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  1. Must visit SW grounds

    My favourite grounds are the Devon FAs Coach Road. I don't know why, but I always enjoy games there. I also enjoy watching Bampton in the Devon and Exeter League. No stands, nothing fancy, but it's got a tea hut, and is in the shadow of the castle (missing castle, but the hill is still there). The worst is my local club, Teignmouth. But the clubhouse is a house, and it's got an open fire. Lovely after a cold match. I have also always wanted to go and watch Pelynt, purely because I pass it when visiting family down in Polperro. I haven't been to Polperro either. So both are on my to do list.
  2. Unfortunately, very true. I remember playing for Atherton Collieries U15s in the 80s, and every week we played on a quagmire. I mean, totally ankle deep in mud. We somehow, despite being 2nd bottom of the league got to a cup final that was played on Preston's plastic pitch against our local rivals Holy Family, that were also rubbish, but higher up the league. Well, what an appalling game we put on, it finished 7-5 to them, and the ball spent the entire game bouncing and pinging everywhere. We just couldn't get used to the ball moving My legs were shredded from the pitch, which was evil. It was not an enjoyable experience. Mind, the following Sunday back at home on our mud bath. I struck a ball sweetly and smashed it past the keeper and it was going all the way into the net for the goal that would have earned us a win that would have kept us up . I turned to run to our bench to celebrate. Only for the keeper to dive on the ball that had got stuck in the mud. I cried....
  3. To be fair, they do call games off far too easily these days. We were much tougher back in the day....
  4. That Leeds United Chappie will be most disappointed that Newquay won....
  5. Brilliant attitude, and one every supporter, at every club wants from their teams players.... If only more did. It's been weeks since I last saw a game with the weather, and next week I am probably going to miss the game against Exmouth. Playing rugby if the game is on.
  6. Newquay off, Buckland Athletic off... oh well Teignmouth RFC Derby v Cullompton today then. 'mon the Teigns!!!
  7. Well I hope Newquay never get relegated then. Travelling most weeks into the furthest reaches of Kernow to play on some school fields for 2.15 ko isn't an inspiring concept for me. I think what we actually need is a decent Step 5 league locally, so that clubs with ambition will take the step rather than clubs winning the league numerous times and not taking promotion. The Western League I appreciate is too far for many.
  8. Good game at NA Spurs. Spurs played some quality against a Appledore side that hung in and battled like they were protecting the Alamo. Spurs could have, should have had 6/7, and Appledore 3/4.
  9. Guess it's Newton Abbot Spurs v Appledore for me then....
  10. Ah Leeds lad, stop backing us to win. We never do when you do.... 😂
  11. Hi good folk, I plan to watch Newquay at Camelford on Saturday. I would just like to know the best way to get there on public transport. Would a train to Bodmin be best, and what buses from there? Thanks in advance... I will be coming from Devon.
  12. Glad there was no trains running today... 😊
  13. After much consideration, and Newquay having no game. I am staying local and watching Teignmouth v Honiton. Trains will be mental today, with everyone going home for Christmas.