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    Not sensitive, everytime I look on this site, its the same old story, Torpoint bringing in ringers, Torpoint doing this and that, how many ringers will they play, that would be 2 if you know the rules, and 2 doesn't make a team. Apparently we moan when we go a goal behind... Good! That's what I want from my players, to show they care. Maybe other clubs should look a little closer to home when moaning about "ringers", or shall I remind you? Last season, St Stephen away we beat 5-3i think, then at our place they (you?) beat us by the roughly the same score with a completely different St Stephens side and I'm told only 2 players were different. I've been involved in football for many yrs and at a high level, so I'm not stupid and I'm aware what goes on, maybe other clubs and individuals should stay quiet before spouting off and worrying what Torpoint are doing, we can win without bringing in ringers....... Sometimes! Case closed. Semi final tonight is off.
  2. Morrish Truscott RIP

    Had the pleasure of knowing him during my time a Truro, a top bloke, rip.

    NO ringers!! And if you don'tike it when we're forced to due to us having 4teams and players taken to help the other teams, complain to the fa, they set the rules. Look at our league position, does that say "ringers"? Boring talk!!
  4. Ive been back at the club 3 seasons, 2as manager, so not in my time, I can't recall being fined and thrown out of any competition, I know it happens at clubs that are lesser known to others but one thing I can assure you and everyone else, as long as I'm managing (and still playing) it will never happen with Torpoint, the club is too high profile in Cornwall and basis itself on fair play
  5. Did we? Thats news to me and I'm the manager
  6. 64 on tap(St Stephen I guess?) the only time they ever beat us is when they field a completely different side.... Again!
  7. Calculator? I find that completely disrespectful to Torpoint, unbeaten in 11,and yes we may be a young side but we've earned the right to be in the semi final!