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  1. I must be a mug then, I have been doing it for the last 3 years! Some people do it for love not money!
  2. Had our own clubshop/site, but unless you wanted a pair of black Diego's there wasn't any point. They would also have been cheaper in sports direct!
  3. Always makes me smile when the ££ argument raises it's head 4/5 times a year. I have been at Mousehole for the last 3 season's and not taken £1 from the club. The team we had in my 1st season when we did the double, was just a great squad, that all happened to be friends and played for each other rather than a packet. If I was leaving Mousehole for the money, it certainly wouldn't have been to PZ All the best to Mousehole for the season
  4. SPB

    Mousehole Fc

    Absolute shocker! Must have found the only bobble on the pitch. Probably a few more after the celebrations though!
  5. SPB

    Mousehole Fc

    Luke Johnson Kevin Lawrence x 2 Jake Andrew x 2
  6. SPB

    Mousehole Fc

    Indeed, at least I didn't have to explain that one! I had visions of Paul Robinson as it bounced! 🤣
  7. SPB

    Mousehole Fc

    There may have been the odd bobble 🙈