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  1. Great effort by both Hayle and Constantine. The most important thing is that 22-32 players and the referee get some game time! Well done all
  2. Abandoned

    Combo Rule 9f “In the event of a match not being played, or abandoned owing to causes over which neither Club has control, it should be played in its entirety on a date to be mutually agreed by the two Clubs and approved by the Management Committee. Failing such agreement and notification to the Fixtures Secretary within 2 days the Management Committee shall have power to order the match to be played on a named date or on or before a given date. Where it is to the advantage of the Competition and the Clubs involved agree, the Management Committee shall also be empowered to order the score at the time of an abandonment to stand.“
  3. Matches postponed 13/1/18

    Spot on! A huge well done to both Troon and Madron today, also to Anita for stepping in late to take charge of the match.
  4. early kick off

    May I just take a moment to commend the teams that have actively co-operated with one another to ensure that their games go ahead simply by changing their kick off times. There are still 458 games to play in the League so by working together, clubs and League, we can minimise the chances of bunching up the fixtures at the end of the season. I’d also like to thank the referees who will be taking on two games in one day. I can’t stress enough how important it is to get these games played. Failing to do so will ultimately mean fixtures being crammed into midweek towards the end of the season and double headers having to be played - this is something we would like to avoid but it may become the most practical solution to ensure that the season finishes on time. There is a topic on the Trelawny League’s Facebook page about early kick off’s if anyone is interested in having a read and voicing their opinion.
  5. Teams are well within their rights to postpone games before Saturday during times of inclement weather. All in line with League Rules. The 12pm rule is when there is no appointed referee available. I'm working closely with the new team at Madron to help them get their administration up to the required standard. They are doing a good job so far but we have to remember that these lads have not run a club before. They are learning, they will make mistakes. But they are trying. The fact that they are now actively communicating with me, asking for advice (when needed) and making an effort is great to see. Once they are settled and swept up on rules and regulations, I am certain that these guys can turn things around at the club.
  6. Mid Season Friendly Game

    Hey mate, have you spoken to @zebedee? If he can get you a League game arranged, it'll be fantastic for the clubs and the League.
  7. Referee Shortage 13/1/18

    The Trelawny League still have funds available for any referee that resides in the Trelawny geographical area (Lands End to Trispen-ish). If attending the Referees Course, you will need to pay for that yourself but after refereeing 10 games in the Trelawny League (by Christmas 2019), we will give you £50 towards the cost of the course. With regards to kit, if it is something you are passionate about and are interested in, I've got plenty of kit at home that I wouldn't mind donating to someone (if they were going to ref on a regular basis). You can pick up kit quite cheap on ebay these days. When starting out, just get everything as cheap as you can. Save the match fees up and if you enjoy it, after a few weeks you can afford to purchase some better quality gear. We need more people picking up the whistle.
  8. I'm actually quite surprised that he didn't
  9. Whoops. Amended, many thanks
  10. If it is something that St Just/Rosudgeon want to report, they can do so via an Referee Adverse Report Form (found on the Trelawny League website) or/and direct to Cornwall FA's Referee Workforce Officer / Appointments Officer. Personally, if the above statement is true, I would certainly mention it.
  11. For any Club Officers, League Officers, players, coaches, referees etc... Please take five minutes to complete this survey on the FA's Temporary Dismissal (Sin-Bin) trial. Early statistics show that dissent has reduced by 34% since the start of this season in the Leagues which have been selected to trial this system. Many thanks The FA Survey can be found by clicking here: http://emea.focusvision.com/survey/selfserve/5a3/171207
  12. Fish, Some referees will try and manage both of those situations where they can. "You're having a f***king laugh" would depend on the manner in which it is said. Rude and aggressive, I'd certainly consider using the TD. If it is in jest or as an immediate reaction to a decision I've made, "No, I'm really not" would usually be my response. Along with a quick warning not to talk to me in that manner again. Happens again, TD. "You're having a mare".... I've had this before and I've just turned around and made a joke about their performance accompanied with a little grin, "what, and you're not?"... That often works and we both laugh. I benefit from the fact that I know most of the players that I referee, particularly around Camborne and Redruth which is where I've always played my football. It is down to interpretation and it is down to tolerance. That is why the words and phrases can't be put into text in the LOTG. When I was going around with the Cornwall FA Reps talking to people about the Respect campaign, Sin Bin's etc, we made it clear that you will not get consistent refereeing across the board week week out, however the powers that be at the Cornwall FA want referees to be consistent across the duration of their game, which is very reasonable and expected. Hopefully, we all get that when we play. There are very few referees out there who like to issue cards or who want to see players dismissed. Where we/they can, we will always try and manage situations, often giving a warning in the first instance. Of course this all depends on what is said/done and in what manner. The important thing to remember is that this has been brought in to make the game more enjoyable for all involved. By having less gobbing off, everyone will enjoy a good game (hopefully). I've been all for the TD from the start and I continue to be for it now; however I have only used it once in the two games I have refereed at Trelawny level this season.
  13. I agree with you here - I've only used it once whereas by the same point the season before, my caution tally for dissent exceeded the other cautions I'd administered. I've found that it has acted more or a deterrent than a punishment, which is exactly what it should do. As a referee, I do hope that the FA decide not to implement it for all cautionable offences; however (and in line with the survey), I think it would benefit being used for simulation (diving), dissent and delaying the restart of play (kicking the ball away in a manner which is deemed unsporting - there's a slight difference there in my interpretation). I think that to use it for preventing a promising attack could be a good thing, however sometimes PAPA is completely accidental, where as dissent and simulation aren't (DTROP also at times).
  14. No promotion?

