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  1. You can't read other topic. Signed a young up and coming centre half. Danny O'Hagan
  2. Don't think anyone should worry about Bodmin this season, but we still have big news to look forward to
  3. Was told there's irons in the fire!. Think Gilbert must be starting with a blank sheet, again. Leeds will put us straight Monsoon
  4. Sorry if I missed it through the last 3 pages, Carter gone 2 Tavistock. Again. How many is that now left Bodmin
  5. Sure more than one person told me most of Bodmin squad committed themselves for next season at end of season party. Seem to be leaving all of a sudden
  6. Think we all know his second in command wasn't up 2 it. So a change there isn't mind blowing
  7. Half a side 2 replace. AGAIN
  8. Even if rumour of Hobbs and Moore coming back 2 Bodmin is true. Hardly the exciting news Leeds united told us to expect.
  9. What's that 3 leagues lower than what he was playing, he should shine in that standard Didn't Gilbert say he couldn't guarantee Hobbs first striker choice a season back. Wasn't that why he went parkway
  10. paul pearce

    New St Austell manager

    Tend to agree with herbie 777. Wouldn't have thought those parkway players would have needed to much managing. From what I saw of his Bodmin days not many players took to much notice of his shouting and arm waving. Hope the new St. Austell manager does well
  11. Not keen on signing defenders???. Lost a couple at least I heard. Would like to see a more physical/robust defence like Tavistock/Falmouth and St. Austell in place at Priory
  12. Thought he was supposed to be the best keeper in the league
  13. How about this for a rumour. More St.Austell players joining ex team mates at priory next season
  14. In my opinion he's far off being ready for that league (Truro)
  15. paul pearce

    SWPL - Wednesday 2 May 2018

    Sorry if I've missed it but on 5th may Leeds united said some very big news in next couple of weeks regarding Bodmin FC. Well it's end of the season so what is it???