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  1. Zak is only a year older in our goal!! 😊👍⚽️
  2. Carts did not mean to kick Zak in the head!! Simple as that!! I was there on the pitch! Carts is a great bloke and a great player!! And Zak is going to be one great keeper!! And we def deserved something from the game but we will look to get 3 points tomorrow!! Great to see everyone at my old club! 😊👍⚽️
  3. My lips are sealed!! 🤐 Lol
  4. Yes I think I do!! 😉
  5. Just want to say good luck to Saltash and pastyman for the rest of the season......we all have our different views on the game!! And Leeds I'll see you next Wednesday! Love going back to my old club! 😊👍⚽️
  6. Pastyman have you ever played football?? Saltash supporter no doubt!! Even there players and management team said we played well and deserved more!! And as for me not lasting 90 min's I've been sent off once since I was 16 (which is along time lol) and I was having great banter with the referee last night!! Good game of football by 2 teams trying to play the passing game!!
  7. Leeds they had a full squad there bud......how we didn't get anything from the game...we deserved to!! Played some really good football against a good Saltash side played them off the park at times!! Well done lads!! A rare outing up front for me this evening and I really enjoyed it! But back to centre half on Saturday another tough game away at stoke Gabriel.....😊⚽️
  8. Like us then Leeds!! Got a few out again but least we've got a bigger squad than last year else we would be in trouble.......see you a week tomorrow 😊👍⚽️
  9. Helston supporter by any chance!! You must of been watching a different game than the one I was playing in!! Steve and I had a good chat after the game and both agreed the ref was poor!! And take it you didn't hear the Heston players saying to go for tornado's knee after a late tackle from a Helston player in the first half! But then again fans only hear and see what they want to!! But you were right Helston were poor first half and we should of scored more and the second half we were poor!! But yet again the game was won on a wrong call by the official's!!
  10. No surprise to see you saying that Leeds!! Don't hear from you when we came away from Exmouth on sat with a win when going down to 9 men 2 mins into the second half!! And as for the changing rooms at Helston the home team fantastic but the away changing rooms are like going back to the dark ages!! Horrendous!! But you won't hear us moan about the result game of 2 halfs!! But will say the ref was poor so many cards in a game where there were no horrible tackles!! See you in a couple weeks Leeds you won't have it as easy as last season!! Be good to see everyone at my old club Bodmin!! 😊⚽️👍
  11. Just wanted to say well done to all the lads today!! Down to 10 men after 15 mins and down to 9 men 2 mins into the second half......the ref had a shocker but the lads never gave up and put there bodies on the line right till the end....we deserved the result......😊👍⚽️
  12. Great result for us last night against a young Callington side that never gave up! But that's 4 wins in a row and we are playing some good attacking football. Got a good mix of old (me lol) and young players who are working hard for each other.....bring on Saturday when I get to play against my home town of Padstow In the senior Cup...😊 Well Leeds have you got anything to say???????
  13. I'll take that Leeds!! I'll be happy with mid table.....and yes we were lucky to stay up.....but I'm Glad a big club like Newquay did (gutted Blazey didn't) but we have managed to get more good players in during the summer which has made a huge difference!! and as for Tornado being on £80 and being put up in a hotel is rubbish! Tornado came to Newquay because I was assistant manager and trusted me when I said we would do well this season...( and Nelson of course) greats lads both of them.....bring on Saturday!! See you soon Leeds for a catch up!! 😊👍⚽️
  14. Would love to know what Leeds problem is with Newquay tho?? Quick enough to comment when we were getting beat last season and putting us down but nothing when we are winning this season....is Leeds man enough to answer??
  15. Leeds why don't you just not comment on Newquay games!! We won today not playing to our best but we won! Try just saying well done newquay! If not just shut up!! ?