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    No, only being used for registrations this years
  2. MattP

    ECL AGM propsal

    Unless a team asks to go down for geographical or other reasons?
  3. Roll on roll off will help introduce and youngsters and retain the older players, at a time when many clubs are struggling for numbers. Some will be against it, some will see the benefits. As I see it, if the league doesn’t move with the times it will be on its last legs in 12 months’ time. At the rate we are going there will be one division of 12-14 clubs left
  4. Unfortunately not senior football any more - anything below step 7 is “recreational” football.
  5. When I say vanish I mean in terms of quality. I think one division is almost a certainty.
  6. The danger is that ECPL could vanish. For me, many clubs will either slip back to Duchy Premier level or take the plunge at Step 7. I see a lot of casualties after the first season where travel costs kick in for a county-wide league.
  7. Sad to see Pensilva go, but take my hat off to them for managing to finish the season after such a struggle
  8. Good luck for the future Brad, hope it works out.
  9. Agree, players don’t want to travel these days, which is what I think will kill the step 7 league, or at best lead to a massive turnover of teams
  10. Their Twitter account confirms a return to P&D; shame, as I was very impressed with them in pre-season when we played them. Hopefully they’ll clarify their reasons, wonder if the level of travelling was an issue? I have grave concerns for the future of this level of football between Duchy and the new county-wide step 7 league.
  11. Sad news! Mike has done a great job for the Duchy League for many years and will be a tough (hopefully not impossible) act to follow! Thanks Mike
  12. Sounds about right. I can only speak from my knowledge of the ECPL but I can see that weakening the league massively, effectively dropping it back down to Duchy Premier standard if the likes of Torpoint, Saltash, St Austell and Tavi weren’t in it. Also, the step 7 league will involve a huge amount of travelling, cost and commitment from clubs and players to get from one end of the county to the other - I can see there being multiple casualties at the end of the first season when clubs have experienced the demands.
  13. The silence is deafening Rich...
  14. Couldn’t agree more.
  15. To be talking about hard working VOLUNTEERS like Messrs Newcombe and Collings in the way some of you have is the only “disgrace”’ in all of this. Without those two there will not be a Duchy League, end of. That means no football for you all. Yes, a mistake was made, however, each club still has a responsibility to play within the rules, i.e. with eligible players, and to know who is and isn’t eligible. As a manager and secretary myself I appreciate that is a difficult job, particularly with the way players move between teams at Torpoint, but it is the club’s responsibility to know. There could have been a number of outcomes; replay of the semi, cancellation of the cup, reinstatement of Torpoint or the decision the League reached, and with every one, someone misses out - total no win situation for the league, and one that I know has upset them deeply, but nothing compared to the barrage of crap I’ve read above.
  16. As a manager who has been on the end of the struggle to put sides out 3-4 times a week, I don’t necessary buy into the “too easy to cancel games” school of thought - the extended season, multiple games a week across 2-3 sides leading to a raft of injuries, sunny weather, “senior” status after 2 games and various other issues have meant it has been a massive struggle for clubs this year. In Callington’s case, I know players (and management) have been shared across their teams in order to fulfill as many fixtures as they could - I’m sure their decision to pull out of last night’s game wouldn’t have been taken without a lot of effort to raise a side. I think we have to face the fact that many players have just had enough of football for a few weeks/months!
  17. Torpoint Ath v Polperro reversed to Killigarth as The Mill is unavailable.
  18. Decent sized changing rooms but no clubhouse yet. Willy needs to dig under his mattress 😉
  19. Agree, nice to share it about - St Teath’s surface is always superb.
  20. Lanreath have an on-site clubhouse, and a nice one at that
  21. MattP

    Polperro Duchy Four Champions

    Look forward to welcoming you home Paul! 17 years to the day since we clinched the Duchy 4 title at Callington
  22. Apparently the FA advised that the game should be declared void?