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  1. A bit of advice

    I agree. All it will take is a bit of organisation and forward thinking/planning
  2. A bit of advice

    You will have to wait until I next make port as all of that information (precise dates, communication logs & timeframe etc. - like I do in every "breach") is on my personal dropbox account - which I can't access whilst away from land. When this sort of thing happens, the Management Committee decide on the outcome. As I recall... It was (and is) public knowledge that Hayle's #2 pitch is a 3g pitch. 2 days before the game, the Madron Secretary told a League Officer that the game was going ahead and that there were no issues (after a point was raised regarding footwear). The game was then cancelled by Madron on the day of the game, therefore not giving the required notice. Rule 10f - 'Clubs giving less than 7 days’ notice that they are unable to fulfil a fixture shall forfeit the match to their opponents and be otherwise penalised in accordance with the fines tariff. Should neither club be able to fulfil the fixture it shall be declared void and the penalties in the Fines Tariff shall be applied to both teams.' Madron have played on artificial pitches before; our rules state that games can be played on artificial pitches and every attempt should be made to get these fixtures played. I was told only a few people did not have the required footwear, which still means that the game could have gone ahead. It is the club secretary's job to check these fixtures when they are released; check the venue, kick off time, date, referee etc. This should have been raised long before the point that it actually was. Come the end winter months (pretty much now through to February), these artificial surfaces are going to save quite a few games from being postponed. Madron just need to follow the rules (or at least advise us if you think you are not going to be able to adhere to them). If you don't like them or you think they need changing, bring it up with the Trelawny Secretary and propose a rule change. It genuinely frustrates me when this sort of thing happens because the last thing I want to be doing is writing charge letters to clubs, docking points and issuing financial penalties! Yet I'm still finding myself doing that with Madron FC almost on a weekly basis! It becomes monotonous and tedious after a while. No other club in this league takes up more of my time at the moment!
  3. Mabe FC have withdrawn from Trelawny League Division 1 with immediate effect due to a lack of players. As a result of the withdrawal, all previous results involving Mabe have been expunged. No cup competitions have been affected. Division 1 will now be made up of 12 teams. As a result of this withdrawal and in line with Trelawny League 12b(ii) and due to the withdrawal of Marazion FC at the beginning of the season, no teams will be relegated from Division one at the end the 17/18 season. What is happening to grassroots football man?!
  4. A bit of advice

    It was set as postponed on Full Time whilst the facts were gathered - they were gathered - and the outcome was a breach of 10f.
  5. A bit of advice

    I'm with you Keith. The thing I miss from the artificial game is a good ol' fashioned slide tackle!
  6. A bit of advice

    Personally, I'd choose a grass pitch over an artificial one any day! The problem is, artificial pitches can survive the elements where most grass ones would suffer :/
  7. A bit of advice

