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  1. It seems like when a player leaves the game it's hard to get them back. Not helped by poor organisation by the league's. For instance last season the Trelawney league fixture secretary deciding on an all time low for mid week games at the start of the season, then deciding (without consulting the clubs) to cancel all cup competitions. Meaning that all but 2 or 3 clubs per division having nothing to play for with 15 games to go, strange decision when every other league in Cornwall managed to fulfil their fixtures. Another problem is the harsh penalties for clubs unable to field a team. Clubs were expected to play 3 games per week at the end of the season & were fined & deducted points, meaning even less of an incentive to keep the team going. I think the league's need to take responsibility and realise it's not all about them. Then we have the new idea of players needing to have an Id card in junior football, so instead of just signing your name at pre season, you now need to bring a photo of yourself, some photo id (which lots of people don't have), answer emails (some people don't have an email address or know how to use a computer for that matter). All of these ideas will reduce player participation. Also I've noticed that we never see adverts in the West Briton like we did 15 years ago. Ie "training starts July 1st at local playing field, two teams in combo & Trelawney prem, old & new players welcome". Doesn't take long to sort.
  2. Roy D

    Penryn Athletic

    Can't remember the last time the East Cornwall representative won the Eveley Cup.
  3. Carharrack scorers Glen Patterson, James Davies, Josh Sharpe, Jake Shaw.
  4. Shane Richards is a top bloke. It's a sad day when people come on here & run people down but are too scared to say it under their own name. He got sent off, he will serve his ban & be back, get over it.