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  1. Seem to remember a post stating St Stephen were disrespectful for not warming up pre match, hope they don't do it too often they must have had a warm up last Saturday. StarMan42 you really ought to keep a record of what you post, because in the passage of time you regularly contradict yourself. Still awaiting your list of CCFA oversights
  2. Why bother with what was posted when you can make up your own version, where in the posting is the referee being blamed. Not for the first time StarMan42 puts his own views forward using his overworked imagination. If you can't understand " well done Exiles worthy winners on the day " as a compliment and not sour grapes, may we respectfully suggest a course in the queens english. We seem to have missed any comments you may have made about St Stephens win on Saturday. By the way StarMan42 when are you going to post the list of misdemeanours that Sticker have had overlooked by the CCFA that you accused them of in another thread, or was that just SOUR GRAPES
  3. Perhaps a little research in other areas would be a good idea, again you are making incorrect assumptions. Look befre you leap would be a good analagy in your case, and try to look on comments made in their true meaning and not put your own twisted interpretation on them. Too much time is spent attempting to demean the perceived opposition, rather than offering opinions on football. Accept winning with good grace, and show respect to others, as the time will come when you will surely lose, and you will be able to say " well done ??????? the better team on the day and worthy winners.
  4. Sorry that you can,t accept an honest appraisal of the game, we ( aparrantly along with 90% of others ) will continue to state our opinions, and if you can't recognise a compliment for your team when it's offered, that's a pity, and your loss. Also your assumption that the club linesman for the later stages of cup games issue has only been raised today, is totally incorrect.
  5. Oh dear another one who doesn't read the posts before posting, If sour grapes means saying well done Exiles, worthy winners on the day, then guilty as charged. Believe it or not it is possible to have an opinion about a game of football without being biased, and as a spectator a paid for entitlement. The comment that you have chosen to ignore was about the use of club linesmen, the ensuing comments from presumably Exile supporters, have all been supposition, wrongly on their part, of what was really meant. Suggest you read what was said before you pass silly opinions.
  6. Thats odd, don't remember saying anything about the decision of the disallowed goal as we were not in a position to comment one way or another. The comment was about using club linesmen. If my memory serves me rightly, there was a rule introduced at one stage, that stated that squad players could not officiate as linesmen. Your comment that Stickers linesman made a lot of questionable decisions, only confirms the point being made, club linesmen in a quater final of the county Junior Cup are not a good idea.
  7. Thanks , now corrected. As stated Exiles worthy winners, but the use of club linesmen at this stage of the cup competition is not a good idea, especially if they are being advised what decisions to make by a clubs management.
  8. Well done Penwith Exiles, the better team on the day and worthy winners. We were a bit surprised that club linesman were used for a junior cup Quarter Final, one of whom appeared to also be a sub ?
  9. St Stephen or Sticker for us, most likely Sticker will be on for certain, so we'll end up there.
  10. Score needs correcting at the top Dave
  11. Wouldn't argue with that !
  12. If you ever get the chance of being reincarnated Leeds, don't choose to be a fish, you rise to the bait every time and wouldn't last long
  13. You will need to go to Sticker to get a REAL pasty, a Pearce Butchers special so we are told!
  14. Paying Players

    The laws of the realm regarding paying taxes on earnings are the same throughout the country, Cornwall is not exempt !!!! No one should deride clubs who can afford to, for paying players , providing of course it's done above board and not putting the existence of a club in jeopardy.
  15. Paying Players

    Don't think the £80 a game a Tavistock player says he was getting would qualify for the above remark.
  16. Paying Players

    Accountants will only react to the information they are given, false information means false accounts. Accountants will also ask club treasurers to sign a document stating that the information given is a true reflection of the years financial affairs, which in effect will remove them from any acts of colusion. They stand to lose their livelyhood if found guilty of misrepresentation for financial gain.
  17. Paying Players

    A club is administered by the committees involved, and it would be the committee members who in the first place would be responsible for explaining the finances of the club, ie how the balance sheet figures were arrived at. My question is, do committee members realise the resposibilities they have, and the potential consequences if H.M.R.C. can prove them guilty of making illicit payments that are unrecorded on the balance sheets. We would hazard a guess that it could make quite a dent in your finances.
  18. Paying Players

    No not kidding, exactly the point that was being made, just reminding clubs and their committee members, the risk they take if payments are not made above board, and offering those who accuse clubs of paying exhorbitant match fees the way to find out if they do and if so how much !!
  19. Paying Players

    The real danger that committees seem to accept as the norm because Inland revenue have as yet failed to investigate club finances, is that if they did and found a club guilty of illegal ( in the eyes of the law ) payments, committee members could be found guilty of being accessories to an illegal act, and would have to accept the likely consequences. Ask any accountant or sub-contractor working on a site what responsibilities they have to inform H.M.R.C. of payment transactions, it's frighting. Regarding tight lipped club treasurers, accounts have to be published annually, and should be made available for public scrutiny. If anyone has any doubts about their authenticity, figures can be challenged at club A.G.M.s when a seasons balance sheet should be made available to all attendees. The fact that payments may have been paid for the last 60 years, makes it neither legal or immune to retropective justice in the eyes of the law. Our views may seem a bit O.T.T. but we only need one situation where a club is found to be acting wrongly in regard to payments made to players, and a whole can of worms will be opened for all concerned. One point that must be stated, is that clubs who pay players and include those payments in the correct format in their accounts, have nothing to worry about.
  20. Paying Players

    There's your answer Keith B. It's always intrigued us to know why the inland revenue aren't interested in those transactions, as taxpayers not declaring an income is illegal, as are undeclared payments by employers, putting both club and player at risk of prosecution. The employers would in effect be the committee members of the offending club, and would be responsible for any fines imposed should the club default.
  21. We have heard that the Newquay v Sticker premiership match due to be played on 13/ 01 /18 is postponed due to the cancellation of Newquays Senior Cup game against Millbrook last Saturday. The rearranged cup match will take precedence this coming weekend.
  22. Lots of ifs and bannana skins before that can happen.
  23. Sticker v Launceston a definite on game
  24. Then it is down to the referees to follow that directive to the letter, and not administer their own interpretation of a particular rule. The use of foul language is tolerated by some refs and not by others, as far as we are aware the law states that foul language is punishable and a cardable offence. Maybe a start in the right direction would be for referees who are reluctant to issue a red card, could use the sin bin that this thread is debating.