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  1. Cullompton Rangers 0 v 4 Plymouth Parkway Torpoint Athletic 2 v 1 Stoke Gabriel
  2. Bodmin Town 4 v 1 Stoke Gabriel Callington Town 0 v 3 Falmouth Town Camelford 1 v 3 Saltash United Godolphin Atlantic 1 v 0 Cullompton Rangers Helston Athletic 2 v 1 Exmouth Town Ivybridge Town 3. v 0 Witheridge Launceston 1 v 0 Torpoint Athletic St Austell. 3 v 1 Newquay Sticker 0 v 4 Plymouth Parkway
  3. Premier Division: 7.30pm Tavistock 3-1 Plymouth Argyle
  4. Tuesday 14th November FA Vase 2nd Round Proper: 7.45pm Team Solent 1. v 3 Tavistock Premier Division: 7.30pm Witheridge 1 v 2 Stoke Gabriel
  5. FA VASE 2ND RD PROPER (3PM) Baffins Milton 3 v 1 Cullompton Rangers Exmouth Town 0 v 2 Blackfield & Langley Plymouth Parkway 3 v 1 Bodmin Town Team Solent 0 v 4 Tavistock PREMIER DIVISION (3PM) Godolphin Atlantic 0 v 2 Launceston Helston Athletic 2 v 1 Saltash United Newquay 3 v 1 Ivybridge Town St Austell 4 v 1 Callington Town Stoke Gabriel 3 v 1 Sticker (2.15PM) Witheridge 0 v 2 Camelford
  6. Torpoint Athletic 1 v 3 Plymouth Argyle
  7. (7.30PM) Bodmin Town 4 v 0 Newquay Exmouth Town P-P Launceston Falmouth Town 2 v 1 Camelford Ivybridge Town 3 v 0 Cullompton Rangers Saltash United 2 v 4 Tavistock
  8. PREMIER DIVISION (3.00PM) Cullompton Rangers 1 v 3 Helston Athletic Exmouth Town 2 v 1 Torpoint Athletic Ivybridge Town 2 v 4 Saltash United Launceston 3 v 1 Falmouth Town Stoke Gabriel 1 v 2 Newquay (2.15PM) Tavistock 6 v 0 Callington Town Witheridge 1 v 4 St Austell WALTER C PARSON CUP 3RD ROUND (2.30PM) Plymouth Argyle 3. v 0 Godolphin Atlantic
  9. Bodmin Town 4. v 1 Sticker (7.30PM) Camelford 0 v 5 Plymouth Parkway (7.45PM)
  10. Saltash United 3 v 1 Newquay Tavistock 5 v 0 Torpoint
  11. Callington Town 1 v 1 Ivybridge Town Godolphin Atlantic 0 v 4 Bodmin Town Helston Athletic 4 v 1 Camelford Plymouth Parkway 8 v 0 Witheridge St Austell 2 v 1 Falmouth Town
  12. Yes 8 games not 6. Could say it was a typo but have to be honest and indeed a mistake! Thanks for correcting. I agree that the wording is indeed very clear. However, what is bizarre and quite worrisome, is that we could end up with a club say finishing say 8th in one of the lower leagues replacing a club that finishes in the top 6 of the Premier. Starting to promote clubs based just on their facilities, over their abilities to competee on the actual field of play, seems the start of a very slippery slope indeed. I think having a smaller 16 team league, in which all the teams are competitive, is much better than having a 20 league team in which several teams are out of the depth on the field, even if they have floodlights and a nice covered stand! My guess is that few teams actually make much, if any, money from home games and what they do is swallowed up by the costs involved in away games. Thus "the loss" of 8 games may have some significant financial upside as well.
