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  1. Absolutely spot on. Nobody cares about the club or the fans. Then you get people who still continue to stick up for the owners. The club will go under, someone will make a few mil & all these years of history will be gone too. Sad times. The worst part is how the die hard fans are treated.
  2. Rather than worrying about his league prediction we should focus on what matters which is the future of the club. You say that you play all of the blame with Kev Heaney, which isn't far from right, but the current chairman/owners need to pull their fingers out if we want a club in 5/10 years time. What was the point in them taking over if this was their plan. No ground, talk of playing home games is Devon & owners that don't seem to care. The fans need answers.
  3. Cracking results for Perranporth & St Day, combination looks set to be a cracker this year. Carharrack is one of, if not the worst in combination for holding water so benefit of the doubt given as I'm sure the players wouldn't want a week off... Although a mid week game in may would certainly suit Carharrack more than Pendeen.
  4. I had to pleasure of watching Liam "Porpus" Patterson play in a cup final may for Carharrack Vs New Inn Titans, he was terrific that day doing as good a job of keeping Hal Davies quiet as anyone I've seen in junior football. He was the stand out player that day. I think if he was to shift a stone or 2 he would be a south western league player for sure.
  5. Top bloke. I'm sure the fans will turn out in force for this one. Should be a cracking evening.