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  1. I think Gilby had taken a sedative before the match today, as he really didn't act like the usual neanderthal we are so use to witnessing when things don't go the way he likes. We still had the threatening behaviour and foul language, but the sedative helped. It is a fantastic effort if Gilby has his team playing for peanuts.
  2. Saltash

    Two teams in the top five, but didn't look like it last night. Tavistock look good, but saltash were poor, very poor. Agree with hetty, not the team of last year. What I have noticed, by the match reports on here, there isn't a settled side, why? For the neutral, I thought it was a great game, but if I was a home supporter, I would be worried.
  3. Falmouth v Saltash

    Down in Truro for a few days, so thought i would take in this interesting encounter and wasn't disappointed. Without any doubt, Town fully deserved all three points. Saltash are a shadow of last season and on this performance must take a serious look at themselves. The defence is a shambles and their number 10 Richards must be on a serious scoring bonus, as greedy is a understatement.
  4. Rumours

    So who is secretscout? Or are you another one who hides behind a username?
  5. Could this be Steve Masseys last match in charge of Helston? Saltash banging in 15 goals over the weekend, will have Helston on the back foot I would say.
  6. Went to watch Launceston versus Saltash, what a goal feast and a great game in terrible conditions. Despite signing several new players, saltash just don't look the strong outfit they were last season. Or am I incorrect in that assumption? Having only seen them against callington and Launceston, I may be wrong. The Launceston team look a handy outfit. Saltash look very poor in defence and need to get in some new faces if they are to win anything.
  7. Graham Carey

    What recent happenings are they secretscout? You obviously know something we don't! Be careful secretscout, very careful. Could be costly being sued by a professional footballer. So what are you saying secretscout? What is known? Or are you merely trying to stir things up? Are you connected to Saltash and are in the know?