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  1. I find my clearances at a hostile pitch get lower and lower...
  2. Mabe FC Fold

    A bug bear i’ve found us that as I’ve got older, I’ve picked up more responsibilities... some of these responsibilities nag a lot. I get an earful if a game gets called off last minute because it’s a waste of a day. I’m also reminded often that I could always be doing something else rather than sat on a bench (the things to do list seems to grow exponentially when I’m not home). Therefore, I question whether anything less than 60mins is worth the aggro. Same with travelling. Especially in the lower leagues when you’re playing new teams of superstars... you again question what would be the better use of time? Massaging these teams ego’s or painting the shed? I’m on the verge of packing it in for most of the reasons above. At the ripe age of 32 and having never achieved a high standard of football, I find myself making way for the kids more often. This isn’t a bad thing for football (though I do remember it being harder to break into a side as a youth rather than a formality). But less game time is less justifiable to offset my other commitments. As as a note, I agree with the notion of players not being unregistered at the end of a season. It works in cricket... rules can be changed