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  1. Bodmin v Witheridge....ON !!
  2. Bodmin Town

    At the rate payers expense I dare say
  3. Bodmin Town

    And if the Environment Agency hadn't buggered the footpaths and drainage up Bodmins pitch would be playable. From the Bodmin Facebook page: Just for the record, apart from the horrendous amount of rain we have suffered recently, the fact that thousands of gallons of rain water is running onto Priory Park from the recent new pathways laid by the Environment Agency on the eastern side of the ground, this has greatly increased the amount of water getting into the ground. It literally has been thousands of gallons a day and we have it on film to prove it. Engineers have looked at the flooding issues and work will shortly commence to stop the water running off Priory Road and Athelstand Park on the pitch. Thought you should know the full reasons for the missed fixtures.
  4. Bodmin Town

    The pitch was fine until the new footpaths and roads went in.I gather there are now thousands of gallons of water running onto the pitch from the new footpath.
  5. Game off,trying again next wednesday at Tavy instead of the league fixture.
  6. Torpoint thoroughly deserved the win.
  7. Ah Take an extra coat when you go. Chris Morris's sister used to work in the same shop as me in the summer in Newquay.Had many a freebie pasty brought in.
  8. Never had one but if they taste as good as they smell then they're up there with the best.I'm always on a bloody diet so far I've resisted temptation.
  9. Tim Nixon gone from Bodmin to Falmouth,great signing for Falmouth.
  10. And here in Bodmin,stopped in Liskeard a half hour ago and the rain on the car roof was so loud I couldn't hear someone on the phone !
  11. Agreed,thought he refereed the game brilliantly,no need for cards and let the game flow,I say flow as much as the conditions would allow.Hats off to St Blazey for getting the game on and hats off to both teams for playing in horrendous conditions.
  12. He played for Bodmin last night at Bideford,in amazing condition.Lost a lot of weight and looking sharp.