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  1. Trelawny League - Saturday November 11th 2017

    On the flip side I actually support the expansion of 3g pitches for the longer term of grass roots football in order to get the games on through the shittier winter period even if that means losing the fun of walking off the pitch caked in mud.
  2. Trelawny League - Saturday November 11th 2017

    From watching half of the keyboard warriors, not you in general lol, but ending your sentence/statement with a ! seems to imply someone is in the wrong and therefore Madron are in the wrong on this occasion. Apologies if I have misinterpreted I admit I have two pairs, but not everyone does and to expect them to pay £15 plus there match fee for just one game is ridiculous. #onlymyopinion
  3. Trelawny League - Saturday November 11th 2017

    I have no affiliation to either team but I think it is unfair to have a go at Madron for not having the required footwear to play on 3g. 2 days is not satisfactory notice as not everyone plays on 3g in their spare time nor do they wish £20-30 for a decent pair of astro trainers for just one game. In other words Hayle are expecting Madron to collectively pay around £200-£300 for just one game. From what I have read on this site Madron have no reason to be targeted given the efforts they have made to get games on this season even if they are expecting to lose!
  4. Mabe FC Fold

    I can answer for myself, and it is probably the same answer for a number of blokes my age (34), injuries, and inability to work through injury, will cause people to leave the game they love as they simply cannot afford the risk of losing money when they have bills to pay, and families to feed etc. I was injured last week by accident but this has resulted in being laid up since. Unfortunately it is now one injury too many and I have decided to retire. However, I cannot imagine being out of the game altogether and will lend a supporting role in some capacity to my current club (even as a supporter travelling 36 miles!!!). The one thing I have noticed with players, and I do believe this is the biggest problem with teams, and this is purely loyalty, or lack thereof. It is far too easy to transfer mid season when the going gets tough!!