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  1. I believe the person has been told
  2. Heard that the new manager has been chosen
  3. Alf


    That's there own fault because every time it rains they can't play at home. Will never change unless they spend of money.
  4. Alf


    Just look at falmouth first and res fixtures, they very rarely clash. Res play on Thursday's rather than Saturday's or Tuesday like all the other combo team's
  5. Alf


    But the league wouldn't fixture a combo res team on different nights/weekends to there first team to help the club surely?
  6. I've noticed some team's haven't got games on Saturday's for two to three weeks but play twice a week during the week. These team can draw player's from there first team, can a team request evening games rather than Saturday's
  7. Couple of them don't have any managerial experience so that would be a gamble even though they are very well known. One name will get penryn to where they want to be but that is also a gamble because it will be a whole new team who will move when he does.
  8. He had already applied before they got turned down
  9. Talk at the clubhouse is that 3 people have contacted penryn about the position and penryn has also approached someone.
  10. They were on top when he was on the field and st.day only got back into it when he got sent off. I think st.day might need to check if he damaged the door to the changing rooms also, everyone heard a very big bang.
  11. 100% agree with you. Perranporth still the team to beat. Lucky to get a draw? They had chance after chance to win it! If Mr Harry stayed on the field I think carharrack would have win because they were on top at that point. But to say st.day was lucky with the draw proves you don't know a lot about football.
  12. I took in the local derby between st.day and carharrack this weekend, not the most attractive game of football but the heavy pitch didnt help. The game itself had everything, good goal,missed penalty,sending off and controversy over wether the ball crossed the line for a late winner. Must say it was very well reffed who got most thing's spot on. Got to comment on the attitude of the carharrack manager who was that busy taking the mickey out of the opposition he forgot about the game and stupidly got himself sent off, very surprised to hear the carharrack supporters comments about him though.
  13. Think most game's will be off tomorrow