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  1. Good to hear Zak Roberts played.
  2. Just tweeted Zak,he says he doesn't have concussion but does have a headache,so fingers crossed he's ok.
  3. He does play for the Bodmin under 21 team.
  4. It was not my intention to suggest that you thought he was a dirty player
  5. Did he ? Let's see if he plays tomorrow or if he plays for our under 21's in the week.
  6. Adam Carter isn't a dirty player,he jumped over the keeper to avoid contact and 'if' he made contact with Zack it was minimal and unintentional.I was stood right above where it happened and would dispute any contact at all.
  7. Looked like groin/inner thigh from where I was stood.
  8. Bodmin Town and Leeds United

    Chairman at Bodmin is Chris Batters.
  9. Just look for the Bournemouth shirt....
  10. Wanting promotion and having enough money to do so are two different things.Unless there is huge financial backing I expect most clubs would be bankrupt after the first season.
  11. Bodmin Town and Leeds United

    He has nothing to do with the bench.He's not who you think he is.
  12. One came off with no shirt on ! Nutter !! Credit to both teams for trying to play in those conditions.Neither teams looked liked scoring.