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  1. Good luck to Jack with his new club, but unless there are some outgoing players from the Falmouth clubs front line, we feel he may need it .
  2. Of course you mean per-ogative Leeds, don't mention the pro-vocative word, it might be missunderstood or not recognised.😁
  3. Which proves that the marking system is a flawed system and needs to be replaced. As with players there are good refs and bad refs and there are assessors who can be assigned to consistently low marked referees matches, giving the authorities a more detached opinion of the referees capabilities. His / Her chances of promotion are then enhanced by a less partisan opinion that that of a frustrated club official.
  4. No rule changes, just officials who don't officiate alledgedly because they may get a bad marking from club officials.
  5. Well done Sticker 2-0 winners at Callington, sleep easy tonight 😁 Whatever happened at Launceston, some result that, well done !
  6. Easy answer is , get the referees to invoke the EXISTING rule about foul and abusive language both on and off the pitch. And whilst on that subject, the clubs also have the option of telling foul mouthed supporters to leave the ground ( never going to happen ) as a football ground is by virtue of charging the public to enter, a designated public place for the duration, and therefore subject to the law of the land, regardless of any rules set by the F.A. Unpopular as that statement may be with those who support Mr Gilberts outbursts, it is a fact.
  7. Just needs a Porthleven official to explain the use of the tweet that was 5 days old and not representative of the ground condition 5 days later.
  8. Also be interesting to know why the original tweet included a photo taken on the previous Friday and was seemingly not representative of the condition of the pitch on match day. Someone is responsible for the tweet, and probably has a concise and straightforward answer, if so please put us out of our misery
  9. But it wasn’t called off by the club!? So how can you blame them? Oops, don't expect anyone thought someone would bother to come to Porthleven to take this photograph, no sign of the standing water that was shown in the original tweet, which appears to have been taken from the same spot. Whatever the true story of this escapade is ,at the very least Porthleven should explain why a photograph apparantly taken last Friday, was used in their original tweet which was misleading to say the least.
  10. Don't base your opinions on Bodmin gates, a poor choice for an attendance example😋 Also looking at the SWPL forum, it states Argyle are docked 3 points for not fulfilling a fixture, which if we remember rightly, is one of the clubs held up as a shining example of the great loss to football attendances in Cornwall when the league splits. Pro club unable to fulfill a fixture ? what a shambles. There is no dispute that they attract spectators, it's just their attitude to the league and it's member clubs that grates, they couldn't care less about a few quid fine and docked 3 points, they are not in line for winning anything anyway.
  11. Thanks for the compliment, an obsession to be proud of. The answer is above, something that is sadly missing in some areas, but if that's the way some people want to think so be it, it's their loss not ours. It seems that a comment can only be made if an offensive remark is included.
  12. Village teams like St Austell, Falmouth, Torpoint, Saltash, Launceston, Bodmin, Newquay,, all top teams in their time, and no disrespect to Devon clubs who have been also rans during that period. Regarding Argyle, our opinion about them is not because they are a Devon club, we would have the same opinion if they came from Cornwall or Somerset, and that is that they have no respect for other teams in the league, and that includes the Devon teams. If they have how come they play 8 players with professional backgrounds against one team, and then 5 schoolboys against another, you could hardly call that consistent or fair to teams involved in promotion/ relegation issues.
  13. Professional teams in the Premier league have been fined for fielding what was considered weakened teams against teams involved in end of season promotion / relegation battles.
  14. Not sure who you refer to in respect of loan players which agreed happens and is no different, but that doesn't make it right, and as not everything is about promotion, our post was about the potential effect that the Callington / Argyle match result COULD have on the relegation scene. We still would appreciate any comments / knowledge about UNDER 16s playing senior football ?
  15. Would disagree totally with your closing remark, that attitude is the cause of many problems in the game already.
  16. Are we right in thinking that UNDER 16s are prohibited from playing senior football ?
  17. According to their twitter a/c, Argyle played 5 x under 16 players in a match against Callington that could well affect the relegation issue at the end of the season. Good luck to Callington, not their fault, they can only play what is put in front of them, but really shows the total lack of care and respect that Argyle have for this league. On the one hand they play 8 players with 1st team experience, ( against St Austell we believe ) and then include 5 schoolboys against another. They may not have broken any rules, but do they have any respect for the league ? we don't think so.
  18. Well done Sticker , drawing with Argyle at Coach Road and unlucky not to have taken all three points. Sticker seem to have the measure of Argyle, only having lost by the odd goal on one occasion, and either beating or drawing with them when they both played in the West Division. Back up to Devon again tomorrow for the longest journey of the season, to play Witheridge, where three points for either team will not be easy to come by.