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    anyone except saltash.
  1. Obviously still a bit tender after that assault from saltash
  2. Have st Stephens borough scored yet? If not when do they play parkway? Shipping goals for fun
  3. How did pubway get on? Heard they were title contenders?
  4. That's because nobody talks about the teams at the bottom
  5. Swpl is who you know not what you know.. some very poor players with big egos in that league talk the talk but nothing to offer you.. £25 a game isn't worth not enjoying your football with your mates.. and for what? Some very poor teams in both leagues now.
  6. Another lad they have scored 5 a couple of weeks ago too.. some squad they have! A frightening forward line up for any team in that league!
  7. Surprised there's no torpoint players.. by far the best team as shown time and time again! a few players selected there are quite frankly.. well.. awful at best!