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  1. Dissent.

    It's completely down to the referee. The referee for the Chelsea v Norwich game sent Morata off for dissent after he reacted badly to being cautioned for 'diving'. Another referee on another day wouldn't have cautioned him. As mentioned above, most referee's are too weak, or feel to intimidated to do anything about it
  2. Premier League Football Contracts.

    Pochettino had time to build a young squad because, at the time of taking Spurs over, there was no pressure on them. Now I don't think a Spurs manager would be given the same time
  3. Premier League Football Contracts.

    Ignore them they aren't true fans. The real fans, the one's who waited 50 years for a league title, 26 years for any form of silverware, will tell you a few years of mediocrity to build a better future is absolute fine and would accept it
  4. Premier League Football Contracts.

    My club (Chelsea) are the worst for this. I regularly watch our youth team play and we have loads of quality young, talented players. Yet the club never gives them a chance in the first team! The fans would be happy with a few years of mediocrity in order to blood a young team for the future, unfortunately our mafia boss owner doesn't see it the same way
  5. Premier League Football Contracts.

    Ironic that it's United paying this wage who claim they won't pay the sums City and Chelsea do! Given they're owners are still in debt having bought the club On the hand regarding wages its ludicrous. No person on this earth needs that sort of money. It's absolutely pure greed. No different to Floyd Mayweather boxing wise when he took on the McGregor fight. The money being banded around is almost Monopoly money, it just doesn't sound right. It's horrible to think that one year of Sanchez's money could cure most of the starvation throughout the world, could help put many lower league clubs out of debt, or help improve facilities all over the country and grassroots level. It's stupid really

    The only way to make the FA Cup a priority competition again is to allow the winners a Champions League place rather than the 4th placed team. That would mean clubs take it much more seriously as there's a decent chance of getting into the Champions League. UEFA have done the same with the Europa League and Manchester United took the competition seriously as they could get a place in the Champions League. Other than that I can't see teams taking it any more seriously
  7. Now for something different

    Little bit jealous more like.....

    Having watched the highlights big credit to Krac for his goal. You could say it was a Krac-er... .....I'll get my coat.....
  9. Don't know how he gets a game! Also pretty sure Lewis Kershaw switches between Torpoint and Millbrook every 6 months
  10. It's actually u18 youth Cup....
  11. Paying Players

    You only have to insure your car for business if you use it for work, not commuting to work whether that's covered or not
  12. 31st.December-Deadline

    I'm pretty sure he'd be glad to see the back of them as well!
  13. 31st.December-Deadline

    At least BALD ONE can spell.....
  14. Paying Players

    If you read an interview from Henderson in the Herald recently you'll find Tavy won't go up as they pretty much rely on fans from visiting clubs to help fund the club
  15. Paying Players

    Football and money now go hand in hand. If teams are investing and paying more than others with an ambition of progressing through the leagues then I see nothing wrong with that. What I do find wrong is teams paying silly amounts of money with no intention on promotion, and just seeing themselves as a big fish in a small pond. That's what is wrong with the league
  16. Still Bodmin home and away, as well as Tavy away to play. Plenty of points to play for and plenty of points could be dropped
  17. Parkway 6-2 Tavistock A hard fought game from both teams in tricky conditions. Tavistock played some lovely football, but Parkway picked them off on the counter. Mike Smith with 2 (the second similar to Deli Alli away to Palace) Hobbs with a hat trick (the second a fantastic solo goal) and Luke Durham with 1 for Parkway. A real message sent to the rest of the league
  18. Pretty sure Cullompton and Exmouth are further, are they stupid trips? Given they've proven they're of the calibre? Or should we, for once, see it from the Devon side of things and think about them having to travel to the far regions of Cornwall every other week?

    I have a feeling both teams will field strong sides for this match. Parkway had the weekend off and will want to bounce back to winning ways. Tavistock had their match called off so will want to keep players fresh. Plus this will be used as a psychological tool, to 'get one up' on a title rival as such

    When you say 'another game' this is only the 3rd defeat of the season for Parkway in all competitions. I'm pretty sure every other club would take that kind of record in December any day of the week.....

    Argyle have signed another keeper, Will Mannion, on an emergency loan

    I know I'd rather go to Parkway than one of these!

    Still doesn't really need to be posted here does it?

    Will be cheering Parkway on from London. COYY!