  13. Sad to say but I think Falmouth maybe amongst those with a problem. As of a few weeks ago I did not see that any work had started on their new ground. I believe there are many issues with Bickland Park that would need changing to bring to Grade G. This leaves the club between in the proverbial "rock and a hard place" situation. Do they spend what may be a substantial amount of money on gettng Bickland Park up to standard for maybe one more season before moving, or do they take the drop and save the money? A few weeks ago there was a comment about a possible temporary ground share with Penryn. Is their ground at Grade G standard? Could somebody from the Committee at Falmouth give us an update? Newquay might also have a problem. I see they have started a gofund me page looking to raise £20,000 for new toilets and lighting. Unfortunately as of this morning only a tenner had been donated. Before anybody starts having at go at the SWPL about this it is out of their hands. Back in 2015 the FA surveyed all Step 6 clubs nationwide and found only 47% of them were in compliance with Grade G standard. As I undetstand it they gave all the leagues 2 years to get their clubs up to standard. This was well publicised on social media and by the SWPL. Unfortunately thiose clubs in Step 6 not in compliance by March 31st 2018 will face the drop. This is nationwide not just the SWPL. I have to say the allowance for clubs in the West and East who don't finish in the top 4 but are Grade H to still possibly get promoted is just bizarre. Maybe it is a good time for the SWPL to consider reducing the Premier Division to 16 clubs. With an already crowded season losing 6 games may in fact be welcomed by many clubs.
  14. THE BUILDBASE FA VASE 1ST ROUND PROPER (3.00PM) Bodmin Town 3 v 1 Swanage Town & Herston PREMIER DIVISION (3.00PM) Falmouth Town 3 v 1 Exmouth Town Newquay 2 v 0 Cullompton Rangers Plymouth Parkway 4 v 0 Helston Athletic St Austell 3 v 1 Launceston Sticker 2 v 4 Saltash United Stoke Gabriel 2 v 1 Godolphin Atlantic Tavistock 4 v 0 Camelford
  15. Plymouth Argyle 4 v 1 Ivybridge Town Torpoint Athletic 2 v 2 Callington Town
  16. Exmouth Town 3 v 0 Witheridge (7.45) Falmouth Town 1 v 3 Saltash United (7.45) Godolphin Atlantic 1. v 2 Sticker
  17. Camelford 2 v 2 Callington Town Cullompton Rangers 1 v 3 Launceston Helston Athletic 2 v 1 Newquay
  18. Bodmin Town 3 v 1 Swanage Town Fareham Town 2 v 1 Ivybridge Town Odd Down 2 v 2 Tavistock Plymouth Parkway 5 v 0 Sandhurst Town Portchester 2 v 0 Cullompton PREMIER DIVISION Callington Town 1 v 1 Stoke Gabriel Camelford 1 v 3 St Austell Exmouth Town 2 v 1 Newquay Godolphin Atlantic 0 v 4 Saltash United Helston Athletic 6 v 0 Witheridge Plymouth Argyle 3 v 1 Falmouth Town Sticker 2 v 1 Torpoint Athletic
  19. (7.30PM) Camelford 1-3 Falmouth Town Witheridge 0-6 Tavistock
  20. Callington Town 0.-5 Plymouth Parkway Torpoint Athletic 1 -3 Helston Athletic
  21. WALTER C PARSON CUP 2ND ROUND (2.30PM) Exmouth Town 1 v 2 Cullompton Rangers Godolphin Atlantic 3 v 1 Illogan RBL Launceston 0 v 4 Saltash United Mousehole 1 v 2 Camelford Plymouth Parkway 7 v 0 Galmpton & Roselands Porthleven 0 v 5 Bodmin Town Sidmouth Town 2 v 3 Stoke Gabriel St Austell 3 v 1 Falmouth Town Tavistock 6 v 1 Ivybridge Town Torpoint Athletic 4 v 1 Liverton United
  22. Plymouth Parkway 6 v 0 Ivybridge Town Saltish United 4 v 1 Helston Athletic
  23. Callington Town 1 v 1 Godolphin Atlantic Newquay 2 v 1 Falmouth Town St Austell 1 v 3 Bodmin Town Torpoint Athletic 1 v 2 Cullompton Rangers (7.45PM)