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  1. FA Cup

    What on earth is your problem?I merely congratulated the players nowhere have I demeaned the professions of the people you mention.A mid week game away to Havant or of similar distance arriving home at 2.30 in the morning then going to work the next day is difficult for anyone, when you consider having to fit in family life around this young wives & children etc it takes a lot of commitment. They are not paid thousands per game and although the extra money helps most of the players want to play a good standard of football before they get to your age and think life owes them something. I hoped the people on this were of at the very least average intelligence..........it appears not
  2. FA Cup

    Good luck to Truro in the next round a fantastic achievement, with River Allen , Cody Cook and Rocky Neal all coming from the swpl and making the grade at this level can only be applauded and an inspiration to young players wanting to step up. They have proved it is achievable with hard work and commitment as we all know the travelling is tough . Keep it up boys and look forward to seeing you in the draw for the next round!!
  3. Well done to all the players at Truro City fantastic result let's hope it's league opposition in the next round.
  4. 2020 Vision

    If Mr Massey continues to raise the profile of Helston as an up and coming all round good club for players and supporters to be involved with, as to be fair he has been quite successful in doing so far as there has been many a comment on here congratulating the club on making it a great place to visit he will undoubtedly get the financial backing required to put out a team capable of winning the league. As we all know if a club can back up its ambitions with a decent budget for attracting better players then there is no reason why his proficy can not be a reality.
  5. Truro City v AFC Sudbury

    Apart from pre season friendlies I have not been to see Truro play yet but I would like to take this opportunity and congratulate players,management and all at the club for a remarkable turnaround. It is fantastic to read the papers and see Truro city at the very summit of their league.WELL DONE