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  1. Congratulations to Gerald!

    An absolute gentleman. Happy Birthday Gerald
  2. I'm led to believe that Holmans offered a qualified referee (although he had not registered this year) to take charge of the game, St Just declined. St Day declined the offer from Mawnan to reverse the fixture... That's two more games that have been lost [needlessly]. There will be more still, I'm sure. With the recent news coming from the league, you would think that the club's will do what they can to try and get these games played. The most important thing at this level is ensuring that the players get a game, surely? My personal opinion, again.
  3. Just for the record and because it has been mentioned on a number of occasions about the “no response from the League”... I refuse to have anything to do with this! I was not at the meeting as I am working in the Middle East; the first I heard about it was when I started getting notifications through on my phone after the post was put on Facebook. I have made my feelings known to a few members of the committee privately; I have also sent an email to the whole of the committee expressing my disapproval of this decision! I understand why the decision has been made but I am of the opinion we could have sorted something out to avoid all of the cups being canned. I refuse to have anything to do with a decision which I have absolutely no control or say over. Usually I’m the one that posts on our Facebook page and on here, I won’t be doing that with regards to this decision. That is why you have heard pretty much nothing from the league. In my opinion, this should have been put to the clubs before a decision was made! As a player, we all want to be playing in Cup games! You can’t beat a cup run and a cup win! Let me reiterate that my comments above are purely my own and have absolutely nothing to do with the League,
  4. It was exactly the same when I used to do the Indy column, Rappo. I'd write up a pretty decent report, mentioning all who needed to be mentioned... Only for it to be changed each week
  5. Transfer query

    You don't need to transfer when signing to another club that plays in a different League, however the approaching club must still submit a seven day approach to the player's current club. At this level of football, an official transfer is to be followed in accordance with your respective League's rules when a player wishes to transfer to a different club in the same League. Just for clarity, here is the Trelawny League's ruling (8i): During the current season any Club wishing to approach a Player known to be registered with or having played for any other Club must give to the secretary of each such Club, seven days’ formal written notice of the intention to approach the Player. Formal written notice of approach need be given by: a. a Saturday Club only to all Saturday Clubs; b. a Sunday Club only to all Sunday Clubs; and c. a midweek Club only to all midweek Clubs; The written notice must be sent by special delivery or recorded post, or a written acknowledgment otherwise obtained from the secretary or chairman of the Club approached. Facsimile or e-mail transmission may be used provided a receipt of acknowledgment is also obtained; Following the date of posting of the written notice of approach, or receipt of an acknowledgment: a. the Player may be registered on or after the eighth day; and b. the Player must have been registered on or before the 21st day. c. Should the Club in receipt of the approach object to the transfer it should state its objections in writing to the Registrations Secretary and to the player concerned within three days of receipt of the notice of approach. In the event of an objection to a transfer the matter shall be referred to the Management Committee for a decision.
  6. Great effort by both Hayle and Constantine. The most important thing is that 22-32 players and the referee get some game time! Well done all
  7. Abandoned

    Combo Rule 9f “In the event of a match not being played, or abandoned owing to causes over which neither Club has control, it should be played in its entirety on a date to be mutually agreed by the two Clubs and approved by the Management Committee. Failing such agreement and notification to the Fixtures Secretary within 2 days the Management Committee shall have power to order the match to be played on a named date or on or before a given date. Where it is to the advantage of the Competition and the Clubs involved agree, the Management Committee shall also be empowered to order the score at the time of an abandonment to stand.“
  8. Matches postponed 13/1/18

    Spot on! A huge well done to both Troon and Madron today, also to Anita for stepping in late to take charge of the match.
  9. early kick off

    May I just take a moment to commend the teams that have actively co-operated with one another to ensure that their games go ahead simply by changing their kick off times. There are still 458 games to play in the League so by working together, clubs and League, we can minimise the chances of bunching up the fixtures at the end of the season. I’d also like to thank the referees who will be taking on two games in one day. I can’t stress enough how important it is to get these games played. Failing to do so will ultimately mean fixtures being crammed into midweek towards the end of the season and double headers having to be played - this is something we would like to avoid but it may become the most practical solution to ensure that the season finishes on time. There is a topic on the Trelawny League’s Facebook page about early kick off’s if anyone is interested in having a read and voicing their opinion.
  10. Teams are well within their rights to postpone games before Saturday during times of inclement weather. All in line with League Rules. The 12pm rule is when there is no appointed referee available. I'm working closely with the new team at Madron to help them get their administration up to the required standard. They are doing a good job so far but we have to remember that these lads have not run a club before. They are learning, they will make mistakes. But they are trying. The fact that they are now actively communicating with me, asking for advice (when needed) and making an effort is great to see. Once they are settled and swept up on rules and regulations, I am certain that these guys can turn things around at the club.
  11. Mid Season Friendly Game

    Hey mate, have you spoken to @zebedee? If he can get you a League game arranged, it'll be fantastic for the clubs and the League.
  12. Referee Shortage 13/1/18

    The Trelawny League still have funds available for any referee that resides in the Trelawny geographical area (Lands End to Trispen-ish). If attending the Referees Course, you will need to pay for that yourself but after refereeing 10 games in the Trelawny League (by Christmas 2019), we will give you £50 towards the cost of the course. With regards to kit, if it is something you are passionate about and are interested in, I've got plenty of kit at home that I wouldn't mind donating to someone (if they were going to ref on a regular basis). You can pick up kit quite cheap on ebay these days. When starting out, just get everything as cheap as you can. Save the match fees up and if you enjoy it, after a few weeks you can afford to purchase some better quality gear. We need more people picking up the whistle.
  13. I'm actually quite surprised that he didn't
  14. Whoops. Amended, many thanks
  15. If it is something that St Just/Rosudgeon want to report, they can do so via an Referee Adverse Report Form (found on the Trelawny League website) or/and direct to Cornwall FA's Referee Workforce Officer / Appointments Officer. Personally, if the above statement is true, I would certainly mention it.