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  1. Bodmin Town

    In the 2013/14 season Parkway played 28 league and cup matches from 11th Feb to the end of the season. The only point I am making is that it does happen, but rarely to the same team each time - or its the price of success in a season of cup runs both locally and nationally?
  2. The club have said it is off - waterlogged again after last night - when will it end.

    Fanfare, yes, have two results in 08/09 one is 3-1 victory to Falmouth in the league, the other is the 8-0 win to Parkway in the League cup 3rd round, got them wrong way round. facts and figures !!!!!!!!!!

    Only facts I have ,is that from 07/08 to 16/17 in the league at Bolitho Park, there have been 9 home wins and 1 draw, with goals for 32, goals against 6. All in the past, everything can change.
  5. 31st.December-Deadline

    not necessarily in that order - top comment
  6. Argyle had an Academy team playing in the Plymouth and District local league, they did not have a reserve team, it was created to cater for the rules that allow Football league teams in at Step 6 & 7. Also as I have said on numerous occasions, they are the only club in English League Pro football club to play at this level.
  7. Reference where they play, it could be only 22 miles from their base like another club, they could pass each other like ships in the night. Re the SWL, yes that's right but don't forget there was no promotion or relegation from that league, it was not part of the pyramid structure and there was only pride to play for, not survival.
  8. If you want information on Supporters Club etc give me a call


    01752 767059

  9. 'This very poor travelling side' won at Salisbury, top of their league and at Winborne a league higher in FA Cup plus other away wins in National Cups and league, so a lot was expected, the Peninsula Web site at the time of the draw had 'oops' by that match. Its over now, a super victory at the end of the day.
  10. Blimey Ben - for a person who has recently moved down here you have acquired a wealth of knowledge on local sport, football, players, past history of clubs, rugby and much more. If you haven't retired, you should be a sports writer and direct your skills that way, a good profession.