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  1. SWPL - Saturday Feb 17 2018

    Ivybridge 1-5 Parkway A routine win for Parkway as they go marching on. A couple of cracking goals from Mike Smith and Ryan Lane. Also, who was Ivybridge's number 12? I'm pretty sure I saw him in Pizza Hut last night.....and it showed!
  2. Sounds like a standard night for Gilby
  3. Offside Law

    As I defender my argument would be that I've played the ball because Kane is there. As mentioned a terrible rule
  4. A touch harsh but true
  5. We certainly could've done with him tonight..... 🙈🙈🙈
  6. When you leave Plymouth before 6 for a game and not getting back til after 10.30, some half decent substantial food would be nice to have on offer. If not, when are you gonna fit an evening meal in around work? We aren't talking about 3 course a La carte menu here, just a pasty, or burger with some chips would do. Most other grounds seem to offer this.....
  7. As a Chelsea fan I'm not sold on us signing Giroud. I personally think he's an overrated pansy! Good deal for Arsenal though offloading an unwanted 31 year old player for £18m!
  8. Very much so, especially as the amount of cheese on the chips were incredibly limited!
  9. Newquay started like a house on fire and could easily have got a couple early goals. However from then on it was almost like a training game for Parkway. 3 well worked goals and, as Leeds said, played keep ball for most of the second half. Good run out for some fringe players too
  10. Making my first trip to Newquay tomorrow. Looking forward to seeing a good game
  11. They also offer a decent away following for their opposition, meaning extra revenue that will be lost in the league
  12. All the best to Mousehole but why does this have to be mentioned? It's a South West league so of course they'll have to travel to Devon, its not a Cornwall league!
  13. England Womens Team manager.

    We have all made mistakes in the past that we regret. With social media being as big as it is now, these mistakes will always come back to haunt us. I say forget about the past and get behind Neville. If there are no leading woman available to take the job then why not give him a shot? If worse comes to worse you can always get rid of him and bring someone else in. Also to compare what Sampson did to a couple of tweets from Neville is ludicrous. They are two completely different things
  14. Most 3g pitches are full booked on a Saturday from local football and other training sessions. The viability just wouldn't be there. A good idea for sure but can't see these places allowing SWPL sides to kick other teams off the pitch
  15. Dissent.

    It's completely down to the referee. The referee for the Chelsea v Norwich game sent Morata off for dissent after he reacted badly to being cautioned for 'diving'. Another referee on another day wouldn't have cautioned him. As mentioned above, most referee's are too weak, or feel to intimidated to do anything about it