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  1. You are spot on. League should have spoken to every club or even called an emergency meeting asking each club to bring a representative. But they know if they did that every club would laugh at the proposals. Clubs will fold if this goes through, mark my words.
  2. No I've just seen the statement from the Trelawney league. A huge essay on how they will police double headers etc & why they've taken the decision to do double headers etc, with 1 sentence saying "All cup competitions will be cancelled", hoping nobody would notice I think 😂😂😂
  3. Absolute jokers. I don't think they've thought this through. Players play for a chance to win things. More teams will fold as a result of this.
  4. Just heard from a reliable source that the Trelawney league has decided to cancel all cup competitions due to the fixture backlog. Can anyone confirm this? If this is true it's an awful decision & will surely result in even less numbers as players will have less reason to turn up if their season is over but they have 15 games to play.
  5. Hopefully more games played today than in previous week's! But at the same time let's hope games aren't played on unplayable pitches, yet another serious injury last week on an unplayable pitch. A lot of self employed players can't afford months off work. Stay safe guys! 👊
  6. The trouble is it's not the match official that makes the decision, it's just an official who the club asks to have a look, usually someone with ties to the club.
  7. Yeah, being self employed I know I wouldn't want to be told I had to play on a ground that had huge puddles in it this morning. No amount of work from the groundsman will stop the ball from sticking in the mud. You get the feeling it's a case of "everyone wants the game to be on so the game will be on regardless of the state of the pitch"
  8. Shocked to see some of the games that are being played/ attempted to be played. I'm all for getting the game on if possible but is it worth it when someone breaks their leg playing on a dangerous surface, which has happened in the past few weeks.
  9. Mariners Vs Carharrack reserves off due to waterlogged pitch. Big Roy