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  1. NLS - Sat Nov 18th 2017

    Thanks i have watched him since he was 11 and i really rate him
  2. NLS - Sat Nov 18th 2017

    Is rocky playing much at the moment have not seen his name mentioned as a scorer recently
  3. Although i cant stand glyn hobbs there is no doubting he is an excellent footballer and after watching argyle on Saturday i would suggest he is better than half of that garbage on show
  4. Leeds i am not your greatest fan in fact u come across on here as a complete moron but i must agree with all u have said about the bodmin game and if the old carthorse had put that chance away who knows what might have happened. On another note my son is friends with rocky neale and i believe hes a bit fed up with lack of game time at truro if i was parkway i would get rid of three or four players and chuck all of their cash at rocky guaranteed 50 goals, Hobbs is good but nowhere near as good as rocky

    Awful referee and 2 pretty average teams if the rumours about how much some of these players are on is true then they r very lucky boys.
  6. No he is a complete moron
  7. Bodmin Town and Leeds United

    Come on leeds respond everyone wants 2 hear from u
  8. AFC St.Austell v Falmouth

    Concentrate on your own team although even they think u r a pain in the arse

    Double figures
  10. Nothing moronic about one actual post just everthing u say particularly regarding st austell and st blazey. I have answered your question now its time 2 tell me your opinions on the thread started about u by bodmin please
  11. Leeds do u only comment when bodmin win i for one would be interested to hear your opinion on the thread allegedly started by bodmin regarding your moronic opinions on here
  12. FA Cup

    I have no idea why anyone would have anything negative to say about this tie apart from jealousy, its a fantastic opportunity for truro, i for one wish them all the luck in the world i predict a draw.
  13. Rumours

    And manager at Buckfastleigh
  14. New SWPL Prem.record

    League will be won by christmas parkway by far and away the best team. Sadly no one to challenge them bodmin and st austell not up to their usual standards. I predict parkway will win the league by at least 15 points