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  1. Sportsmanship

    Try playing local rugby not a lot of sportsmanship in that i am afraid plenty of punch ups though
  2. Godolphin vs Ivybridge

    Yes rob bimmore and Paul tapp and later on David Bazley tappy was clueless about football but was a great laugh and all the boys loved him
  3. Godolphin vs Ivybridge

    Yes Josh played for Morley good player i think he joined the navy, Jack Rowbotham was a fantastic centre half but the biggest disappointment for me was our centre forward Adam Stephenson at u15s and u16s he was superb and i thought he was on a par with rocky but sadly I don't think he plays at all now
  4. Godolphin vs Ivybridge

    It was a great age group my son was involved at Morley rangers who won the top league and got to the Devon cup final, there were lots and lots of players from various teams who could easily have played at this standard and above who now play no football at all. The only one from Morley who i am aware of who plays at a good standard is David Barker at Saltash. I remember Rocky and Steve Sutton playing up front together for plymouth kolts, i knew from the 1st time i saw rocky play he was going to be very good. It really is sad to think how much talent is wasted but i can only c things getting worse sadly Shame I really thought when i watched him when he was younger that he could go all the way
  5. Godolphin vs Ivybridge

    Jordan Pearce i remember my son played with him when they were about 13 he was very very good at that time, but sadly he was a little bit shall we say bonkers and sadly another player with a lot of potential who never played at the standard he should have
  6. If any of the torpoint players are being paid then I wish i was young enough to play now. Clueless springs to mind. As for parkway 1st time ive seen them this year very impressive big quick and strong throughout
  7. Now for something different

    Rocky neal better than both of them
  8. Now for something different

    10 years ago i am sure he could have made it as a pro but he decided to go down another route not a hope in hell now
  9. Kelvin fyneboy gets about a bit as well
  10. Torpoint r awful st austell not great but torpoints defending woeful