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  1. I think it's a non existent league but is about as real as the majority of comments, quotes and stories on here. Comical. if you don't know the truth - make something up!
  2. Well done Torpoint ! Perfectly good game ruined by an inadequate referee that had no clue of the rules! Great hosts though - as always !
  3. Thanks for your kind words - unknown20 you're a keyboard warrior hiding behind an alias - that's embarrassing buddy !
  4. There seems to be a lot of talk and accusations flying around on here so as manager of the reserve side - i will do my best to clear some of these matters up. Firstly, If Saltash United are offended from yesterdays result then I apologise, however it was a game of football. 11 v 11 - there wasnt a single complaint or word said before the game. Nor was there just after half time when Saltash went 0-1 up against us. The honest truth regarding yesterday - at 2pm I sent a message to the league stating I couldnt field a team. The reason for this was - player unavailability, injuries and as our season was due to end at the end of April, 3 have actually gone on holiday - they left after Saturday's game (of which, for the record, we struggled to field a side as well). The league responded stating how many players we had signed on and to do our best to get players in. At the start of the season, the club indicated that the direction of the reserves was to change from last year, and that we were to act as a vechicle for youth players to gain experience, and for whomever the first team manager deemed needed game time or wanted to play. It has been discussed several times over the season that was the role of the reserves. As such we then carried a small number of players that were there to play most weeks but understood the role of the team. If other clubs decide that their reserve team is to operate differently, then that is their perogative, as it is Plymouth Parkway's to also do so, as long as it is within the rules. At times this season We have had 7-8 first team players in. at times this season we have fielded a team of under 21's. I appreciate this is a competitive league for most - however also for most, there is no promotion, therefore we are not stopping anyones progression. Thus slightly different when being compared to Plymouth Argyle's reserve side. Back to yesterday. I sent messages out to players in the reserve team group, first team group and coaches group. One of the "Tiverton" players you speak of is also a youth team coach at Parkway and he said "i'll play". From the first team we had 1 reply. Our team also consisted of 36 year old Academy coach who was playing his last home game for the club, 2 17 year olds and another handful of reserve team players. There was no intention originally to field a "strong team" it genuinely just panned out that way. To clear up a few other points: "they got payed" firstly it's spelt Paid. and no they didnt. No reserve games have had a budget this season. No one has been 'paid'. "Machiavelli springs to mind!" - Why - what have we done devious? We have used players at our disposal. Will they do the same against Torpoint - we beat Torpoint back in the Winter - we played 3 First team players then. They didn't moan. They actually said "we do it to other teams so fair enough. "Levi on £100 a goal last night and £120 for turning up" £420 for last night then. - Where did you get that from? Absolutely not true. Didn't get a penny. "Congratulations of making this league a mockery." If you do not like or agree with the league rules I believe you have an opportunity to suggest a league rule change, find a seconder and it will get voted on at the AGM. I, unfortunately do not make the rules. "Andy Notman celebrating like its his own team is up there with highlights of season" I can't remember celebrating through the abuse I was being given from the management team and players. However, It is common knowledge that last night was my last home game in charge so I was happy to sign off with a win. "imagine being part of parkway reserves all season then getting told your not needed" Anyone from the reserves that was available played. Happy to add you in the group chat to clarify if you like? "even golden child Elliot Cunningham couldn't be assed anymore failing to turn up for semi final." Can't argue that - Most frustrating player I have ever managed. " guess what after 5 games realised league a lot harder and all they players fuck off to P&d div1 SB Frankfort. " Only 1 player went to them and that was pre-season. " Parkway 2nds giving it the big one in a Mickey Mouse Div 1 last year how great they are and went all season unbeaten." Read back through the 2016 forum, we never wanted to be in division 1 - we asked to be in the Premier - the member clubs voted we went into division 1. I think that's probably all that needs to be said. Whomever is commenting on behalf of Parkway, please don't. I shall not be replying again. I have said the points above with honesty. We have 1 game left, next Thursday, and that's us done for the season. Saltash - Good luck for the rest of the season, including your cup final. Cheers,