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  1. gingerninja

    Tottenham Hotspur

    Nice to see we've won more trophies at your home ground then you have 😂😂😂
  2. I wouldn't mind Josh Oak coming to Parkway as well. We need a new keeper
  3. I'm with you regarding Hobbs and Krac. I think they will stay in the SWPL purely because of the amount of travelling
  4. I'm with THE BALD ONE here, Jordan has had a cracking season, but Hobbs and Carter do it year in year out. They won't come back. They're both regularly playing at a much higher level. Wouldn't make any sense them dropping down
  5. gingerninja

    Tottenham Hotspur

    Given our record is good there already we'll be fine, and will do better than that muggy lot from North London
  6. But I though you were gonna be proven right that, in your opinion Tavi have a much stronger squad
  7. Completely contradicted yourself there. First half you show an opinion, second half you then claim that opinion to be fact. Think you need a holiday Al to lighten up
  8. Ah fair enough Dave, misinterpreted your post The more teams that go up, the easier it'll be to sustain themselves. Too many clubs like being the big fish in a small pond. It's a real shame
  9. You're like a broken record. Have a day off man
  10. Shhhhh! Don't mention the D word to Big Al, it's one of his triggers!
  11. Without being rude Dave, could the same double standards not be said regarding the lack of SWPL teams not taking promotion? If there's gonna be people arguing that clubs finishing in promotion positions in regards to the West/East leagues not taking promotion, they should also be arguing about the SWPL sides not taking their promotion either!
  12. They've played a few games in the past at Home Park, but I don't see the problem with Coach Rd
  13. gingerninja

    Arsenal 1 - Athletico Madrid 1

    Are the Spud boys quiet again after yesterday? Sorry I can't hear them again!
  14. gingerninja

    SWPL - Friday 4 May 2018

    So why no condemnation of Gilbert and his behaviour? Just a simple 'he's not the only one'. Plus you gave no credit to Parkway in your tweets last night, just backed Bodmin the whole way
  15. gingerninja

    SWPL - Friday 4 May 2018

    That doesn't really answer the question...