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  1. Are any teams going to do something about it or just moan and criticise on here?
  2. Agree that referees get the hassle - more than they deserve but some referees - Nigel Jewell, Nigel Nicholas, John Reid to name but a few are popular enough to have banter and a decent chat with some of the players after the game. I've never known a team on one side of the pub, the other team on the other and the ref by himself. If he is, have a chat with him, make him feel welcome, thank him for giving up his time. He will have done his best and wouldn't have got everything right but the game is gone and whether it was a one goal defeat or a nine goal win, it's no one's fault. C'est la vie.
  3. My prediction on the grounds was correct. Or maybe getting some game time to boost fitness and confidence. Or maybe he couldn't make the long trip into England for whatever reason. He is a club player.
  4. Storm v Wendron at Clijah 4.30ko...
  5. League games until May. Cup games then. Teams must be expected to play three games a week - Saturday, Tuesday and Thursday or Saturday, Monday, Wednesday. When the Falmouth-Helston League had a 20 team division 2. Clubs were playing many games a week but more often than not all cup and league games were played. Hopefully the league and clubs will make the right decision.
  6. Sportsmanship

    Having watched lots of rugby, there are many clips on YouTube of the way referees deal with players and how the players accept them. If only football could follow suit. Equip the Football League officials with microphones and hopefully that will help to stamp out abuse.
  7. Shocking decision but as someone already stated teams want to play friendlies all through August when league games could be played. Play as many games early on and play friendlies part way through or at the end of the season if all games are completed early. This season has been wetter than any I have known but to cancel the cup games is mad. Play league games right up to May then cram them in then. Unless any team willingly withdraws.
  8. And Saltash have the only named stadium in Cornwall
  9. As previously predicted Saltash United v Torpoint Athletic Venue: TBC 6th March St Austell v Mousehole Venue: TBC 7th March
  10. Cornwall game on Tuesday?

    Is there a Cornwall v Royal Navy game on Tuesday at St Blazey? It is listed in the referees appointments but I haven't heard a mention on here or in the paper.
  11. That's logical but as the CCFA seem hesitant to give a big game to Falmouth, if that is the outcome I could see that game being played at Newquay. If Ashes drew Snoz that would probably be at Liskeard too. Saltash or Torpoint playing Mousehole will give a semi final to St Blazey.
  12. Sunday football. Star player turns up at kick off, walks to the pitch smoking and hungover, scores 4 without a warm up. His team wins. Where's the problem?
  13. NLS - 10th Feb 2018

    It's very quiet tonight... Truro City 1-3 Wealdstone
  14. St Blazey down to ten men after 17 minutes. Go 3-0 up by half time then 3-2 turns to 5-2 before two late goals make it a close encounter. Good game for the neutral but a shame that there was so much dissent aimed at the referee.
  15. All roads lead....

    Or Polperro v St Blazey

    The two seasons Parkway were at Brickfields were 2001/02 and 2002/03.
  17. An idea for The Combo?

    Last season the weather was reasonably ok throughout so no great need then for the pitches to recover like this season. Prefer the option to play more games early season or make the league smaller

    The rugby pitch is next door to the football ground, now hosting East Cornwall Premier League Division 1 football as home to Lakeside Athletic. Yes it was also home to Oak Villa for two seasons in the 1980s. Falmouth have never won 4-0 at Bolitho although did win 3-1 in 2008/09. Does that include the 8-0 cup win?
  19. An idea for The Combo?

    Ask clubs if they are willing to play on August Bank Holiday Monday. Play all cup games on the same weekend. Start the Supplementary Cup in the New Year. Tuesday and Thursday in August sounds like a good idea. If the fixtures start on the second Saturday in August, potentially nine games could be squeezed in. If clubs with floodlights actually bother to use them then they could be excused from the three games a week start. Fixture local clubs against each other midweek or West Cornwall v Holmans, Perranporth v St Agnes etc. Don't have Goonhavern going to Pendeen midweek unless Pendeen get floodlights or there is no other time to play it. See if any teams would be interested in the odd Sunday game. That's the way it used to work but only offer the opportunity. It would free up a referee.
  20. https://www-thesun-co-uk.cdn.ampproject.org/v/s/www.thesun.co.uk/sport/football/5496193/bognor-regis-goalkeeper-dan-lincoln-rushed-to-hospital-with-horrific-stud-marks-across-back/amp/?amp_js_v=0.1&usqp=mq331AQECAEYAQ%3D%3D# Ouch!
  21. Shame no pro active player will try forking the pitch. Might not get the game on but might help get rid of some of the water. It's so easy to moan and expect someone else to do it.
  22. Combo Groundhop - Any interest?

    Some replies from the Non League Matters forum. Someone also suggested maybe not the Easter weekend so maybe one where RNAS Culdrose can be involved too? I would be interested in this, I'm sure I'm not alone on here --- Lets do it --- Love the County. Bring it on --- I'm there. Definitely. --- Spent a considerable amount of time visiting these grounds over the last couple of years, particularly at the end of the season. Would thoroughly recommend this to all. Almost all grounds are railed off and most have a small stand. My concern would be the league committee and ability and commitment to organising the event. SWP-Phil may be able to give us his thoughts as I know he has dealings with the league from time to time.