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  1. Monsoon


    As stated earlier,some of us are still interested in Parkway and their players/staff,carry on posting here please.
  2. Monsoon

    What? No pasties?

    Can't comment on what you don't have pard...
  3. Monsoon

    What? No pasties?

    I don't think he goes out of his way Older,maybe he used to but by now it just comes naturally to him.
  4. Monsoon

    Jordan Annear

    Word at Bodmin is that Phillips is coming back now that Adam Carter has gone.
  5. If we're lucky....
  6. Only waste of time here is you,so negative.
  7. Monsoon

    Bodmin 3 Penryn 2

    He was there for the Cardiff game too.Leeds wouldn't know that as I don't think he was at either game.
  8. I'd like to think the team will come good sooner or later.We've lost good senior players,Simmo,Carter,Phillips,Slatefield etc.The young team Darren has assembled need game time I think.
  9. After tonight's performance Bodmin will struggle to be off the bottom three.
  10. Just read on Twitter it was 791
  11. It's cancelled pard.
  12. I didn't manage to get to watch but was keeping an eye on twitter.Anyone with a match report or a team sheet ? Match report on the 'new Western League' forum.