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  1. And always good to see youth getting a chance - 16 year old Jack Rhead making his first team debut!! Agree about those 2 stand out goals gingerninja.
  2. Thought the game was free to enter - no refunds were given when it was called off at half time earlier in the season.
  3. Rearrange these words into a well known phrase. .. Shit no Sherlock...
  4. The poor horses would drown.
  5. Cracking game. If Bodmin spent their energy playing instead of moaning and shouting at the ref tbey may have got something out of the game. Karma will bite you in the ass.
  6. Bodmin/Tavvy

    It's OFF
  7. Torpoint v Witheridge OFF Tavistock v Bodmin OFF
  8. Jamie Bass in for Sam Hillson, Luke Durham in for Ryan Lane and Charlie Johansson in for Mike Smith were the changes in the starting line-up. Newquay worked keeper Kyle Moore harder than most have done.
  9. Have to feel for the keeper - not sure the 1st or second choice would have kept the score any more respectable. The big yellow machine steams on. Went to see Willand in the Western League (looking for promotion) and not sure any of their players would get into the Parkway side. Really is a great squad Leezo has put together.
  10. Oh we know exactly the part our secretary will have played. Couldn't do it without her.
  11. WALTER C PARSON CUP 3RD RD (7.30PM) Tavistock P-P Bodmin Town
  12. Will the prediction league now be guessing how many of these games will be on?
  13. Now for something different

    Voted....some cracking goals in there.

    Both teams with regular starters missing. When taking into consideration the conditions the game was a credit to both sides. Krac's goal was an absolute gem....watch out for the video.