwell game which was my first visit to vogue park, lovely set up for a village team and the pitch looked pretty good seeing the weather we have had. I hope the perranwell lad is ok, think someone said it was a broken leg. Surprised that the game wasn't finished after the poor lad was in the ambulance though.