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  1. Paying Players

    Very common subject but paying players for stepping up from Duchy to East Cornwall must be going too far? I’ve seen a few of Saltash 3’s step up purely for cash and have heard some duchy title challengers moving to mid table east cornwall teams purely for appearance and goal bonuses. Thoughts?
  2. Does anyone know why the St.Dennis keeper was substituted at HT? Made some good saves first half. Happy to get my money’s worth having caught the train from saltash after work. Good luck to bodmin in the next round.
  3. Favourites

    New Inn Titans should be in an around it having watched them in pre season.
  4. Sticker Reserves docked points?

    I agree Harry but as Paul said, the issue needs to be taken up by Cornwall FA, until then we will just have to wait!
  5. Thanks Titus, good wins for St Mawgan and St Stephen on top of the table clashes, be good to see some match reports.
  6. Anyone know the foxhole result today? Didn’t want to travel down with snow expected.
  7. Sticker Reserves docked points?

    Seems that way Jimmer06, some clarification on the matter would be good for all teams involved in the league.
  8. Definitely can’t argue with those results coady
  9. Did anyone watch St Stephen today? Thought they were poor when they played Saltash in the last round.
  10. Sticker Reserves docked points?

    Has anything came of this situation or have Sticker dodged a bullet? Rules are rules after all.

    Does anyone have any early predictions for a junior cup winner this season?
  12. Duchy League - Saturday 25th November 2017

    Surprising result in the premier division today with Saltash beating St Dennis 3-1, wasn’t expecting that but having saw the first half Saltash looked the better side, number 8 for Saltash looked very useful.
  13. Sticker Reserves docked points?

    Thanks for the comments guys, hopefully we get some clarification soon, Cheers, Bry.
  14. Sticker Reserves docked points?

    Rumours Harvey Hann collected too many yellow cards and was suspended for the game but Sticker weren’t notified, just wanted to know if anyone knew any further?
  15. Can anyone confirm if Sticker reserves are being docked points for playing a suspended player in their 7-1 victory over Biscovey last week?