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  1. Didnt Saltash win the first 10 games last season only to scrape home in second ? Im not saying that parkway wont win the league, im just saying its not dead certain purely because of thier good start.
  2. Jut to add on this weeks evidance Bodmin and Saltash are still in the title race. Id say it could go to either Parkway, Tavistock, Bodmin or Saltash. Parkway will have a rocky spell.
  3. I made my second visit of the season to Kimberley stadium last night, the last one being the 4-3 win against Ivybridge and i have to say what a difference, Saltash seem to have got it together! playing some fabulous football and although letting in 2 goals last night, looking more solid at the back. They looked a very organised outfit. Good width being offered by the wide men. Helston rode their luck in the first half it could and should have been about 5-0 had it not been for the cross bar and some last ditch blocks plus a salatsh goalkeeping error. However in the end Saltash had to much quality for Helston, who at best Huffed and Puffed.
  4. Good to see that Saltash keep a clean sheet on saturday Pastyman - Why do you think they have been conceeding so much?
  5. I have heard Steve Massey claim that Helston will win the league in the year 2020 - Does he realise that its almost 2018. Helston seem a million miles away from this 'pie in the sky' prediction.
  6. Graham Carey

    Could this affect the SWPL John ? Could it be merged with other clubs in the south west and become a step 5 league ?
  7. Graham Carey

    John as a SWPL officer, surely you should be supporting the member clubs that make the league what it is. Its clear that Argyles presence in the league is not good for the integrity of the competition it appears everyone but you can see it. Derek Adams has said in the past week that he thinks the standard is only good enough to provide players with a game for fitness, They dont care where they come in the league where as for the rest of the teams and players in the league Match day is the biggest day of their week.
  8. Graham Carey

    The western league out right refuse to accept reserve teams. Why can't the SWPL
  9. Any reports from the Saltash Game ?
  10. Graham Carey

    Clubs need to speak up at the next Agm. How can you go from beating stoke 12-0 to losing 4-3 at cullompton. They are treating the league with utter contempt

    I wasn't knocking them. Was simply saying long way to go yet.

    Leeds I don't think Bodmin should be worried about what parkway do. Perhaps you should just worry about getting into the top half.

    St Austell will finish mid table in my opinion. Im sure they will get it together. As for Parkway it's certainly been a good start and you have to place them as favourites, however Trophy's arnt handed out in September, it's a long season.
  14. Friday 15th September WALTER C PARSON CUP 1ST RD: 7.30pm Callington Town 5-0 Torpoint Athletic Falmouth Town 3-1 Helston Athletic
  15. Graham Carey

    Some quotes above from the Herald giving an idea to how Derek Adams views the league. Why are the SWPL allowing themselves to be used in this way ?