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  1. In another topic someone said no need for programs, do it all on web sites or even on here. People have asked for line ups and scores for last night's Bodmin game. Sod all. Doesn't Bodmin main supporter and contributer on here even know
  2. Unlucky, it was 7 nil wasn't it.
  3. paul pearce

    Perranporth 2 Bodmin 2

    Perhaps that why big keV is in the dug out
  4. paul pearce

    Perranporth 2 Bodmin 2

    Can't understand how he reckons he knows more than anyone else. There are some of us who have better inside knowledge than him
  5. paul pearce

    Perranporth 2 Bodmin 2

    Thou not an avid supporter of Bodmin, unless Gilbert has something up his sleeve it looks like a hard season ahead. Teams so far has I've been told has had quite a few trialists. Doesn't look as there's a proper side in place.
  6. paul pearce

    Bodmin 2-4 Liskeard

    And people wonder why there's a lack of supporters.
  7. paul pearce

    Bodmin 2-4 Liskeard

    Anyone have a team sheet for last night game
  8. paul pearce

    Bodmin 2-4 Liskeard

    Hetty's prediction of a bottom 6 finish could be accurate
  9. paul pearce

    Godolphin vs Perranporth

    We all know Leeds is full of _ _ _ _. I got better inside contacts than him. 2 weeks b4 start of the season so you would think these surprise players would be in place. I await a return comment from you know who
  10. paul pearce


    If Porthleven needs 700 to break even, would think Bodmin lost money
  11. Doesn't matter what topic is put on this forum, it always turns 2 people being paid. Whether it's teams, players and managers. Give it a rest
  12. Never seen him play, even so not mind blowing news Leeds was alluding 2.
  13. And there are some clubs that the committee is a closed shop
  14. You can't read other topic. Signed a young up and coming centre half. Danny O'Hagan
  15. Don't think anyone should worry about Bodmin this season, but we still have big news to look forward to