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  1. Duchy League & Cup - Saturday 17 March 2018

    Torpoint Athletic 3-1 St Dennis
  2. Duchy Fixtures

    at least in may the evening gamesare playable due to light. April may still be a bit hit and miss, theres method behind the madness

    Haters gonna hate! Don't say put that in your pipe and smoke to em mind, have you not seen their warm up?? 😂

    I played against a team from a call centre once..... they brought in a load of ringers
  5. Who’s favourites for the title?

    think that it's an open league mid table up. All teams are decent on their day but beaten on off days, think Veryan have been good, don't fancy St Dennis winning the league but are gritty/experienced and have some ammo to bring in. North Petherwin no idea what they bring to the table but they have had some good results
  6. Duchy League Favourites

    The other clubs should be blocked as they wouldn't be good enough for SWPL etc...... some reserve teams for Swpl prem sides would compete in swpl east/ west but some teams that aren't reserve teams would struggle
  7. SWPL - Saturday 24th Feb 2018

    just the 12 for Saltash?
  8. County Junior League merger?

    Penzance v Torpoint or Saltash twice a season, mousehole or penwith too...... it's not cheap to travel all that way and in SWPL where there is a bit of money then is just about ok but not in a junior league with too much expense. Plus evening matches would be almost impossible so again would still get backlogs
  9. Junior cup semi-finals draw

    Any news on the Venues yet? Snr cup final venue has been announced
  10. Any Players Looking For Clubs??

    not looking personally but for the guidance of everyone else......are you a coach, a manager, which team etc?
  11. Junior cup semi-finals draw

    Dave any idea why they are always mid week? This always been the case?
  12. Although not involved in the Sticker game in any way shape or form...... I do believe going forward that once the fixtures get to the SEMI FINALS and are at a neutral ground then there should be neutral officials. It is on a midweek day so that shouldn't be an issue (Although I don't agree with having them on a midweek when teams need to travel and work commitments etc). Seems a bit silly really
  13. the lad is a genius was deffinitely a shot
  14. why would you need a calculator? surely an abacus would be more appropriate 🤣
  15. New Inn Titans v Torpoint Athletic is ON