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  1. Very disappointing to hear that Newlyn Lions made the trip to Clijah to be greeted only by a Cormac Worker to be told there's no game! What a waste of their time! Due to Storm's non appearance, that now leaves them with just one point in Division 2 - They've won 6 and drawn 1 in the League this season! They've given up 18 points and are now in danger of being relegated from the Division. Due to the withdrawal of Chacewater Reserves earlier in the season, only one team will be relegated from the division. To survive in the division, Storm must win their remaining 5 games and hope that Four Lanes lose their remaining four fixtures - a win and a draw for Four Lanes however will see them stay in Division 2. However, with both teams struggling to raise sides this week, more point deductions could be on the cards if that trend continues. In more positive news, Congratulations to Mousehole Reserves who have picked up the Division One Winners trophy after a 3-1 win at RNAS Culdrose this evening.
  2. Why does he even bother posting? I genuinely don’t get it. There are a few people on here who’s every comment is negative and demeaning... they then [deservedly] get ripped a new one and made to look like idiots... but they then continue to post farcical comments? You get the impression these people are not respected by anyone on this forum, yet they continue to post utter nonsense? I know it’s a forum which is based around opinion, but surely there must come a time when there is enough opposition to your every single post that you have to sit back and realise that you’re a tool and don’t contribute to anything positive on this platform? Surely, there must be some positivity in there somewhere? Well done to all involved to get the game moved. I was one of the assistant referees for the semi-final of this competition. Although the players didn’t set the world alight with their football that day, these are some of the best youngsters in the County so of course there is interest in the game. Good luck to them.
  3. Illogan have put a Facebook status up saying that the game has been called off but they dont know why?
  4. I'm of the understanding that the player can't play again for any Saturday side until his ban has elapsed (the team he was playing for when he was sent off has played the amount of games dictated by the FA on the ban). Only the games played by the TEAM he was sent off for count towards the ban. I've been doing my research today - it can get quite confusing! However, I can confirm that I have been in touch with the County FA and they have said that a players ban will only decrease by the games played by the team he was sent off for. In the case of this player at Probus who was banned on the 14th, he has unfortunately played whilst suspended (the club have been notified). The fact that their reserve team played on the 17th is irrelevant as this is not the team he was banned from, so it doesn't count towards the ban. Unfortunately for Probus, due to a lack of understanding (purely an accident), they will lose the points gained from this fixture and it will be awarded to Storm. I will be sending further guidance out to the Clubs this week as this scenario hasn't cropped up yet this season (until now). It is easy to get wrong - doing so can be costly, particularly if you are chasing promotion or in a relegation battle. Regardless, the best advice I can give our club administrators is simple: If any doubt exists, contact Cornwall Football Association. They will be more than happy to tell you when the player(s) will become eligible to play again.
  5. “the league will want 5 divisions so will allow all the teams in that want to, so they can be seen has having a nice big league....” The league don’t allow teams in... the clubs do. They are the ones that vote at the AGM.
  6. Well done Tony. He’s turned things around
  7. That’s because it isn’t a decision that the”people that be” make. The “people that be” do not decide or determine what games count as served for a suspension, nor is it down to them to determine player eligibility when suspensions are a factor. Suspensions have nothing to do with the League, unless the player/team are serving a league-enforced suspension. When an eligibility question is raised with the league, we will contact the FA regardless of what we know (and don’t know). When it flashes up on Full Time (to me behind the scenes), I will contact Cornwall FA, regardless of what the club tell me and regardless of what I believe to be correct/incorrect. It’s called procedure. If it is found to be a matter of fact that the player in question was suspended for this game; the team will be charged, they will lose any points gained from the fixture and the game will be awarded to the opponents in accordance with Trelawny League ruling. That is determined by what Cornwall FA say. It will be the same with the sending off yesterday, this will be down to Cornwall FA to decide and then give guidance to the League. We have no say in misconduct. That’s for the County.
  8. The same opinion as mine, Mangle This is what I alway thought to be the case also. We will have to see.
  9. I did want a quiet one... 😂
  10. It’s something that requires clarification, certainly. This is just the handbook we get access to online. The discipline requirements that the County have will be much more informative and descriptive. Personally, I am sure (although doubt has been cast since reading some of the posts here) that the ban was served using both teams (firsts and Reserves). However, I have contacted the CFA for clarification.
  11. That’s now been updated 5-1 and 7-1
  12. The format of the divisions for next season will not be drawn up until we know exactly what teams are going up to the Combination League, who's coming down from that League and of course, who are joining Division 4. As it stands, I know of 4 teams that are looking to join the League; I'm not sure if Threemilestone still wish to enter another side, if they do, that could potentially become 5 teams. 2 of those are just hear-say at this time. I'm of the understanding that no teams have formally approached the League with an intention to join. With regards to League structure, we will draw up the plans prior to the AGM and then put it to you guys to decide. We will almost certainly lose a few teams at the end of the season (I know of a few that have already said they will struggle). The AGM will be interesting in this respect. At the moment, one team will be relegated from the Premier Division, no teams will be relegated from Division One, and one team will be relegated from Division Two. This is due to the withdrawals of Chacewater (x2), Mabe, Trispen and Marazion Blues. With regards to league structure, it also depends on how many teams our divisions can be made up of. It’s not as easy as saying “16 there, 15 here and 13 there”. It has to run in line with our constitution and ruling.
  13. I personally wouldn’t say if a player is eligible or not until I’ve spoken to the County because I could end up with egg on my face. Again, it’s something I will be checking before I have to decide whether a League Rule has been breached. My understanding is, if a player was to sign for every team in a club like Wendron or Illogan who have a team in the SWPL, Combination (Illogan) and then one or more teams in the Trelawny League, he can use the “category” rule to his advantage. For example, if the players 3 game ban started yesterday, he Could miss one game for say Illogan Thirds on Saturday, then on Monday miss a game with the firsts, Tuesday miss a game with Their Reserves, he’s then able to play on the Wednesday for any team. The discipline handbook states the term “team” so it’s something I will seek clarification on tomorrow (I’ll post the response in here so we can understand how it works). When I get enquiries, I refer them to Cornwall FA as this isn’t my area of responsibility (to assume eligibility status for suspended players). I just ping an email off to the Governance team at the FA when it’s been raised
  14. When I say this player, I mean this one In particular given these circumstances (the potential games missed). As I've said above (in my edited post), I will always seek clarification on the player suspensions as it is not down to me in my role to determine what games the player misses. The main factor revolves around the category of football in which the suspended player plays - so if he is banned on a Sunday League game, he can still play Saturday games etc. In this instance, the concern has been raised to me via email twice already and has flagged up on the Full Time System, so it’s something I will be speaking to Cornwall FA about tomorrow to ascertain player eligibility.
  15. The guidance I received earlier in the season was that because this player would miss out on playing for the teams other side in the league, this counts towards a suspension game due to the category of football (Saturday). In any case, when a query is raised to me regarding player eligibility and/or it flags up on Full Time that a player has played whilst being suspended, I will always send an email to the Governance Manager at Cornwall FA to seek clarification. I personally do not (in my position as Reg. Sec.) decide the games which the players miss.