    CTB, you are correct. The guys at the league have been waiting for me to get internet access as I'm the one that writes the charges, records them and keeps a track record of it all. As soon as I get to a computer, the changes will be made to the League Table as per our League Rules. I've seen a few comments around with people saying how Madron seem to be targeted... I'll go on record to say that administration wise, they are extremely difficult to deal with. Unfortunately if they breach league rules, they get charged the same as everybody else. There will not be one rule for one and one rule for another. It may seem like they are being charged continually, that will be the case until they bring themselves in line with the rules that govern this league like every other club. I'm sure most club secretary's will agree with me when I say I give clubs as much leeway as I can - for example, I will email all teams who don't have their teamsheets in on the Wednesday to remind them (to avoid the rule breach). It's then up to them to get it done by the end of the day. If we can avoid charging clubs, we will.
  8. Madron v Hayle off - Madron do not have the required footwear to play on the 3G!
  9. Trispen and Threemilestone off
  10. Probus v Stithians is off - waterlogged. That ref will most certainly now become available for another game
  11. That's not what I've said: " However, the Combo is classed locally as "senior" " - This is why they get the referees allocated first. They have a higher standing than Trelawny in Cornish football - but not in the National Pyramid System. You've misunderstood what I've said. The Combination League has gone without referees in the past because a referee has been pulled out - Paul will not pull one off a Trelawny game to allocate to Combination. The only time I'd imagine he'd do this is if there was an important game that had to go ahead.
  12. I think it's easier to respond to this one by paraphrasing. 1. We've had a few club officials and players take the course and they've been doing it ever since (like myself). We've also had club volunteers who have taken the course (and are going to take the course) who will step up and referee when they haven't got a game (Tempo for example), so it does work. 2. There is nothing wrong with doing a half each between the teams. Although it's not common practice, you can name a ref as a sub - I've reffed games in the first half and then played in the second before. Both teams worked together and done a good job. 3. I have stats which show the effect that the Temporary Dismissal has had. I can not comment on the actual statistics yet but the sin bin is being taken positively. I can't really comment as I have only reffed one Trelawny game (I used it once) but the refs who officiate mostly in the League are almost all in favour of it and feel that it has had a positive effect - I am also of that opinion. It has certainly had a deterring effect, which is what it's all about. It should also be noted that teams have been leading games before losing a player to the TD, they've then gone on to lose the game. What more of a deterrent do you want than that? Imagine the feelings in the dressing room because one player has cost you a loss because he couldn't keep his mouth shut? 4 & 5 - You set your stance. I can not stand people gobbing off at me or anyone else on that field. So I deal with it. I have a very low tolerance level for dissent and abusive language and behaviour - people soon learn that and adapt to it. We all have our own individual styles - for example more players will get away with a clumsy tackle with me than other they would with other referees. But then, people will find themselves in the book quicker with me for gobbing off than others, its the way it is. It won't happen. All teams in the Trelawny League pay the same amount for the Referee Appointments. Paul Murphy will go out of his way to ensure that all teams without refs are different each week. You have to remember though that some referees are pulled off games by the League and the FA aswell which is why some gaps appear. Primarily that happens because clubs fail to confirm with the officials/opposition. SWPL Prem is step 10, SWPL East and West are step 11. That's as far as the steps go. Everything below this is classed as recreational football. The Combination Leagues has no standing on the pyramid system, just like the Trelawny League. However, the Combo is classed locally as "senior" because it is used as a bridge between Trelawny and SWPL, there are also certain criteria that has to be met - kinda like a stepping stone. I leave for my deployment today so unfortunately I'm unavailable to attend the meeting between the Leagues (to talk about the possible amalgamation). Nothing is set in stone yet and the talks are being held at this stage purely to get opinions and ideas from the Leagues (ECPL/Duchy and Combo/Trelawny)
  13. Bundi, The league have absolutely no say nor jurisdiction over the referees in Cornwall. You say that the club's are being let down with the unavailability of referees, so are the league. Each team pays £30 for referee appointments.. that's £1980 that we receive from the club's... Yet the actual cost of referee appointments to the league is in fact just under £5k! We do not allocate referees and have absolutely no say in who goes where and does what... That's the Job of the Cornwall FA. When you guys don't get a referee, you call the game off. That leads to a fixture pile up and more work behind the scenes than I think you realise, so trust me when I say that we want to be in the position where we can get referees allocated to games. We've lost many games in seasons past because teams called off when they wanted, only for referees to become available a few hours before kick off. Instead of having a rant on here about the league (even though it has absolutely nothing to do with us), why not talk to us directly and offer some tips or suggestions if you have them? You submitted a rule change last week and it did get discussed at length at our meeting on Wednesday. We do listen The FA have tried midweek courses, they've tried supplying kit etc but there is never the correct balance for everyone. What you don't realise is that the referee department at the FA is pretty much self-funding. That £100 that the FA charge goes straight back to the referee department - it pays for expenses, observers etc for these newly qualified referees. We will give the Trelawny refs £50 after ten games... They will make the other £50 back in two games, three at max. Kit can be expensive if buying the decent stuff brand new, or more money can be saved by using eBay. If we please one person, there's always going to be another who isn't satisfied. There's no way to win. Trust me when I say though that we are doing the best we can to combat these areas - lack of referees and players etc. You just need to look at the Referee incentives that we offer, the Flexi league and all the other bits and bobs we do.
  14. That is not always the case, sometimes refs become available who previously made themselves unavailable. Clubs can’t be that bothered about getting no referees on game day... I put a status on the Trelawny Facebook page over a week ago with the details about the upcoming Referees Course at Wendron (I’ve even added a brand new Nike match ball as a prize for people that shared it)... it got shared 25 times... 25 from over 2,700 individual views. We can only do so much to get you guys Referees, just like we can only do so much to get players playing for you... we need a little help along the way. It is crap, it is unfortunate but we do have a shortage of referees :/ Anyone who is interested in taking the course, please click here http://po.st/3qnEWr
  15. Mabe FC Fold

    I’ll send this over to Dave James for you Fudge.
  16. Mabe FC Fold

    It's hard enough to get players to write their name's and house number correctly - I'd have no hope requesting email addresses aha! Thanks for the kind words Steve - I learnt how to use the block button
  17. Mabe FC Fold

    2011-12 2012-13 2013-14 2014-15 2015-16 2016/2017 Total Appearances Including Subs 32546 39067 37068 39331 26847 27059
  18. Mabe FC Fold

    Whenever I've asked someone personally, it's always been because of work, not getting enough time or they just can't be bothered. I have never heard of a player leaving the game purely based on travel. I've reached out to people on Facebook for answers. I'll be doing the same again this week to try and get answers. Unfortunately, we do not collect email addresses so I can't try and email the players to get answers. I do however hold all the addresses - anyone want to chip in for postage? I can only go on the information that I have here... I'm not going to speculate nor jump to conclusions! I enjoy travelling around the County both as a player and as a referee personally.
  19. Mabe FC Fold

    You're misguided to think that travelling is the reason for the decline in participation. I can do it on appearances at the end of the season, that'll be interesting
  20. Mabe FC Fold

    @Steve Carpenter compiled the data up until 15/16. I just inserted last seasons and this seasons. It's quite an unforgiving set of stats. People say we need to recruit more youth, whilst that's correct, the massive drop in participation is actually in the 32-35 bracket. Youth (16-19) actually towers above all the other age groups I'm putting that down to lads falling in love, getting married, having kids and working etc.... By the time they reach 36, they've had enough of the Mrs lol
  21. Mabe FC Fold

    Participation by Age Group
  22. Mabe FC Fold

    You'll have to wait a little while longer for that information.. I'm good, but not that good. I think the shocking statistic is the player numbers in the graph. Number of teams at the end of each season: 11/12: 89 12/13: 94 13/14: 89 14/15: 83 15/16: 75 16/17: 69 This shows the decline
  23. Mabe FC Fold

    Participation is the problem!