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  1. I've got to admit, with the rumour of Truro City ground sharing with Bodmin, i couldnt help but think it was a joke that their games were called off every week when some games have been able to play. However, now knowing the full facts, i understand it must be so frustrating for all at Bodmin, having external issues out of your control cause the pitch to flood! absolute joke!
  2. Sportsmanship

    I've got to agree with you there, cannot believe officials havent been given microphones. That way we can A hear what is being said to them and B hear what they are saying to see if they are not applying the rules correctly
  3. PREMIER DIVISION (3.00PM)Bodmin Town 5 v 1 Witheridge Callington Town 0 v 2 Torpoint Athletic Camelford 1 v 4 Tavistock Cullompton Rangers 1 v 1 Newquay Exmouth Town 1 v 3 Falmouth Town Godolphin Atlantic 2 v 0 Stoke Gabriel Ivybridge Town 0 v 4 Plymouth Parkway Launceston 2 v 3 St Austell Plymouth Argyle 5 v 1 Sticker
  4. DIVISION ONE WEST (3.00PM)Elburton Villa 1 v 3 Liskeard AthleticHolsworthy 1 v 2 LudgvanIllogan RBL1 v 2 DobwallsMillbrook 2 v 3 PorthlevenMousehole 4 v 1 Wadebridge TownPlymouth Marjon 1v 1PenzanceSt.Blazey 4v 2Bude Town
  5. waterpolo is played without horses
  6. PREMIER DIVISION (7.30PM) Newquay 1 v 4 Plymouth Parkway
  7. PREMIER DIVISION (7.45PM) Torpoint Athletic 3 v 0 Witheridge WALTER C PARSON CUP QUARTER FINAL (7.30PM) Tavistock 3 v 2 Bodmin Town
  8. I think its more to allow games to be played rather than try and do anything like that to Parkway... either way, Parkway have a one way ticket to promotion for sure, pretty much already won the league
  9. Play all games at 3:00 regardless of time of year and regardless of the state of pitches i expect is his idea
  10. I would've said they used some common sense and moved the game forward by a day to increase the chances of the game going ahead with rainfall expected overnight tonight - Bodmin probably also keen to make up the 7+ games they are behind everyone else so have taken every possible step to get this game on
  11. DIVISION ONE WEST (2.15PM) Bude Town 1 v 5 Ludgvan Dobwalls 1 v 2 Plymstock United Liskeard Athletic 5 v 0 Illogan RBL (3.00PM) Mousehole 4 v 0 Holsworthy Penzance 2 v 1 Millbrook (3.00PM) St.Blazey 2 v 1 Elburton Villa (3.00PM) Wadebridge Town 1 v 1 Plymouth Marjon (3.00PM) Wendron United 1 v 3 St Dennis
  12. PREMIER DIVISION (3.00 PM) Bodmin Town 2 v 1 Plymouth Argyle Exmouth Town 1 v 2 Camelford Godolphin Atlantic 3 v 1 Ivybridge Town Helston Athletic 3 v 2 Callington Town Launceston 2 v 0 Newquay Saltash United 4 v 1 Stoke Gabriel Sticker 1 v 0 Cullompton Rangers Tavistock 4 v 2 St Austell Witheridge 1 v 4 Falmouth Town
  13. With the recent mass cancellations, and the guaranteed back log of games come the end of the season - the obvious answer to avoid all this is to have a winter break/start earlier in the year when its drier... would it not also be useful to utilise the 4G pitches (Mounts Bay could be used by Penzance & Mousehole, Cornwall College could certainly be used by Illogan and its not a million miles away from Falmouth, Helston, Porthleven etc, Plymouth Marjons currently used by Plym Marjons FC) could play 3-4 games a day on those pitches with floodlights... dont get me wrong, far from ideal, and times wouldnt always suit everyone especially travelling sides but would at least get games played (locally or if travelling teams agreed) - a very rash/unlikely suggestion granted, havent taken into account any costs (id expect owners of the pitches would charge a fortune) but could certainly soften the impacts of weeks without football!
  14. I'd say its more 50/50 and dependent on what game is played... Tavistock vs Parkway on a Wednesday would definitely get a bigger crowd than on a weekend but Witheridge vs Falmouth for example would probably get a much smaller crowd in midweek due to people working etc
  15. I guess you're right in that respect but the rearrangements tend to be a midweek game and so the club's income is massively reduced
  16. Not really sure what difference that makes to be honest - surely the clubhouse will be effected the moment a game is called off, it wasnt a suggestion to only play games on 3G, more if the pitches were unplayable (mainly winter)
  17. I havent taken any costs/barriers into account to be perfectly honest... i guess a new set of regulations would need to be made, however, Plym Marjons' ground has been passed and the others arent much different (no doubt they are half an inch wider or something!), no real idea how the insurance works nowadays, but teams train on these pitches (along with Marjons actually playing) so i havent got a clue!
  18. surely common sense would be to cancel one game, as playing could effect the next handful of games if the pitch is wrecked?
  19. Obviously you didnt see that the St Blazey vs St Dennis game (among a couple of others) was played on Boxing Day, referee and St Blazey couldve easily taken the soft route out and postponed but didnt.
  20. PREMIER DIVISION (3.00 PM) Cullompton Rangers 1 v 3 Ivybridge Town Stoke Gabriel 0 v 5 Plymouth Parkway (2.15 PM) Witheridge 1 v 3 Godolphin Atlantic CORNWALL SENIOR CUP 3RD ROUND (2.00 PM) Bodmin Town 4 v 1 St Dennis Bude Town 0 v 6 Saltash United Camelford 0 v 3 St Austell Carharrack 1 v 3 Torpoint Athletic Falmouth Town 4 v 0 Penzance Millbrook 1 v 3 Newquay Sticker 0 v 3 Launceston