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  1. 29th July 2018 @ Wendron Football Club. Charity football matches and family fun day in aid of Crohn's and Colitis UK(registered charity number 1117148). The day starts at 10am which is when the fun day opens and runs til 445. The family fun day will include stalls, facepainters, bouncy castles and much more. When the fun day finishes we shall go into the club house for an evening of live entertainment from roughly 530/6 with a raffle and auction with a number of good prizes and more come in each day. The football matches are:- 10am - Youth Match (under 16) 12noon - Women's Match 3PM - Men's Match HELP NEEDED We are looking for raffle and auction prizes, we have had a positive response from this already, also smaller prizes for the tombola and maybe a big teddy bear to name off. We are looking for traders to have stalls, etc at the fun day, possible a car boot sale to have on site if we can, we shall confirm this soon. We also need bouncy castles for the event to either be lent to us for the day or for you to come and do them and split the money with the charity. We need volunteers for a number of roles, some of them now and leading up to the event with helping promote it, sell raffle tickets and other things and then on the day we need volunteers to help set up the event, also to shake buckets, man stalls, possible man the bouncy castles depends on if they donated or done via profit share, need people to do a number of other roles and we need people that are first aid trained to help out on the day. If you can help out with anything listed above then please email andyjenkin@hotmail.co.uk or abiw1991@hotmail.co.uk with the subject CCUK CHARITY EVENT, or text 07496380860. If you wish to donate a raffle/auction prize please use above details with the subject CCUK RAFFLE/AUCTION DONATION. To buy raffle tickets then please contact us on same details with subject BUY RAFFLE TICKETS. As we get a list of shops they can be bought in I shall upload to the Facebook event which link is below. FB event link. https://www.facebook.com/events/566591450374076/?ti=icl Thanks for reading and if you need any more information then please feel free to contact us using details above.
  2. Hello,Can you send me the following details, can you email them to me at andyjenkin@hotmail.co.uK Team play for Contact phone number Contact email address Position play This is a basic message sending to everyone who interested in playing in the match so I can give details to the manager. Cheers
  3. Hello, I'm fundraising for CCUK - Crohn's and Colitis UK. We were originally having a charity football match and a raffle after but now it's become 3 charity matches, Youth (East Cornwall v West Cornwall), women's (East Cornwall v West Cornwall) and men's (Trelawny v Duchy), a family fun day along side this and then live entertainment with raffle and auction in the club house after the men's game. We are looking for a manager for the Duchy Team and also players for both Duchy and Trelawny teams. We also need help with the women’s game and are looking for a manager and players for the west and for the east teams. The link is below for the Facebook event we have set up. We have a meeting this week to try and confirm dates, times and venue. If you can help out with any of these please email me on email address below Also if you have anything or know anyone that can donate a raffle or auction prize then please ask them to email me using email below. andyjenkin@hotmail.co.uk The link for the event Is https://www.facebook.com/events/566591450374076/?ti=icl
  4. Hello Tim. Dave Bartlam is sorting the players and managers for the Trelawny team so maybe quicker to contact him now. I will be passing on details of players also. Thanks andy
  5. Hello, I'm organising a charity event in July for CCUK (Crohn's and Colitis UK). The event has been given the go ahead by Cornwall FA. The event will be three charity matches, a men's game which shall be Trelawny v Duchy, a Woman's game which will be East V West and a youth game which will most likely be U16 and again East v West. The dates and times etc will be 100% agreed this week but it's looking likely to be 29th of July. Along side the matches we hope to put something on for the children so the whole family can come along and then there shall be live entertainment in the club house after and also a raffle and auction. I am am looking to get in some managers to sort the teams for me so I'm currently looking for a manager for the Trelawny and Duchy leagues and also the women's game so one from the East and one from the West. You don't need to be a manager of a team currently although it would help, you could be a player that wants to try management. The youth game I'm awaiting details for and so when I have them I shall update this post but I am hopeful that this is already sorted and will be confirmed soon. We are also looking for raffle and auction prizes for the event and so if you own a business or know someone that can help out or can ask at work for us then please do and then email me if need items collecting. Also if know anyone that has a bouncy castle, or does face painting etc that could be part of the funday. The link to the facebook event page is below and also my email address, please put CCUK charity event as the subject if you email me. Or text me on 07496380860 https://www.facebook.com/events/566591450374076/?ti=icl andyjenkin@hotmail.co.uk Thank you for taking the time to read this. Andy
  6. Hello, are you frogpool 1st or reserves? I refereed frogpool last week and split my head open during game. I'm happy for you to play but not sure why emails aren't working. It's defo andyjenkin@hotmail.co.uk the link to to the Facebook event is below so if can't message me via email then please message me on there. Do you know anyone else that would be interested in playing? We also need a manager for both teams or two managers for both teams would be better. https://www.facebook.com/events/566591450374076/?ti=icl Thanks for the comment. Not sure why they aren't sending as that's my email, I have commented above with it again but if can't get my via email then I have posted the Facebook event link above and can be contacted there.
  7. I’m in the process of setting up a charity football match and fun day for Crohn’s and Colitis UK. This match has FA approval. The date is not yet set in stone but it’s either 28 or 29 July @ Newquay Football Club. The teams will be Trelawny Select v Duchy Select. Management teams for each team will be decided this week so if interested in managing one of the teams please contact me! We will need players from both trelawny leagues and Duchy leagues to come forward to play! We also need companies big and small to donate raffle prizes. We are waiting for confirmation to see if have room for bouncy castles and stalls etc! If you can donate anything then please drop me a message and if you wish to join the management team or playing team then message me aswell! We are considering women’s and a youth game aswell! We also need support in organising and on the day! If can help please get in touch! We would need someone to organise the children’s game thinking u15 or u16 and women’s games if someone can organise please get in touch! My email is andyjenkin@hotmail.co.uk Thanks all