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  1. Seems that what silver stuff is in the cabinet, and what happens at other grounds is more important to Bodmin than the fans they are missing. Assaulting referees verbally who don't administer the red card that foul and abusive language should incur according to F.A. rules, will drive people away from the game. In the St Blazey - Liskeard game, the referee has been reported on this forum as having booked several players for foul and abusive language. If true ( we wern't there ) all power to his elbow, lets hope more follow his example !!
  2. Thank you Bruegel the Elder for such a well constructed answer to Daves question. I'm a little surprised that that explanation had not occurred to him.
  3. Perhaps the lack of Queens English eminating from the home dugout area, is reflected in the lack of support from fans who find it offensive. That explanation was offered to us by an EX Bodmin fan, who did not want to be associated with such language, and now reluctantly watches his football elsewhere !
  4. It seems that only one person is needed to beat Bodmin F.C. and every time it's the same one, the referee !!!!
  5. According to a Phil Hiscox report on the SWPL forum, during the halftime break Steve Massey approached him and said, this will be the first time you will have seen one of my teams win a match !!!! Unfortunately for Mr Massey, Phil is still waiting. Might explain some of the whinging and foul language coming from the Helston dugout area though.
  6. Congratulations to Sticker football club who have hugely contributed to yet another successful charity weekend in July, where £9,000 was raised for three very grateful charities, as reported in the St Austell Voice this week. Well done to all at the club !!!
  7. As stated Saltash were worthy winners, but on the day even if they were playing with eleven 3rd team players, they were flattered by the 3-0 scoreline. Sticker have a way to go, but we feel that they will improve. Maybe it should be remembered that Sticker are a tiny Mid Cornwall village with a population around the 1200 mark, and have excelled in achieving their status in the S.W.P.L. having started their present journey in the now defunct St Austell and District league and the Duchy League 50 years ago according to their history write up on their website. We are proud to support the club who year on year raise thousands of pounds for charity and probably will not / cannot, afford to line the pockets of the mercenaries who play for the money and not for the love of the game.
  8. Sticker 0- Saltash 3 Saltash although worthy winners , were flattered by a 3 - 0 scoreline. Sticker MUST show more composure when in scoring positions, their fast forwards on several occasions over the last few games, have had only the goalkeeper to beat when panic sets in and the shots are blazed high and wide. There is no need to try and break the net, placement is far more important. We have said before that Sticker are on a learning curve in this league, now perhaps it's time for them to show that they are learning. The current team in our humble opinion, is still capable of finishing at least mid table once they sort themselves out. Good luck in that respect!!
  9. Sticker playing their 3rd game in 5 days, gave a good account of themselves, and had they taken their chances in the first half the result may have been different one. The ''if they had taken their chances'' syndrome is becoming a recurring feature in Stickers games, but with the management team they have in place, and bearing in mind they are still very much on a steep learning curve in this league, we can still see them ending their first season in the Premier league around mid table. Not bad really for a village with a population of about 1200, and a fantastic set up to boot.
  10. It's a very long time since Sticker lost by such a margin, but on the day they were outplayed by a clinical Tavistock team who will give any team in the league a run for their money. They were quicker to the ball and if Rob Rosevear in the home goal had not been in such good form, the score would have been in double figures. Well done Tavistock, and the newbies of Sticker will hopefully learn from the game, there is still a long way to go in the season, and time to put things right.
  11. Don't rise to his bait Mattelot, before today Bodmin were 2 points below Sticker in the Premier table having played the same number of games !Not a lot to shout about with the squad they have.
  12. It's been said on many occasions on this forum, that grassroot football has to take a back seat as far as the F.A. is concerned, while they allow millions to circulate in the professional game. Premier League clubs donate a miniscule amount of their income to a grants system for grassroot football which is much trumpeted by the F.A., who at the same time restrict level 6 clubs to a maximum of £100,000 of grants over a period of 5 years. No one will deny that this is a large amount of money until the list of requirements to be able to play at that level is revealed, i,e, floodlights, covered standing area, Grandstand with a minimum 55 seating area, ticket sales booth, turnstiles, and if your dressing rooms, refs accommodation, and clubhouse are not up to scratch more expenditure is required. All of the above is very laudable but there are not that many step 6 clubs in Devon/Cornwall who have the income to build and sustain such a set up without substantial financial support. Surely step 6 is not that far down the ladder, that clubs at that level are too insignificant for the F.A. to be bothered with , or are they ? Clubs who can pay tens of millions to buy one player, and then pay him several millions a year wages, ( We refuse to call them EARNINGS ) could afford a few million a year for grassroot football. For all we know, perhaps they do and it disappears in administration costs.
  13. Portishead play in the Western League Division 1 which is at step 6 in the N.L.S. The Western League Premier division, which is where the South West Peninsula Premier League winners CAN be promoted to, is at step 5 in the National League System. Bideford however, ( who Bodmin played on the Wednesday referred to by Leeds ) are I believe a step 4 club.
  14. Graham Carey

    Most clubs are promoted into the league. Not so Plymouth Argyle reserves I believe. Also no club should be allowed to change grounds to gain promotion, if their regularly used ground did not come up to the required standards. Not so Plymouth Argyle I believe Don't understand what makes you think that Devon clubs are favoured Big Al ?
  15. Graham Carey

    Plymouth Argyle will be aware of every loophole and anomaly in the rules of football, and will use them to their advantage, that is what professional clubs do. What we find more distasteful is that they are prepared to humiliate a team like Stoke Gabriel, by playing professional players who earn their livelyhood playing football. It's acceptable that they wanted to win, don't we all, but is it really necessary to hammer a small team like Stoke Gabriel 12- 0 . Perhaps the SWPL should look at restricting the number of full time pros playing in a league match, if that is possible, otherwise it seems that the smaller clubs will only be there to make up the numbers.