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  1. Wenger coming was the best thing that could've happened to Arsenal at the time. Wenger leaving is the best thing that could happen to Arsenal now. For all the achievements he's had with the club, he's been past it for a very long time. Massive respect for what he did over 15 years ago, but the last 15 years have been poor
  2. Parkway one point from the title! Would love to do it on Monday and wind a few of the Saltash boys up! Shame I can't make it
  3. gingerninja

    Chelsea 1 - Spurs 3

    I have noticed, as is standard with Spuds fans, they go very quiet when they've lost!
  4. gingerninja

    Chelsea 1 - Spurs 3

    That's 8, yes EIGHT semi finals in a row that Spuds have lost. A pattern for Spuds' season is emerging here, come towards the squeaky bum time, spurs bottle it!
  5. I reckon the Callington v Tavi game could be a cricket score. Hearing Callington don't have anywhere near a first team squad!
  6. gingerninja

    SWPL - Tuesday 17 April 2018

    The Western League does cover Cornwall......
  7. If any Cornish side had progressed the way these 3 sides have, I'm sure a certain someone would never call them arrogant
  8. Oh the irony of this comment
  9. This man speaks a lot of sense
  10. gingerninja

    SWPL - Friday 13 April 2018

    Parkway 4-1 Exmouth. Mikey Williams with a superb first half hat trick including two cracking free kicks. Parkway 4-0 up at half time and cruising. Brought on a few reserves at half time and it made the game much more even, although it felt like a training game. Good to rest so many players with some big games coming up
  11. gingerninja

    Chelsea 1 - Spurs 3

    I think the use of the phrase 'ruled' has to be tongue in cheek!
  12. gingerninja

    Chelsea 1 - Spurs 3

    Congratulations, you're currently occupying the 4th spot trophy you used to slag Arsenal off about. I'd take a bad season like this if it meant we actually won the league last season
  13. gingerninja

    Chelsea 1 - Spurs 3

    Actually it was 2008 making it over 10 years since Spuds won any silverware, even though the league Cup is meaningless! Once you've won multiple PL titles and a CL can you compare yourself to us
  14. gingerninja

    Chelsea 1 - Spurs 3

    Once Spuds win something decent (league or CL) I'll give you some credit. Until then you're just a small club to me. That's my honest opinion, the exact same with Arsenal
  15. gingerninja


    Looking forward to this one. Hopefully another step towards the title!
  16. gingerninja

    Chelsea 1 - Spurs 3

    When was the last time you won the league? Or the FA Cup? Or the Champions League? Oh wait sorry you've not won that one yet! Putting the pressure on and finishing in the top 4 without ever winning anything means nothing. If you think it does, just look at your neighbours!
  17. gingerninja

    Chelsea 1 - Spurs 3

    Finish above us for one season and suddenly become all arrogant. No wonder no one likes Spuds fans, getting as arrogant and as bad as Liverpool fans. However at least their fans stay til the end of games when they're losing, not empty out after the 75th minute!
  18. He'll probably find a way to moan about your driving!!
  19. gingerninja

    Chelsea 1 - Spurs 3

    Standard immature response when you know you've lost the argument
  20. gingerninja

    Chelsea 1 - Spurs 3

    When was the last time you won anything? Or the title? We're still in the FA Cup so could end up winning more trophies than you. Didn't we also best you in your backyard? Swings and roundabouts sir
  21. gingerninja

    Chelsea 1 - Spurs 3

    History is just that, history. What about the recent history? Creating it? If you take that, Spuds aren't even fit to clean our boots
  22. gingerninja

    Chelsea 1 - Spurs 3

    Let's not forget the 1955 title, 1970 FA cup, 1971 cup winners cup, then the multiple trophies in the late 90's/early 00's. All before the 'Russian Mafia' so yeah, no history.......
  23. gingerninja


    A fair round up of the game. The young Argyle players knocked the ball around with ease, and covered every blade of grass. The Parkway keeper was both hero and villain. Should've saved the first goal, but pulled off 3 or 4 top quality saves. However, the language coming out of his mouth is dreadful, especially given it was directed at his own team mates! Parkway fought well, but towards the end it showed which players had finished a full day's work, and which team had a light session followed by a nap and light meal!
  24. Too many Cornish sides don't have the bottle. Rather be the big fish in a small pond and moan about travelling into Devon let alone Bristol! Should just cut off the bridge
  25. gingerninja

    Ray Wilkins

    Truly devastated to hear this true footballing legend has passed away. An absolute gent off the pitch, and a phenomenal talent on it. As a Chelsea fan, this man plays a massive part in our history. From being our youngest ever captain, to helping us win our first double as Assistant Manager. May you rest in peace Ray, thoughts and prayers are with your family