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    Thankful we had a game to watch at all today with all the incessant rain. Wishing no disrespect I cannot go along with various comments that this was a poor game. The officials took a lot of stick both pitch-side and on social media. Lets be perfectly honest, both clubs under the experienced tactical leadership of Mr Hobbs and Mr Gilbert will both be totally clued up on how to milk any given situation. Would you like to referee two sides who continually shout, crowd, scream and flop on the floor ? I wouldn't. Both clubs can play top class non league football, if they'd stuck to the football we would have avoided the stop-start inquests and all the negativity. Putting things in perspective it was still a bloody good football match and a fine credit to the SWPL. I certainly enjoyed it anyway. Parkway are good this season there is no doubting that but Bodmin could so easily have took the spoils here. The absolute game breaker was when Bodmin , down to 10 men for an undeserved sending off broke forward in the second half, they were still 1-2 up at this stage intricate deft passing in the Parkway 18 yard area gave Adam Carter a nailed on open goal to put Bodmin Town1-3 up and probably out of sight... unfortunately for Mr Gilbert the so called tap in from Hit Man Carter hit the post. Parkway immediately stormed up the pitch on a vast wave of relief and duly equalised. In a nutshell, game over. Bodmin visibly drained despite the shouts from Jake Ash that "we'll still get chances". Parkway increased the lead and a few toys went out the pram from the Bodmin bench, possibly justified, possibly not? Mr Gilbert got into a ding-dong argument with Ex Bodmin now Parkway keeper Kyle Moore which Ex Bodmin now Parkway wing back Sam Hillson intervened upon, he received the same short colourful shrift from the Bodmin boss as his keeper had. The game all ended rather ugly which was a shame as there had been some really good football put on from these two classy SWPL sides. A competitive good quality FA Vase tie. They're probably the best of mates back in the bar.
  2. Cally v Parkway

    Enjoyed my jaunt to the Marsh last night. Busy clubhouse with a good contingent making the trip from Plymouth Bit damp early on but the pitch stood up pretty well. Hobbs was up to his old tricks slamming in a glorious opener as early as the second minute. The expected first half onslaught never happened, Cally battled hard and despite a few wobbles went in 0-1 at the break. A good effort. Just like buses you wait over 40 minutes then 6 goals all come at once. Parkway slid up a couple of gears second half and left Cally at the traffic lights. Finished 1-7 and to be brutally honest it could have been plenty more during that second half (no disrespect to the home side). Are this Plymouth Parkway side as good as the flashy reports and predictions in the media, well in a nutshell, yes they are. When they switch that turbo on they leave you for dead. I know there are a lot of politics being digested about throwing cash around and all the rest but its bloody good entertainment, at least it is for the neutral and those in yellow and blue bobble hats.