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  1. Smith and Williams on the wings, Yetton and Carter up top. Sorted
  2. Parkway don't have many new players, therefore to claim they have a lot of big names to keep happy now is silly. It's pretty much the same squad that ended last season. They all resigned so surely they're happy?
  3. Levi won't drop down, the level he's playing at, and the goals he's scoring, show he's well above Parkway's level. Dropping back down would be a massive backwards step, same with Rocky Neale. I think we have to look at possibly dipping into the SWPL, or looking at a few Plymouth based lads already playing at the Western level. I'm intrigued to see who does end up signing
  4. Will be an interesting season for sure. I'm really excited to see how this Parkway side can challenge in a higher league
  5. I think the amount of likes show that people do care
  6. Shall we cut off the bridge and let you float away? It's a football forum. Get over yourself. If Dave wants to keep a sub forum for the many Parkway fans then so be it. It's not going to cause you any harm, or are you actually losing sleep over it?
  7. 'quashes rumours'. What rumours? I'll be honest was expecting more changes to the squad. There's a fair few positions that needed strengthening and haven't been done. Will be interesting to see how this season pans out!
  8. gingerninja

    Fixtures 2018/19 ..

    Guessing those grapes are sour
  9. gingerninja

    Fixtures 2018/19 ..

    We are, we actually took promotion!
  10. Did you read this on twitter? Or did you actually go to 'your' teams ground?
  11. Josh Robbins impressed me every time I saw him play. A very talented left back with a wicked left foot. I hope he does come to Parkway, I said last season Parkway should go for him. A very talented player
  12. gingerninja

    Fixtures 2018/19 ..

    Last season Parkway played their FA Cup tie before they had kicked a SWPL ball in anger....