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  1. I'll let you know next time I'm going - Parkway in a couple of weeks time I think.
  2. Sticker 2 Helston 2

    Absolutely spot on assessment. Point a fair result in a very entertaining game which was full of incident.
  3. I made my first ever trip to Burngullow last night to cover the game with the Voice - report in next weeks paper. Firstly, the Sticker club as a whole should be very proud of the way they do things on match days. Friendly chaps on the gate, even directed to a parking space in the car park! I've covered games at a much higher level and not received a welcome like that from some places. Onto the game and as has been said above, Sticker could have been out of sight in the opening 20 minutes, but Helston still looked good with the ball with the lad Buchan a constant threat. His goal was a tad fortunate, but Stidwell's was out of the top drawer and it was a goal that would struggle to be bettered at any level this season. After half-time, Sticker won a very soft penalty, then equalised with another stunning finish and then were denied a certain penalty. Didn't think the referee had that bad a game, but was a little over zealous with the way he spoke to some of the players and after a couple of reckless challenges in the second half, could have lost control on another day. Late-on, Helston rallied, but couldn't turn a succession of late corners into a winner which they probably didn't deserve. I was very impressed with Kirk Davies and he was Helston's best player - confident on the ball going forward and solid in defence. For Sticker, Duff had a quiet first half, but grew into the game and pulled the strings in the second half. He always seemed to find space, used the ball sensibly and some of his touches were sublime. Just to finish, I was disappointed not to meet you Sticker Forever as from your post, you must have been at the game.
  4. SWPL - Friday 3rd November 2017

    Hi Sticker Forver! Can't quite remember where I said Parkway were unbeatable? Nor that Bodmin shouldn't bother turning up for the Vase game. But I stand by my comments from the other day that Bodmin were very poor all round in the Vase against Swanage.
  5. I'm not sure whether to be offended or not with the Frankie Boyle quip?!? 😉 Well said. 👏🏻 As I said SF, I'll continue to call it as I see it. If that upsets you or any of Cornwall's finest, then so be it. I 100% stand by any comments I have made and continue to make.
  6. Dig out respected clubs and people? I'd like some evidence of that? But I see what you're getting at, because Bodmin are a pecieved 'big club', you're not allowed to say when they've been lucky to win a Cup game? For me, football is all about opinions, not making friends - or at least that's the mantra I've always adopted.
  7. Here's my profile photo chaps, just so you know who to look out for! I do quite a bit of media stuff for Bournemouth too and that is the real FL trophy I'm holding too at the club photocall day in 2015. Just to add, here is the Bodmin report from last Saturday's cup game: http://www.pitchero.com/clubs/bodmintownfootballclub/teams/160684/match-centre/0-3865872 And here's Swanage's which I wrote, but haven't been credited for yet! http://www.swanagefc.com/news/heroic-swans-bow-out-of-vase-2054120.html
  8. Hi 'Sticker Forever'! As I've mentioned in a previous post, I used to live in Dorset, but have been in Cornwall for nearly a year now. Your're right, I did miss off the disallowed goal and the big lad hitting the post, but just like you, I also missed out the two one-on-ones missed by Swanage and the other couple of saves Draper made - one in each half. The two Swanage players framing up? No, it was the referee talking to a player and the captain after a heavy tackle. Thanks for the positive words re the Voice and I know GR looks at this forum. As I said to the other chap, next time I'm covering a Sticker match, you must pop by and introduce yourself!
  9. Some fool trying to get some bait? No, leedsunited, just calling it as I saw it. I was covering the game for two different papers back in Dorset as that's where I am from originally. Been in Cornwall for nearly a year now so slowly getting to know the set-up and I've been doing some freelance work, mainly for the St Austell Voice since the Spring. If I'm up at Bodmin again covering either St Austell or Sticker then you must come and introduce yourself. Here's the piece I did for the Bournemouth Daily Echo: http://www.bournemouthecho.co.uk/sport/15629299.Brown_proud_as_Swans__heroic_FA_Vase_run_comes_to_an_end/
  10. Naturally, Swanage have done very well out of it too, but if you watched the game yesterday, then it's hard to see anything other than a Parkway win and more worryingly things don't exactly look rosy for the League campaign either given the dreadful body language from the players at times and humiliating way the manager treated his players at full-time.
  11. Did you actually go to the game? Bodmin were well on top in the first half, but after the break, apart from the goal and the big lad Carter hitting the post, they didn't have a sniff and the home 'keeper Draper made three excellent saves. Swanage can count themselves very unfortunate not to at least force extra-time, if not win the game outright in the 90. If it was that routine a you say, then why did the Bodmin manager keep his players out on the pitch after the game and deliver one of the most embarrassing rollickings I've ever seen? For at least ten minutes Mr Gilbert ranted, raved and swore about this that and the other - no wonder Bodmin looked devoid of any spirit an cohesion throughout the game. After the game in the clubhouse, the players hardly spoke a word to each other and Gilbert was trying to sign a player, he gave him the forms and he subsequently went and at down with the Swanage players thinking they were his proposed new team mates! On the evidence of yesterday, I can't see anything other than a routine Parkway win in the next round.
  12. Thanks Dave. I've been living in Cornwall for nearly a year now - I'm the 'other' Gareth from the St Austell Voice! I grew up in Swanage and my father was heavily involved during the club's halycon days of the '80s when they were a Western Premier side. Naturally I followed in Dad's footsteps and before moving down here, I fulfilled just about every role imaginable at Day's Park! It's a tremendous achievement for Swanage, as a Step Seven club to get the First Round of the Vase. They have already bundled out two sides from Step Six, but Bodmin will a tough ask, especially given the fact Swans will be missing at least three key players for the game on Saturday. It was such a shame that the game last week was postponed as most of the club officials stayed at my Guest House (I own one in Mevagissey, journalism is just a hobby really) and a number of the players, due to the generosity of the club sponsors, travelled up on the Friday and stayed in the Cornwall Hotel and Spa near St Austell. The FA did try and insist that the game must take place by this coming Thursday, but the club, with the backing from Bodmin, the DPL and the SWPL successfully applied to the FA for the game to be played on a Saturday. Looking forward to the game and although Bodmin go in as firm favourites, Swanage won't be easy pushovers and if they win, it will rank as one of the greatest ever achievements in the club's history.
  13. They have to get past Swanage first!
  14. Despite nothing on the FA website, it's been re-scheduled for this coming Saturday - 28/10 - 3pm. Winners play Plymouth Parkway away in Round Two.