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  1. Wow how amazing you are big no 5, not that's it's really any of your business but I only moved into Cornwall in February & never got to see the quality team that mr Quinn put together and for being a mousehole fan I've seen them play 3 times in my time here and to be honest I've seen penzance 8 times in that same period, I don't support anyone team, I'm new here and have watched game's all over the county including junior league too. And the players playing for done if those sides should be playing for penzance, mousehole etc but that's topic for another day my friend. The quality about at senior level is not that great, so I don't see why so many people beat on about how good it is, because it's not! Try playing in the Midlands and they get eaten alive!
  2. I think the point everyone is missing, is that Penzance have a rich premier league history and now, with all the ex mousehole lads in at Penzance, who won the West Division. How come they got spanked 3-0? It was a ok game to watch & yes Penzance had chances but still blazey could of had far more goals themselves!
  3. Bodmin be in for a tough match!
  4. Team wanted

    Might help if you say where you have played before & what standard?
  5. Just a rumour....

    Maybe they going down the Kevin Keegan route of we can score more goals than you!
  6. I live in Truro, i travel to many different ground in my time in Cornwall, many times to your ground, I have probably been to every ground in Devon & Cornwall, so not sure what you getting at Joe?
  7. Only a few games in to the new managers term & 4 sent off including himself, how ill disciplined & unprofessional from people in this day & age.
  8. I really was hoping to get to Wadebridge last night but sadly couldn't make it. What a game I missed! 4 sent off, have the wheels come off for Penzance with Wayne Quinn & Ron being sent off! I don't know a lot about these people but doesn't sound very professional to me. Very sad day in Cornish football!
  9. When I lived up that way it was the only way to get news but with social media etc, all papers are going down hill, not just this one, having moved West a few years ago, the West Briton & Cornishman are also very bad papers & going down hill fast.
  10. Mousehole’s Leeds United day

    Couldn't make the day but what a great advert for local football. I bet there is a lot of jealous Cornish club after what mousehole have done with this day. Well done to all at mousehole.
  11. It looks to me that Mousehole have just stolen a march on all the SWPL teams, great signing for them & watch out SWPL!
  12. Mousehole - Sunday, October 1st

    Some class players... Might have to pop down and watch some legends then.