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  1. Does it have to be a qualified referee or a qualified assistant referee (linesman)?
  2. Fanfare

    ECL AGM propsal

    Plympton have never been in but agree that the China clay cluster provided lots of derbies and not forgetting Bugle as well. It's a shame they can't start again. I prefer the East Cornwall Premier League being that but times change.
  3. 2 transfers so far, both involve Torpoint.
  4. Fanfare

    Promotions / Relegations

    Why do people always mention this stupid thing! Just a load of crap. A new team can be just that. It's not always a case of players from one club forming another which does sometimes happen. A new club is normally a breath of fresh air. Presumably no one wants to go back to Chacewater if you take that stance.
  5. V J will always be there! A legend and part of the Gala Parc furniture. Loyal volunteers like him are few and far between nowadays.
  6. RNAS St Merryn. Cornwall Police were stalwarts in the Charity Cup up until the 1960s. In 1951/52 some of the big hitters like St Austell didn't play in the Senior Cup. They played in a Cornwall Challenge Cup.
  7. Fanfare

    One tiny change

    The Combination League don't utilise the Full Time website the way other leagues do.
  8. Fanfare

    Looking for a new club

    The first of the pre season!
  9. In the 1960s and 70s, the CCFA refused to recognise the senior league status of some clubs. Therefore some of the smaller clubs: Calstock, Delabole, Marazion, Kilkhampton, Carharrack, Stratton and Gunnislake to name a few played in the unpopular preliminary rounds where only the winner qualified for the first round. Did RNAS Culdrose also compete when ATDU did? Maybe they were in the Cornwall Senior League?
  10. Fanfare

    One tiny change

    Who are the sinners and what is the change to the table?
  11. Fanfare

    Chacewater Football Club

    Awesome. Be good to go to the Recreation Ground again. Lovely set up and the good people of the village will have their team back.
  12. Fanfare

    Clubs folding

    Stratton United have announced they are withdrawing from the North Devon League. Not sure if they are planning to join the Duchy League. Rumours circulating suggest North Hill are to fold. It would be a shame after their first season at a new ground.