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  1. Mr Bean

    Wednesday 9th May results

    only prob is mate you score one goal a season lol. but this did make me laugh.
  2. Mr Bean

    Wednesday 9th May results

    agreed Liam clearly DID NOT intend to hurt Steve but it happened due to the nature of the incident. it doesn't matter where you live etc I knew both guys. Liam isn't a violent player and you could tell from his reaction he didn't intend to hurt Steve. I have spoke with Steve's family and wish him all the best with the op on Monday. both guys are decent lads who don't go out to hurt others.
  3. Mr Bean

    Wednesday 9th May results

    what game was you watching? and secondly I'd advice you to not take any drugs test any time soon. both teams played a sporting game of football and as stated above conditions made it hard with alot of slips and slides. I kept the temp of the game very low blowing up for and foul involving a slide and told the players in the first 5 mins or so that I wasn't going to allow them due to conditions. I have submitted a report to the ccfa and trelawny league with what is purely my side of events. how i saw the incident and as I told the league and ccfa I didn't feel the player went in to hurt/injure the other player and from his immediate reaction could tell it was not intended to hurt/injure as he stopped straight away to check the injured player was ok. I will not comment any more on this matter it will be sorted by the appropriate people now. but I want to make it very clear NEITHER side last nite loomed like the wanted to hurt or injure anyone yes like any game you had big tackles and late timed miss tackles. THAT IS ALL!!!
  4. Mr Bean

    Wednesday 9th May results

    st buryan res vs carharrick res game abandoned at 62 mins due to injury. carharrick lead 1.0 at the time. wishing Steve Leigh a speedy recovery and hopefully it's not serious.
  5. Mr Bean

    Trelawny League - Saturday 5 May 2018

    you played well today Pete great bunch and a great game. your goal was taken well aswel.
  6. Mr Bean

    Trelawny League - Saturday 5 May 2018

    hi Lee. they where a credit to you mate. yeah I was told you normally manage but where on whistle duties aswel. both teams where brilliant today.
  7. Mr Bean

    Trelawny League - Saturday 5 May 2018

    illogan 3rds 1.5 mullion res an absolute pleasure to be apart of this game. both teams where very sporting and friendly. game played in great spirits thank you to both sides. that truely was the beautiful game at its best.
  8. why have 16 in the prem? if that is the top league in theory they would have and I did say in theory the better JC run so more games for them why not 14 teams and cap it to that unless a team pulls out no new teams etc.
  9. thanks fudge it was a great game. both teams where very respectful and played in good spirits. either side could have won. end to end enjoyment. big thanks to both sides for the great game and to Phil and the Rosudgeon boys for the hard work put in to make the pitch playable.
  10. agreed and with 6a side leagues being so popular with less fines and postponements alot of players seem to be leaving 11 aside and going towards 5/6 aside.