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  1. Cornishfootball

    The Way Too Early Transfer Rumour Thread

    Oh, knew those thought was more on the move! Ta
  2. Cornishfootball

    The Way Too Early Transfer Rumour Thread

    To or from? Spill the beans
  3. Cornishfootball

    ECL AGM propsal

    If there are too many teams for ECPL to have 1 league then stop any promotions from the Duchy until the restructure and send the bottom club from Div 1 down. Seems stupid noone seems to go down very often from Div 1 to Duchy Prem. Actually thats unfair on the teams from Duchy that have earned the right to go up...... just relegate a couple of sides from Div 1
  4. Either no one can or noone wants to ever answer this question. Its been asked a few times! I am just praying that answer isnt 'nike' 🤣
  5. Cornishfootball

    Pre Season Fixtures So Far

    So what pre season friendlies are lined up so far then? Looking to watch a few Duchy ones so if anyone could post what they are up to then that would be great.
  6. Cornishfootball


    i think that the rules for subs should be the same as the top flight level of football. I think roll on roll off benefits players that maybe unfit or like browner has said need to cool down etc. I dont mind the idea of using 4 or 5 subs but not on a roll on roll off basis
  7. What is an endorsed academy and who is it endorsed by?
  8. i think maybe after the step 7 changes come in after next season that the ECPL could become 1 league with say 18 to 20 teams and the Duchy leagues will get squeezed again. I know they got rid of the lowest league a couple years ago but may have to again at this rate. The only issue with a large league is clubs almost deffinitely wont have flood lights at majority of ECPL and Duchy so fitting the games in would need the weather to be kind and for 2 matches per week for longer periods than normal It is a shame but it cant be easy retaining players in some areas
  9. Dont think an ECPL/ Duchy/ Combo/ Trelawny merger is a good idea. Can think of nothing worse that lets say a Liskeard v Penwith trip for example, or worse. Keep it split otherwise you will lose clubs from leagues due to travel costs and time, merge local leagues into less leagues with more teams in them. People will travel around the county if the clubs help travel costs etc but thats normally SWPL not lower leagues
  10. getting the jump by not playing a season? or are they going into a league we dont know about?
  11. apologies, read there will be a west, central and east? didnt realise not under control of the swpl
  12. Maybe now the 1st team have gone up a level they won't be able to pull in players when needed so wont be able to always field a team? Find that hard to believe mind as its pre season and clubs are looking to bring in new players!? Or are they putting a team into the SWPL central? theres a thought! shortage of teams and all that
  13. Cornishfootball

    One tiny change

    other league system entirely was just asking the question thats all but thanks for the info, see all the league systems differ
  14. Cornishfootball


    while it didnt make any difference to league positions in the end, it was only done as far as i can see against Polperro in a cup match and Torpoint along with Saltash so could have impacted the league a bit. Clubs can do this though so no rules broken, guess its nice to have a 1st team to help out! same goes the other way and im sure teams also use 3rd team or reserve team players to help out if needed
  15. Cornishfootball

    One tiny change

    is there not a points deduction for fielding an ineligible player whether you win or lose? i know a team that did this and got a 3 point deduction for the win and 3 points for the violation