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  1. Unfortunately unavoidable this year because of the bad weather . When the FA get their way and the leagues split there won’t be so many long trips which no doubt will please the moaners
  2. At least you asked the question Dave , still piss poor from the FA though but not unexpected, they don’t have a clue about football at this level or the distances involved for travelling for clubs , either that or the just don’t care contrary to what they say .
  3. Can’t really blame them , as I guess most of them had a job to go to during the day and then straight to Saltash after work , so by the time they get home it makes it a long day for the ones with families.
  4. Soccerkid

    Game off at Gala Parc!

    Plenty more to follow this w/e I’m sure. Who’d be a grounds man ? These days looks like a thankless task .
  5. 90% chance it’s off Ivybridge’s pitch Currently covered in snow and with more forecast it’s unli to be on just like a lot of games I suspect