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  1. burt

    Mousehole Thirds Fold

    It all makes complete sence to me being an outside for all of these clubs, i just enjoy good football, never have followed one team just the football. You have a team playing at Marazion. whether it be Mousehole , Penzance or St Just. But now this old club has been brought back to life & they will be called Marazion from what ive heard. Get on with life & enjoy the game, stop moaning & looking for issues all the time. No wonder this forum nearely finished not so long ago. Let praise Marazion for reforming & Mousehole for helping them to do so.
  2. That one gone under the radar. 039 Luke Hunter : From : Porthleven : To : Mousehole
  3. Looks to me that the Mousehole players have moved in as part of the proposed merger but forgot to them, its not happened 😎
  4. I think from the post etc ive seen, ENDORSED is the company name. http://www.endorsedgroup.com/
  5. Half this thread should be moved to a new post i think, ADMIN! Labelled Cornwall Team??
  6. I think you need to grow up & stop all this rubbish, Mousehole might be in the wrong but when looking into new ventures, all avenues would have to be looked out surely. Penzance seem to be in the wrong when releasing committee business on a public forum, both club have not come out of this press release, so was it wise..no! Put it to bed and draw a line under the whole silly mess. Move on!
  7. burt

    Mousehole Fc

    That's very true but i think you will find most groundsman are around this age, Penzance, Hayle & Mousehole i can think off top of my head & these pitches are up near the top in cornwall.
  8. burt

    Mousehole Fc

    Was surprised there was not more bobbles. The pitch was full of weeds, even though it looked flat, it didn't look up to the pitch of old.