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  1. Another easy home tie for Bodmin.
  2. Yes and 2 of those 3 defeats have come against non swpl sides. Hence he use of the word ‘another’
  3. Was at this game yesterday. Westfields are an excellent outfit however they were there for the taking yesterday. You have to question the decision to take off Glynn Hobbs in the second half. Another game where the tactics and management have come unstuck against higher league opponents. Food for thought perhaps for the clubs committee as they progress through the leagues.
  4. Having come second in the league last season and currently the highest placed cornish club at SWPL standard you would have to say saltash are the top cornish side closely followed by Bodmin. However if you talking about all standards it’s obviously Truro.
  5. Darren Raven ex buckfastleigh manager

    Just pointing out that as a football supporter watching parkway hit 8 past Callington isn’t the best that tomorrow afternoon can offer.

    Game of the day has to be over the water at Kimberley. Will be heading there to watch the Argyle young guns

    I think Argyle will be able to sign a keeper on an emergency Loan - this then doenst become a problem
  9. Saltash

    They have also today announced the return of Toby Clark
  10. Saltash

    Good response from saltash united today. Good away win and a clean sheet.
  11. Torpoint

    Posted on Tuesday.
  12. Saltash

    There must have been reasons behind it, whatever they were it is certainly backfiring. However im not sure all the present problems could be caused by just one player leaving the club. On the whole its the same group of players that almost won the league last season so something clearly isnt right. Have the management lost the dressing room? they were always such a close knit group!
  13. What has happened to Saltash. Last season they were one of the top sides and now look like a mid table team. What’s gone on for such a drastic decline??. Alarm bells must be ringing as not only did they lose but were Destroyed tonight by Tavistock. Not sure if anything is going on behind the scenes but something isn’t right.
  14. Some people just don’t understand the difference in quality between the two leagues
  15. Callington Town FC

    Heard yesterday that Dean was given the option to resign or be sacked ! Which means Perhaps the Torpoint and Callington positions becoming vacant at same time really was a coincidence