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  1. To be honest Leeds I do not want to identify myself as it could lead to more hassle 4 me, i would imagine from a few of the things I have said that some people might be able to work out who i am but i think its best that I dont say
  2. I have watched rocky since he was 11 if argyle had took a chance on him then instead of mucking him about (probably due to his size) i am convinced he would have been good enough to be a pro Levi landricombe rocky neale both way better than hobbs, in my opinion he carries to much muscle and seems to have lost a bit of mobility. U also have to remember with glynn hobbs a lot of defenders just keep out of his way and let him do more or less as he pleases as they have to go to work on a Monday and if u get the upper hand on him up u really r playing a risky game as i found out to my cost, hence why although i admit he is a brilliant footballer i have nothing much else on a positive note to say about him. After my clash (shall we call it ) with him i never played football again due to my injuries and i never will
  3. Big mistake letting rocky go, cant blame him though sat on his arse 4 most of last season he is a great lad who loves to play football
  4. Not sure why either at the end of last season Hodges was suggesting he still had the chance to make it as a pro
  5. Rocky gone to Taunton town
  6. My cat could have lead parkway to the title with the players they had, put him in charge of a struggling team to c if he is any good
  7. U would care if he did it 2. What a stupid thing to say u r almost as horrible as him. Also your spelling and grammar are truly atrocious
  8. I don't care if u think its cared 4 or not I have very personal reasons for not liking him and if I told u what he did to me i think u would understand. Like i have said many times lovely footballer vile person
  9. If u think he's a lovely lad after some of the things hes done then u r a bigger than I thought
  10. herbie777


    Fantastic team yetton wills broad ash but to name a few happy days
  11. Only because they always play 4 one of the top teams carter has certainly made the most of his talents whereas hobbs has done the complete opposite. If levi or rocky had been playing for parkway they would have scored at least 70 goals. Both carter and hobbs carry to much weight, 1 is a just fat the other is carrying to much muscle neither of them r particularly mobile and it will be interesting to c how hobbs copes next year against decent teams where he might only get 1 chance a game. Also he will come up against defenders who are not terrified of him ( although i don't blame the ones that r ). I believe carter tried tiverton or taunton a few years ago and that was a wash out. Rocky and Levi r the real deal and i have heard rocky is on the move from truro maybe that is leeds big announcemount anyway lets wait and see
  12. Falmouth have been excellent all year but this year's bodmin team along with st awful both with big budgets have been very poor
  13. Del boy does not have a clue about anything he posts on here
  14. herbie777


    5-0 parkway, watched bodmin against falmouth they were garbage