    Falmouth/Helston & Mining League has had it's day. I'd be interested to learn how many teams/players there were involved back then. In my opinion, Mr Hairy Dave and Stevie are correct - times have changed. Participation has decreased significantly since the ML/F&L to a point where even the Trelawny League on it's own is struggling for numbers. That's not down to location or distance etc, it's to do with changing lifestyles and the evolution of man (over a very short time period, may I add). No-one wants to train anymore, no-one can be bothered to travel a few miles, no-one is interested in sitting on the bench and earning a place in the squad... People want to just turn up, play football and go home. I'm only 30 years old but football has changed so much since even I first started playing that short time ago (compared to quite a few on here). It's a sign of the times. It won't get any better either, that's the worrying thing. More money is required from the top to pump into grassroots football but the biggest change that is needed is society... No amount of money can change that unfortunately :|
  15. No promotion?

    I can't read the original post (I have blocked the guy) but I am assuming that it's to do with promotion to the Combination? Just so you are aware of the facts: 1. We have had clubs approach the league regarding promotion from Trelawny Premier to the Combination League. Teams do want to get promoted. 2. There has been talk about Illogan dropping down to Trelawny Premier, however I'm yet to hear of anything formal. That will be a decision made between the Combination and Trelawny League Committees in accordance with their respective rules. How that will work is again down to the League(s). 3. The combining of the Combination League and the Trelawny League has been discussed at an "initial" meeting - however nothing has been agreed. Again, I have not heard anything to suggest otherwise. Until anything formal has been agreed, both Leagues will exists as two seperate ones. 4. With the loss of Chacewater (x2), Marazion and Mabe there will be a little bit of "jiggery-pokery" between the divisions. I am yet to hear of any team teams wanting to join the Trelawny League for the 18/19 season (there's been nothing formal). This could mean we lose a division, or it could mean having smaller numbers in each division which could actually benefit the League and the clubs - where match postponements don't have a huge effect on the teams towards the end of the season. As part of my role, I will be looking at all the teams that we have in the League and I'll create some League tables which will be discussed at the final league committee meeting before the AGM and then put forward to the clubs at the AGM itself - Your League, Your decision. Those in promotion positions will get promoted (for Trelawny > Combo that is subject to acceptance), those in relegation positions will be relegated (depending on division that they are bottom in - some divisions will only see one relegation due to the aforementioned teams folding). Our League Rules make this pretty clear. We are still quite a way away from the end of the season, many things can (and will) change between now and then. I wouldn't get too hung up on what you see/hear unless it comes direct from the League
  16. I've tried, Bundi. Plenty of clubs around Camborne and Redruth mate - Storm, Lanner, Redruth, Illogan (I'm aware that they are looking for players), Holmans etc. Plenty to choose from - I think that helping clubs that are struggling for players is a no brainer
  17. Correct - Dave James has his work cut out for him at the moment. Unfortunately the backlog will only mean one thing in realistic terms - more midweek fixtures in April and May; some teams may even find themselves playing three times a week. Double headers will of course help ease the backlog if both teams agree, however they are not inclined too. The weather has not helped at all and the referee shortage certainly hasn't either - Unfortunately both have a massive effect on the League fixtures. We can't help the weather but it would have been great if more teams had a volunteer ready to referee (perhaps the clubs could help fund a referee course along with help from the League/County)? That said, it's also been known this season where teams have offered their opposition a volunteer referee, only for them to decline? Is it time to adjust the League Rules so that if a volunteer comes forward, the game has to be played? This rule already exists but only comes into play during the "ordered period". For me, I'd like to see games kicking off earlier in August (first week) so that we can take advantage of the dry weather and the sunshine - playing on a pitch regularly in the "sunny" months will also have less of a cosmetic effect than in the "wet" months.
  18. Fudge, I'm afraid that'll make no difference as the Leisure Centre own the pitch - if they say it can't be played on, it can't be played on. You have plenty of notice to arrange an alternative venue though? Reverse it? Find a 3G?
  19. Called off

