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  1. The last bloke wouldn't take the bet will you. £10 your wrong in saying all home wins this weekend. We will settle up infront the tea hut at next home game.
  2. Like some of you I don't like the constant language used, it is obsessive. Do like I do silly billy and others, unless it's pouring down walk around the other side or behind the goal
  3. Perhaps the base ball cap was in for a was, but there was a different colour one on show at blazey v Porthleven couple of weeks ago Wash I meant
  4. A third I would say. Didn't cu there
  5. Think I counted 35. No interest in the town for their team
  6. So who was it that wouldnt bet me a £10 parkway wouldn't get beat all season lo
  7. Cornwall Senior Cup

    Didn't think I had 2 but will. In turn if there is any sort of control on content put on here, ud think someone might sort it out
  8. Cornwall Senior Cup

    I was repeating what's Leeds said. Not my thought as I have a friend on CCFA. My comment was always topics returning 2 money. A reply 2 that I wouldn't mind, you should have shot Leeds down when he first mentioned it
  9. Cornwall Senior Cup

    No matter what topic gets raised on here it always gets turned to clubs paying out money. This topic started out as a dig at the CCFA doing the draw behind closed doors. Now we are again discussing players payments. Give it a rest
  10. Cornwall Senior Cup

    Isn't your chairman part of CCFA. Ask him if there's anything underhanded going on
  11. Just a rumour....

    I heard a rumour, Eddy was going North East rather than Southwest. Only a rumour
  12. St.Austell 0-3 Bodmin Town

    Was it not you a couple of weeks ago who said. A couple of St AUSTELL player had asked could they be accommodated at Bodmin. Perhaps that might happen now, or should that remark be put in another topic on here. Rumours!
  13. That's why I was fishing lol
  14. I'm interested when the next list will be out and 2 see how many signings from first list have joined different clubs already
  15. Would be good if some of these players come on here and defend their corner. Wether it is why they move or refute monies they are accused of getting paid. Pigs may fly