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  1. Saltash 2-1 at the minute. Better side, but Mousehole ain't been been bad...
  2. I have been to Tibet, and Mousehole.... both have a charm.
  3. Didn't actually say they should dude. Was in response to a comment about support from the RFU. Which was in relation to a comment about the FA should do more...
  4. My local club Teignmouth get coach travel paid by the RFU...
  5. I just wish Bodmin would show some balls and take the step up to the Western League.... then they can follow Bucks to the Southern League in a year or two. If Bucks, and Willand Rovers do stay down this season, and Parkway come up, that's three local clubs in the Western League. If the likes of Bodmin, Tavvy, Saltash, and more took the step, the distances travelled would come down....
  6. Leeds is alreet... Lads a wind up merchant, but I can't say I've had any ill feeling from him, or i've got any towards him. People do seem offended by him, but no idea why. He doesn't like Newquay, it's his choice. I don't particularly like Bodmin from when Bucks were in the league, but that's football, rivalry keeps it interesting. Reckon though, i'll take 100%s view on the game, because he's described Newquay's game to a t.....
  7. Interesting that Tezza, the post immediately before yours says Newquay played very well, and would have won if we had a striker. I can believe that on account of I have seen numerous times what we would do, if we had a striker. So which is it?
  8. He was always good for a crack until that final. Mind, we stood behind his goal, and just spoke to him, at him, and about him. Affected his game a little...
  9. You are not wrong in that. Like I said, another day.... and a different result. That's football. Now let's hope we get one over your Bodmin on Wednesday. Shame I can't make it, I remember some cracking games watching Bucks against you. Especially when Fat Kevin Miller was playing for you Had a good crack at his expense in the Throgmorton Final at Cully a few years back.
  10. Gotta love a Leeds dig at Newquay... Newquay were definitely lacking up front today, and a massive clanger by the keeper gave the ball to G, and they finished superbly. Fair play to them, and we dropped two points. On the whole though, we we're the better side. And on another day we would have scored 5/6.... G played some good stuff too, when they weren't playing fallball...
  11. Atherton LR

    Callington Town FC

    Good stuff...