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  1. Am I the only one who enjoyed the ref today? If it wasn’t for him the game would of been a snooze fest 😴

    As a nuetral watching............. For all the money some parkway players are on.. the football played was terrible, majority of the time the ball was lumped long.. having to cheat (diving) which resulted in a red card in order to get the upper hand in the game which to begin with they were 2nd best! Bodmin on the other hand, why they still played with 2 up top and no wide men once they were down to 10 men with the lead still is beyond me.. poor management that! Parkway had joys down both wings after that which eventually lead to them winning the game! Plus.. where did they find that ref?
  3. Everyone wrote off torpoint in this.. proved everyone wrong! What a performance that was.
  4. Good result for torpoint 2nds I see beating Liskeard 1st team, having been down to 10 men for a good hour!
  5. No torpoint players selected? This a joke? It should be their whole squad! But in fairness why would they lower themselves playing next to a donkey!