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  1. burt

    Kevin Richards

    Not sure, as i was not at the game but was told he was there, so don't no what he was wearing!
  2. burt

    Kevin Richards

    But still involved by the look of it, in what ever capacity! Says a lot in my old eyes.
  3. burt

    Kevin Richards

    Like i said the other, now smoke without fire....the fact that dave leonard was at the match yesterday says a lot
  4. burt

    Stadium for Cornwall

    Well Done to everyone involved. How soon will it be before we see a digger in the ground?
  5. burt

    Kevin Richards

    Do you all not find it funny that today, Dave Leonard is staying with Mousehole! While his friend Kevin has been sacked!
  6. Very interesting! So if Kevins mate is staying on at Mousehole, what does that say for Kevin? Sounds like there is no smoke with out fire, if someone like Dave is staying...says it all really i think!