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  1. Shane Richards is a top bloke. It's a sad day when people come on here & run people down but are too scared to say it under their own name. He got sent off, he will serve his ban & be back, get over it.
  2. Overheard Clive & Ron talking about Matt McIlroy down at Penryn. They said at aged 18/19/20 he was a whippet, tricky winger, unbelievable player. Could have gone all the way to the top. But he suffered a horrific double leg break, doctors said he'd never play the game again. He is back & firing in the goals, but can't help but think what a player he would be if he lost a stone or 10.
  3. Hahaha no he didn't actually. He was centre half & conceded 5 so maybe he had 1 eye on Sunday
  4. It's true alright. He played 90 in a 5 5 draw
  5. I've just turned up to watch St Day Vs Carharrack game in the combination league & Luke Johnson is kitted up and named as a started for St Day. Strange decision to play in a lower league local derby considering he is one of Mouseholes best players and has a senior cup final in 3 days.
  6. Roy D

    Wednesday 9th May results

    Thankyou! I can only assume that Winston was trying to stir up s××× as I said the Carharrack player is devastated and told me today he is considering hanging up his boots as he feels that bad about the incident
  7. Roy D

    Wednesday 9th May results

    Winston... I would like to give you the benefit of the doubt that you are in fact a st buryan reserves die hard who turned out to watch them in the pissing down rain last night. also someone who isn't only a big Trelawney division 3 fan but a big enough combination fan to know that Carharrack 1st team pitch is nicknamed ting tang and that their derby is against st day aaand that is their fixture tonight. My problem is with you using a player getting injured as a chance to have a dig. I'm sure the match official above will agree that it wasn't a dirty game in the slightest. Both teams had bad challenge each both partly down to the extremely slick and slidy pitch. Even the challenge that resulted in the injury was wreckless rather than viscous. Having spoken to the player who committed the foul I can tell you he is devastated. Being self employed himself he knows how this could impact the injured player. I also understand the Carharrack team will be having a whip round to help the player out financially as rumours of him being an unregistered player means he probably won't get an insurance payout. In addition to that Carharrack reserves are bottom of Trelawney 3 and the 1st team are combo champions so I wouldn't worry too much about the two teams having many similarities
  8. Roy D

    Wednesday 9th May results

    Half the titans side picking up a brown envelope from what I gather paul
  9. Well Alan must be your dad then as you have exactly the same IP address. Or maybe you sit in his garden and use the WiFi. Bit weird that on some threads you actually have conversations with yourself
  10. Alan no need to be bitter. Everyone signed for the reserves were asked. First team were short so took two players too
  11. Falmouth DC Vs Carharrack off. After Falmouth doing everything they could to get the game played including one of their clubmen offering to ref the game Carharrack have made the tough decision to forfeit the game. Due to work commitments and players coming down with illness yesterday it's meant we are missing 12 players leaving us with only 8 fit players, 2 of which are carrying injuries. Meaning that we had no choice as we would hate for the game to be abandoned early if 1 or 2 couldn't carry on. Carharrack are on a 6 game unbeaten run so this wasn't an easy decision. Apologies once again to Falmouth and best of luck for the run in.
  12. Play for a club which has a first team in combination & a reserve team in the Trelawney league. In September I played my first ever game for our reserves & got sent off. I had to wait untill our reserves had played 3 games before I was eligible to play again. Due to cancellations & postponements I missed 12 first team games & couldn't play again until February. I phoned the ccfa many times to see if anything could be done, despite Richard Pallot being extremely helpful it turned out I had to sit it out & wait. So I'm 💯 sure the said player was ineligible and his team will be deducted the points
  13. Oh ideal. Would make life alot easier. I thought you meant players would need to provide a passport etc. I was thinking players that don't have id wouldn't pay for 1 just to play football. Sorry my mistake