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  1. Good coach, nice people, nice family - they won't be away from local football for long.
  2. The first para indicates that clubs who do not hold grade G will be relegated - I assume some may hold Grade H? When you read the second para, it states that clubs with Grade H may fill vacancies of those demoted or are they Grade G once they move to Step 6. So, do you have Grade H clubs passing each other on the way up and down - or - no Grade H clubs will be demoted from Step 6 ? I appreciate this is a note of a meeting - but ......................??????????
  3. Alan Shearer missed eleven penalties - what's your point -
  4. If you want information on Supporters Club etc give me a call


    01752 767059

  5. 'This very poor travelling side' won at Salisbury, top of their league and at Winborne a league higher in FA Cup plus other away wins in National Cups and league, so a lot was expected, the Peninsula Web site at the time of the draw had 'oops' by that match. Its over now, a super victory at the end of the day.
  6. Blimey Ben - for a person who has recently moved down here you have acquired a wealth of knowledge on local sport, football, players, past history of clubs, rugby and much more. If you haven't retired, you should be a sports writer and direct your skills that way, a good profession.