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  1. Never mind that Leeds,what happened to this 'Big news' from you ?
  2. I heard Ollie Brokes was quitting football and going into full time golf.
  3. From the Bodmin Facebook page re the presentation evening "Darren gave an excellent speech on this season and how he sees the future of Bodmin Town, and if anyone wanted to see his commitment to the future of the Club, then they would have heard it from his own mouth."
  4. It's only the small minority down here that think that way...
  5. In a league of his own that one...
  6. Carts has dropped a lot of weight this year and has upped his work rate.
  7. I wouldn't be at all surprised if he stopped playing totally and concentrated on coaching.
  8. I'd be surprised if Ashy stays at Bodmin....
  9. Falmouth fully deserved the win,too much pace and accuracy.
  10. At least 5 Bodmin fans there
  11. He's the first ever to go on the ignore list !!
  12. How do you think any of the youth team feel,or their parents come to that having to read your comment ? No interest in them ? They may as well just stop playing eh ? Every single subject on this forum has you being totally negative in one way or another.And if you thought that was rude you want to get out more ! Maybe go and support your home team instead of slagging them off all the time.
  13. More interest in a youth game than in your constant moaning and bitching,for sakes give it a rest.