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  1. Yes, but 17 is old enough to have 3 shredded wheat...
  2. Great performance on Saturday, and made for a good journey back across the Tamar to Teignmouth. Even the fighting lads on the piss on the Newquay to Par Train, and then on the Par to Exeter train couldn't dampen my mood. Mind, when they got off at Plimuff, they were replaced by two very drunk 50 somethings that were hilarious. They didn't know each other, and they could barely stand, or speak, but they had a cracking conversation that neither they, or anybody else could understand. Hopefully, I can get to St Austell on Saturday, failing that Buckland Athletic are at home in the Les Phillips Cup. Mind, I have the kids and it might end up being Bampton in the Devon and Exeter, or Tiverton Town because they live that way.
  3. A good day for Newquay beating Ivybridge 5-1... Makes the trains back to Teignmouth a little more pleasant 😁
  4. Yeah they aren't too shabby. Mind a burger costs £2.20, and a cheeseburger £2.70. 50p for a slice of plastic cheese!!! You can get ten in a packet for a quid at Asda...
  5. Saltash fans seem to be very blinkered. Newquay were the better side, but the result is what it was. Fair play, but you really weren't all that. I expected a defeat as mentioned earlier, but I expected more from Saltash.
  6. Thought we were the better side for most of the match, should have got at least a point. Nice beer (Ruby Red) in the clubhouse, never had it before. Burger and chips were good too. The officials in this league leave a lot to be desired though...
  7. Anything is possible, and it would be nice to come away with something. It would make for a nice pre-train beer in the Two Bridges....
  8. Reckon it's going to be a tough night at Saltash for the Mints.... Still, it's one of the few night games I can get to from Teignmouth, and get back by public transport. Though, it is about 1am when I actually get through my door... I couldn't do that even from Cullompton, or Witheridge.
  9. Exmouth Town 2 Newquay 3... Newquay cruising at 2-0 then the referee decides people had paid to see him, and lost the plot. Lost count of his bookings, but two Newquay players were sent off. It wasn't a dirty game, so how he managed so many cards is beyond me. Newquay defended like lives depended on it. Exmouth, despite bossing possession, camping in the Newquay half, and coming from 2-0 down, still lost. I am not quite sure how that's possible. There was a hopper at the game who shelled out £100 on the train to see the game from Nottingham. Fair play to him, but I bet he had Fergie's Bum Syndrome sat on the train down, and seeing the weather. Still, it appears he enjoyed the game.