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  1. Unfortunately game off. Waterlogged pitch still.....we might finish season before next one starts if stays dry from now till then 🤬🤬
  2. Ha ha.....I dont play anymore, but when I did I never got cautioned for dissent....always a “strong” tackle 😉
  3. Agree, however here is an actual example. one match a player says “ref you’re having a f***king laugh” no sin bin or card following week “ref you are having a mare” and sin binned. i’ll let You decide (both incidents were not my team)
  4. The sin bin has definitely made players think before opening their mouths to have a go at the ref, so positive in regard to that. the issue I have is different refs have different tolerance levels and so makes the sin bin a mockery. Either it is a sin bin for saying certain thing to a ref or it isn’t. i have spoken to various referees and FA people this season and everyone has said the same to me “it depends on the referee and what he is willing to tolerate” no point bringing in a rule/law if the referees have a different interpretation of dissent. then again I have seen a referee use the sin bin well.....but allowed high tackles and professional fouls go unpunished!! a hard job to referee, but we need consistency from them 👍
  5. Postponed

    Mousehole Reserves v TMS called off this morning
  6. Mousehole Reserves v TMS was called off this morning
  7. No promotion?

    If Illogan coming back down to Combo then probably only one going down?? probably need a league restructure in Trelawny anyway to make leagues more uniform (14 or 16 per league?)