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  1. Torpoint Ath v Polperro reversed to Killigarth as The Mill is unavailable.
  2. Decent sized changing rooms but no clubhouse yet. Willy needs to dig under his mattress 😉
  3. Agree, nice to share it about - St Teath’s surface is always superb.
  4. Lanreath have an on-site clubhouse, and a nice one at that
  5. MattP

    Polperro Duchy Four Champions

    Look forward to welcoming you home Paul! 17 years to the day since we clinched the Duchy 4 title at Callington
  6. Apparently the FA advised that the game should be declared void?
  7. They can’t do that! Surely they can’t just decide to give a 0-0 draw?! Do the league rules allow that?
  8. Trying to do their team talk for them Browner?! 😂
  9. I would say we aren’t ready, no, but we MAY have a desire and an ability to in a season or so. On the pitch this year has been our weakest for a number of seasons. Whilst the game at your place was something of a farce, it’s by no means the first time we have faced a team strengthened by players from first teams or other clubs’ first teams. We have sometimes seen this as a compliment, but it has become very frustrating to those of us who choose not to do it. It hasn’t stopped us getting promotion, but we have lost 3 games this year that we might otherwise have made a closer fight of, as have others. Whilst no rules are broken, it does the league no favours in my opinion. Where is the next Godolphin, St Dennis, etc, who have progressed admirably, coming from if the league is won by a reserve team strengthening when they need to? That said, if Saltash win the league this year they will have done it on merit, with a consistent squad. I don’t want to bang on about the subject, it’s a game of opinions and some want localised leagues with no travelling, others want a cap on the number of SWPL players, my desire is for a level playing field where each team has a squad that they stick to and the best “regular” team wins. I don’t see it ever happening. What the FA want will happen above our league and the ECPL will stay as it is.
  10. Agree cancelling cups would be hard on teams, and actually not sure how many fixtures it would save. Maybe give clubs the option to surrender a cup game with no penalty, say if they were also chasing a promotion spot that they wanted to prioritise? Agree on finals, those staged on Peninsula grounds might have to wait until well into May when league fixtures are over
  11. Regional divisions won’t make any difference - the two divisions are already pretty much regionalised now. I would rather see all reserve teams in one division, no promotion to worry about until first teams are two divisions ahead. All non-reserve teams in another division to allow clearer progression without first team players having the influence they do now. That said, it won’t stop the rain.
  12. The first time I read that I thought it was a crazy idea - second time round not such a bad idea. For the mid table clubs knock it on the head and start again in August. Also consider cancelling cups.
  13. I wasn’t suggesting anything underhand from Plymstock, one of our lads was there yesterday and they were working hard on their pitch in the hope of getting it on. I just wonder how teams will fulfill all their fixtures.
  14. Plymstock v Polperro off. Weather is unbelievable- time to start thinking about knocking the season on the head?!