    Trelawny Rule 10.f.vii In the event of a postponement the opposition, the match Referee, the Referee's Appointments Secretary, the Fixtures Secretary and the Registrations/Results Secretary are to be notified immediately. During inclement weather the following postponement routines shall apply: a. The fitness of the ground for play is to be decided in accordance with Rule 13d. A local referee may be called in to assess the fitness of the ground for play where appropriate and he is to inform the match referee of the results of his inspection. b. Games shall not be postponed prior to the morning of the match however, during periods of protracted bad weather or in the event of a significant weather event the League Secretary may direct that games can be postponed on the day preceding the fixture(s) by clubs providing that: i. A responsible club official has checked the pitch conditions or. ii. There is no realistic chance of play. c. Postponements due to the lack of an appointed referee will not be permitted before mid-day of the day of the match as referees often become available at late notice, particularly during the mid-winter months. d. Earlier postponements due to the lack of an appointed referee may be permitted if the County Referees Appointments Officer declares that there are no circumstances under which a referee will become available.
  20. It's too easy to hide behind an alias and spout off. Please feel free to change my display name to David Bartlam
  21. You've hit the nail on the head. It has become incredibly frustrating. I certainly do not have a personal vendetta against Madron as has been quoted (I couldn't see the original post as I blocked him a while back - along with a few others); a rather ridiculous and libelous statement might I add. It has simply got to the point where I am fed up (as are most people) with dealing with the administration nightmare which comes with the club. I would like to think that the Manager (Jamie - who I believe has now stood down?) would even say that I have tried to help him as best as I can; hopefully that also became clear to Bundi ( @Portreathlegend) in his short time at the club. To suggest otherwise is complete nonsense. I will bend over backwards to help any club or individual - but there comes a point where even I run out of patience.
  22. There was indeed a switch of venues, it was all over the Trelawny Facebook page... When a venue is switched, regardless of whether you have a referee or not... that is a change of venue! A change of location... A different pitch!! You make comments such as "Sorry but don't think you can fine us this week but I'm sure you'll try anyway." which makes me think you are looking for people to take your side and that you feel hard done by; poor Madron! Start doing things right and in accordance with League rules like every other club and you will not feel the need to make comments like this. Fraudulent Signatures, late team sheets, failure to raise a side, failure to play a scheduled game, failure to confirm with the referee and opposition, unregistered players, ineligible players... The list goes on... Is that our fault or is that the clubs own doing? Think about it! Madron are treated the same as any other Club in this League - the only difference between Madron and the rest of the Clubs is that the rest all comply with the rules which are laid down in black and white and available for everyone to see. There comes a point when even the most patient man is pushed to the point where he has absolutely no sympathy remaining! I've reached that point with you lot! Well done to your manager and both teams for making that decision. The referee shortage is high on Cornwall FA's priority list - the only problem is that no-one is willing to take the course
  23. League also not informed of the switch of venue...
  24. Mabe FC have withdrawn from Trelawny League Division 1 with immediate effect due to a lack of players. As a result of the withdrawal, all previous results involving Mabe have been expunged. No cup competitions have been affected. Division 1 will now be made up of 12 teams. As a result of this withdrawal and in line with Trelawny League 12b(ii) and due to the withdrawal of Marazion FC at the beginning of the season, no teams will be relegated from Division one at the end the 17/18 season. What is happening to grassroots football man?!
  25. Paying your yellow and red card fines?

    I've never known you to be anything but polite