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  1. Home Waters

    Tavistock vs Parkway

    'Moi' - Arrogant - No - I just string a few words together called sentences and make a point of view.
  2. Home Waters

    Tavistock vs Parkway

    I cannot see anyone here who solely blames the ref, you say in a previous posting, ' some of the tackles he let go could have been straight reds ' , true, that was early on and that started the problems on the field. You have to read all the postings to get a real feel of what went on regarding the ref.
  3. Home Waters

    Tavistock vs Parkway

    Far from it - but to get the correct answer you have to know the previous of the ref - both sides were equally to blame - which was not reflected in the Tavistock report. If you have seen the referee at other matches, those end up very similar, so he does not have the where with all to deal with players and managers, cannot control matches he officiates at, does not apply the laws of the game in a manner that gives players confidence in his decisions. Fails to spot continuing offences ie; manager sent off still shouting instructions from the side of the stand to his Tavy players and to the ref. - so there are many facets of his refereeing which really fall below the standard required. Referees at the match also believe he should not have been there.
  4. Home Waters

    Tavistock vs Parkway

    Yes an interesting read but biased towards Tavistock, far from inpartial as he uses the word 'we' to refer to tavvy - to say that the referee was mostly surrounded by parkway players is totally untrue, from the off it was the Tavistock players that did it more than them and if you watch any match of theirs then they are the biggest culprits in the league. - no mention of the early tackles by Tavistock players that left players on the ground that was ignored by the referee. He never consulted his assistants on controversial decisions, kept stopping the game and talking to players, never let it flow. Tried to play the advantage rule on occasions , but totally failed in that attempt. Booked Parkway player as described above for tackle, which writer thought should have been a red, but then allowed parkway to take the free kick. So unfortunately the writer of the article left so much out re the discipline and lack of respect for the referee by the Tavistock players it beggers belief - its as impartial as Putin deciding on whether the nerve gas was sent by Russia or not. I say again have seen the ref on numerous occasions in local leagues and most of his matches end up like this one.
  5. Home Waters

    Tavistock vs Parkway

    That's the one, Plymouth based, does local matches within the city at a lower level and the matches I have seen him at, all end up the same as this one. The players from both sides have a constant stream of yellow and red cards. The matches never flow with him its all stop start, talk to the players, issue a yellow card for all tackles, then some red ones. Yes the players do play their part in the offences committed, but, when you get to this stage of reds there must be some other reason as well. What I don't understand is that the authorities must be aware of his form, bad, even referees at the matches he has done that I have seen are really turning away grimacing about his lack of control and application of the rules. At the end of the day, players and clubs can never win against the lack of guidance and failure to spot the wrong one from those in authority from above. Publish the details of referee's yellow & red cards like other leagues and see where the problem lies sometimes, they will not do it, maybe they are 'The Untouchables'.
  6. Home Waters

    Tavistock vs Parkway

    Yes the referee turned up - oh sorry, the wrong referee turned up. Those who appoint should have a think.
  7. If you want information on Supporters Club etc give me a call


    01752 767059

  8. 'This very poor travelling side' won at Salisbury, top of their league and at Winborne a league higher in FA Cup plus other away wins in National Cups and league, so a lot was expected, the Peninsula Web site at the time of the draw had 'oops' by that match. Its over now, a super victory at the end of the day.
  9. Blimey Ben - for a person who has recently moved down here you have acquired a wealth of knowledge on local sport, football, players, past history of clubs, rugby and much more. If you haven't retired, you should be a sports writer and direct your skills that way, a good profession.