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  1. Adam Matthews got the other two
  2. It was horrendous conditions but the game was a pleasure to play in. The scoreline didn't really reflect the game. Anita was brilliant throughout and explained everything when needed
  3. The away team announced the game being off before the 1200 Saturday deadline. Madron waited till then to confirm.....yes believe it or not madron followed the rules
  4. Well this escalated quickly. As I mentioned earlier we have a new structure in place at madron and are desperately trying to do things the right way with reference to matches, officials, team sheets etc but it's not gonna happen overnight. A few of us have took it upon ourselves to contact the correct people each week so we avoid fines and other confusion. So just bare with us for a few weeks while we 'fix' the issues and stop madron being a thorn in the league's side.
  5. Are you the ref by any chance biggreengiant? If not I would love to know where you are getting your info from?
  6. New structure at madron and together we are making sure all rules and regs are adhered too.
  7. Ref was told yesterday for madron but he wanted to inspect the pitch this morning just to confirm it was waterlogged.
  8. Madrons pitch is waterlogged. Hopefully someone from the club will make the relevant calls