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  1. i did offer praze to kick off at 12 and id their game aswel at gwinear but praze couldn't raise a team for 12 due to work commitments.
  2. good luck down there mate. good bunch.
  3. cracking game. well done toomousehole too strong for Helston but they nearly pulled it back. both teams played great football. mousehole will be a hard team to stop from what I seen today.
  4. who have they signed mate? is it u? to be fair top or bottom league shouldn't make a difference you all pay the same league fees so bottom teams deserve a ref just as much as the top team.
  5. lizard argyle 5.2 wendron utd 4ths. pitch held up nicely weather was crap. football was brilliant. no trouble or hassle just 2 teams wanting to play the game. thanks to lizard for the food after and both teams for an enjoyable game.