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  1. Trelawny League - Saturday November 4th 2017

    told dave soon as we got there no1 would be going to the pub coz of other plans and we wouldn't have time ,we normaly always go to the pub coz i love a pint
  2. Trelawny League - Saturday November 4th 2017

    they still can but coz but coz i for got the form , they said no to doing it on plain paper . witch i have done for teams in the past coz every1 just wants a game of footy
  3. Trelawny League - Saturday November 4th 2017

    think you boys will win the league best side we have played yet
  4. Trelawny League - Saturday November 4th 2017

    always have forms on me was a one off mistake ,after rushing round doing tots training and u12 training in the morn as well as reffing u7 game .
  5. Trelawny League - Saturday November 4th 2017

    good win for mariners, we didn't turn up on the pitch and was poor . great sportsmanship by st ives i for got signing on form they had no spare ones ,ref agreed to do it on a blank peace of paper and all ppl to sign it but st ives said no its not there fault i for got it so wouldn't agree, i have let teams do this before so players get a game and not wasted there time. i know they don't have to agree but thought this was poor from dave . only good thing fot us on the day there lino was spot on (the old chap) thank you to him .
  6. Duchy League - Saturday October 14th 2017

    surly he will have to send in now coz its been on here , theres a new part on our team sheet thing we do online now that you have to tick iy anyone gets a red or yellow.
  7. The Sin-Bin so far?

    all depends if the refs in a mood or on a power trip ,I've seen it used well and shockers by refs using it when not needed and with the timings abit off with some players get less time than others . but seems be cutting out some the back chat
  8. Best and worse showers in Cornwall

    well only just lol, we got a new 1 for the away team now so lots more room for the away team , me and my missis do are best with what we getto work with
  9. CCFA breach Junior Cup Rules

    who gives a s*** . least the games got played
  10. Pitch Needed Desperatly

    could any of the schools help out
  11. Best and worse showers in Cornwall

    its shocking we don't have showers . we are looking into doing something abt it but theres issues over it at the min .
  12. good luck to the lad if he had tried to knock fish out ,think fish would av knocked him into next wk
  13. they said they can't coz of players working
  14. st buryan res v aggie 3rds off coz threre goal are broken
  15. hello mate do we pay on the day ? and how many mens teams are in it pls