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  1. For a side with a lot of recent success the support they receive is pretty abysmal
  2. Got to disagree here , having only seen Truro once this season nobody in there team is good enough to play in the football league if they were surely they would be by now
  3. TAFC Press Release - New SWPL Manager

    T’was on the cards

    Should be a close game this one, can see it being a right battle which could go either way .
  5. Totally agree Hetty if clubs already knew about this , they should have invested money in it rather than wasting it on average players, to gain effectively nothing.
  6. Good win for Ivybridge last night
  7. Cornwall Senior Cup

    Quite possibly Bodmin’s only hope of silverware this season .
  8. Looks like a club going places and showing ambition
  9. Graham Carey

    The reason Blissett is banned is the St Luke's Bowl is classed as a 1st team fixture in the FA eyes so therefore is banned from the league hence thr Carey ban is now up and free to play for the 1st team against Doncaster sat