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  1. very poor from you. the Parkway supporters havent caused any trouble on here all season and have been very humble in what was an easy league win
  2. Normally what you say is spot on (although many people dont agree as its the harsh truth), unfortunately this time there is a bit more to it. Yes im aware mousehole would financially be able to accommodate such players, however, IMO Steve is one of the best goalkeepers around, Jonno was outstanding last year and was attracting the eye of some premier sides and Kev was the star man in the central midfield role. It came as a huge surprise to me that these players have left, must be more to it than meets the eye
  3. Jesus talking "rubbish" yet Falmouth Town have confirmed the signings of Duff & Bowyer from Sticker.... maybe the sticker faithful didnt want to believe it. Huge task for Sticker to recruit now
  4. Is there actually any useful information regarding transfers? Is the lad Annear staying at Falmouth? IS Glynn Hobbs giving it a bash at the league above? Have the new management team at St Austell been able to keep players/attract new players? any news coming from teams in the West?
  5. cant see that lasting even if he does go... for a lad that doesnt drive its going to be a big ask regardless of £££
  6. you let me know when you ever hear a striker say they are "bored" of banging in 50 odd goals a year 👍
  7. the two sticker lads going sounds reasonable but no way is Liam going to Sticker 😂
  8. a mate of mine at work reckons a couple of the boys from Sticker are on the move... likely to St Austell
  9. I've honestly never heard of the lad, always hear the same old suspects being mentioned (not just the strikers)... fair play to the lad though! Work can always be a pain so if hes to move up the pyramid, he'll need more and more time off. I know height shouldn't matter but im sure it will be a stumbling block
  10. Christ, this Robbins is highly rated and i've never heard of him.... granted ive not seen them play for a while but never seen his name before
  11. no need to rock his boat, he's shown he doesnt give a toss about other peoples opinions on here. All sounds very good learning from him, but youngsters these days dont think like that... if they arent playing every game, week in week out, they'll leave..... to be fair, its more players in general
  12. big money being thrown around by the looks of things👀. Is it sustainable though? no doubt will p*** off the local lads who are dropped for these other players and so this activity will certainly have surrounding clubs such as Falmouth on the lookout
  13. to be fair, there are so many streams online, you dont really need any accounts!😂 Not sure on the "as interest wanes in football generally" statement... unless you mean local football which is sadly spot on
  14. with all this change and uncertainty around the club, could be a chance for surrounding clubs such as Helston etc to take advantage and take what they like
  15. Might be a good signing for them... they'd then have the two top goalscorers from the prem...... could be a lot worse
  16. In fairness to the lad, everyone talks so highly of Carts & Hobbs and the lad has beaten them both to the golden boot.... must be turning heads somewhere, stats dont lie. Possibly Truro might be a bit of a stretch at the moment but if hes not given a chance then i guess we'll never know?
  17. spoke to a lad at work yesterday afternoon and he couldnt wait to tell us all about the new things going on down at Bodmin next season.... will wait for leeds to post to confirm... huge news if true
  18. haha i have no doubt that you'll be the first to let us know... to be fair, you've taken your fair share of stick on here so must be due some good news
  19. still waiting on Leeds' big announcement that he mentioned a couple of weeks ago? if its as big as it sounds, they could be a threat
  20. absolutely priceless 👏😂
  21. Doesnt matter who Falmouth are playing, you still back the other side😂. Im sure if Falmouth played Torpoint U3's, you'd fancy Torpoint to win 8-0 as they're better dribblers👍 Try supporting your club for a change rather than coming up with some dreadful predictions. Underlines your lack of knowledge regarding all Cornish (and Devon if you want to add that in) football, "more skilful and quicker".... have you ever seen the lad Annear & Olly Walker play?😂, absolutely lightning