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  1. end of the day teams have brought this on themselves. i know not all trams can play early kick offs but when teams choose not to due to rather kick off at 2.30 despite having a team that can play that and teams calling games off to protect pitches you will get bad back logs.
  2. 9-4 at this stage in the cup. that's some result
  3. hayle res 2.1 threemilestone
  4. this weekend has a shortage of refs does any1 want an early kick off? contact me if you are interested.
  5. new inn titans 2.1 Falmouth dc good game in hard conditions credit to titans for the hard work to get the game on. both teams played well.
  6. does any1 want an early kick off Saturday the 3rd Feb. if you want an early kick off ring me. Dave 07460612609
  7. mousehole 3rds 1-2 lizard argyle res. good game played at mounts bay astro. awful weather in the 1st half but nice 2nd. game played in good spirits from both teams.
  8. early kick off

    I know it's my fixture
  9. Favourites

    they face off against mousehole. having reffed both sides recent it will be a hard game. mousehole look strong with no weakness and titans move the ball around and keep procession really well. a good game in-store for the spectators.
  10. early kick off

    no I mean have the league split a 12.30 k.off and a 2.30 k.off
  11. early kick off

    I think the league should give teams the choice to opt in to 12 k.off or 2.30 k.off for teams who can and are willing to do the earlier games. maybe a positive move forward.
  12. early kick off

    with the ref shortage does any1 want an early kick off Saturday? 11.30/12 contact me if u do 07460612609 cheers Dave.
  13. Game on.

    another keyboard warrior hiding behind a screen name. do u have the "soccerballs" to post your name then? at 10am I did a pitch inspection for grant with Nick troon we where there about 20 mins. I reffed the pitch the week before under worse conditions and I had no problems with the pitch or players and it was a good game. I don't know why grant called it off but that was his decision. I notice you said apparently implying u wasn't at either pitch so your opinion is worthless.
  14. New inn titans 2.0 st erme good game played in hard conditions. good effort to titans for doing the hard work to get the game on.