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  1. Ventured into Devon yesterday to watch Plymouth Parkway v Launceston Town. Interesting match which was not totally one sided and Launceston can be a little aggrieved not to have come away with at least a point. What I did find very frustrating, was the discipline of the Launceston bench. Several times throughout the game, the Referees Assistant requested the number of people standing in the technical area be reduced, as there were times when at least ten were standing. He requested, he warned them that he would call the Referee over, but still no notice taken. He repeated his request, again ignored and again he threatened to call the Referee over. This he did several times more, but still ignored. He still didn't call the Referee over. Are Launceston Town employing foreign management and players who don't speak english? Isn't the inconsistency of official the bane of football?
  2. If the league game between these two sides is anything to go by, Tavistock will win this one. Could be a good exhibition of "pants being pulled down".