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  1. My blog from St Day v St Ives Town in the Combo Cup quarter-final is now online at thecupfootballblogger.wordpress.com The Trelawny League and Wigan Athletic get mentions too!!
  2. SWPL & Cups - Saturday 10th February 2018

    Just so you know my latest blog, based on the Cornwall Charity Cup clash between Liskeard Athletic and Wendron United, is now online at thecupfootballblogger.wordpress.com
  3. My blog from this well-fought cup tie is now online at thecupfootballblogger.wordpress.com
  4. Thanks Paul. Blog should be online by the end of the weekend at thecupfootballblogger.wordpress.com Good, hard-fought contest in tough conditions.
  5. Junior cup Saturday Jan 20th 2018 - 4th Round

    Thank you
  6. So what chance any of these games being on on Saturday? The weather is making it harder and harder for a cup football blogger to find a cup game!
  7. Junior cup Saturday Jan 20th 2018 - 4th Round

    I was at the Penryn v Penwith Exiles Junior Cup tie on Saturday and have posted my blog inspired (I hope) by the occasion at thecupfootballblogger.wordpress.com
  8. Duchy League - Saturday January 13th 2018

    Luckily for me, one of the very few games on in the whole of Cornwall on Saturday was a cup tie, the Duchy League Cup clash between St Merryn and Callington Town Thirds, so that is where I trundled off to. Read about my day - and a bit about the football - at thecupfootballblogger.wordpress.com
  9. Matches postponed 13/1/18

    As far as I can tell, all the Junior Cup games are now off. I hate this weather.
  10. Junior cup Saturday Jan 20th 2018 - 4th Round

    I aim to get to Lizard Argyle but that is very much weather-dependent so I feel there might be several last-minute changes of plan!
  11. My blog from this Cornwall Senior Cup Third Round clash is now online at thecupfootballblogger.wordpress.com
  12. SWPL & Senior Cup - Saturday 6 January 2018

    Still on according to SWPL website
  13. Obviously, as a cup-centric person, my views on league reorganisation might not be that important but, as a local football fan, I am going to stick my oar in anyway! I think this is a good idea and it will address some of the issues with travelling. Whatever league you play in there has to be some travelling. That's inevitable. Thirty years ago, when I was playing at a very low level in South London, it could still take an hour to get from Croydon to, say, Richmond. I can almost get from Penryn to Plymouth on a good day in that time! One tweak I might make to this plan would be to reduce the Premier Division of the SWPL to 16 teams. Then there would be four divisions of 16 each. That might address some of the quality concerns and would make the Walter C Parson Cup much easier to run!!