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  1. This man is off his head . They couldn’t even win the west league . Top 5 of the prem 🙈🙈. Sticker walked the west league last year by 20 points and are bottom half of the table . Wasn’t a bad pub team .only a hat full of their players that play at swpl level now . At bottom half clubs apart from Lewis young . and the rest of them play in west still or the the ECPL 👀🙈😂. And if the players played in the west there no difference in travel . And didn’t Dan take the whole vospers squad to Torpoint . But realised a lot of them was not quite up to scratch
  2. Callington Town FC

    Who would leave with dean . Would they get in any other side in the swpl as results of shown the players that he brought in are not good enough ??
  3. ECPL Rep squad announced to face County Youth

    Should of just got Torpoint to play would of been better representation for the league . 5.1 loss should be ashamed to lose like that to an under 18 side . Agree with Cornish football maybe arranged in between a time when fixtures weren't so congested and maybe got a team out do the league proud . Fair play to the people who went outta there way to try and arrange it to get players in .
  4. ECPL Rep squad announced to face County Youth

    Spectator 🙈😂😂Donkeys of the team . That's laughable . Watched Torpoint ECPL last week and at least 7/8 could play higher and do well . not be no donkey . And Well funny enough one of the Torpoint ECPL players played for their SWPL side scored a hatrick won a penalty first 2 mins and had a couple of assists on Tuesday . The lad walts or something like that . So don't think it's about the quality of the lads maybe they just enjoy playing with there mates and having a laugh isn't that what football is about enjoying it . Think Cornish yaya is right why play for 25 quid and not enjoying it . Spectator sounds like he knows the league and watches a lot of it 🙈🙈🙈 and maybe all the lads like winning The league and winning trophies . Haven't Torpoint won it 3 year in a row 👀And it's Not all about money . Few of the lads have been on big money at big clubs in swpl and still prefer to play with their mates . All about enjoying your football
  5. ECPL Rep squad announced to face County Youth

    That was luke Doddridge. And Hird he's a predator
  6. ECPL Rep squad announced to face County Youth

    Just seen this thread . Unreal that no players from the teams that finished first and second in the league last year . Never Hird of the players that has been named . ECPL side to to represent the league absolute shambles Should be the whole Torpoint squad watched them the other day most there players should be playing swpl football . Surely it should be done on form not who the joke of a manger has picked.