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  1. Offside Law

    I only saw the game live, so dont know how the various sky and bbc pundits saw this mess after the game. But reading on the bbc website. John Moss when talking to Lino was asked did Lovren touch the ball, if Lovren touched the ball Kane was onside. Moss then asked 4th official to look at the monitor to see if lovren touched the ball because he didnt know. The 4th official didnt have use of the monitor so Moss was still none the wiser, i thought a ref could not give a decision unless he was 100% sure. Apart from the confusion during these moments, and a few Tom Daley dives. what we saw was two teams who are fantastic to watch unlike the current Man u.
  2. This is what Inox originally told the council what would be done if there application was successful, bit of a long read, but sounds great. Mr Venn began the presentation stating the development at Langarth would be spread over 15 years with an ethos of a sustainable, walkable neighbourhood being created. Everyone living on the development would live within a 10 minute walk of the Park and Ride Scheme with 70 % actually living within a 5 minute walk of it. The aim was to build 1500 homes over 15 years. 500 would be social housing. Up to 1500 new local jobs could be created and new leisure and community facilities would also be built. There would be traffic benefits for the whole community if the scheme went ahead. Community Use – there would be a new primary school, library, community hall, pub/restaurant, one or two hotels, shops, post office, doctors and dentists surgeries, a retirement village and employment space. If permission was granted for Langarth this would, Mr Venn advised, prevent sporadic development. Cornwall Council had to have a 5 year land supply in place. This scheme would provide that and more. In Truro and Threemilestone the current position was there was not enough land being released to fulfil the criteria. It was also advised that Truro and Threemilestone was a very desirable place to live. Transport Benefits – There would be a new access one mile further towards Chiverton to the Park and Ride Site. A link road to the hospital would be created. A new access to the rear of the Park and Ride would also be created and it was expected the Park and Ride would be expanded by 50% - 600 spaces. Two new buses would be purchased by the developers to help with this expansion. Car Clubs would be created to encourage low car ownership. Cars would be available to hire. Most of the junctions between Langarth and Arch Hill would be improved if the scheme went ahead. Benefits for Threemilestone – A high quality development and new facilities. Improvement to the transport and infrastructure. New housing including social housing. Direct benefits would include investment in Threemilestone with possible improvements to sports facilities, improvements to the primary school and the local neighbourhood. Langarth was not intended to be a separate community but to integrate into Threemilestone. Wider Opportunities – Strategic link road to the hospital would be created. Up to 2500 houses on the three sites at Langarth, Willow Green and Maiden Green could be built over 25 years. Langarth would be an exemplar development to be proud of. Up to 800 homes for young families from all three sites. How times have changed. After this piece of creative writing was written they then said they would sell a plot of the land to cornwall council for a pound, so as another developer could buy this land off of the council to build a stadium and making the council some money in the process. how times have changed. The end of my rant! (for now) Apologies, this doesn't have much to do with Truro City and i have nothing against their club, more of a rant against developers and Cornwall council f**king up our county.
  3. yeah your probably right, that's why i'm currently living abroad!!! But whilst talking political, i have a disabled sister who lives in Redruth, and those in power at Cornwall HQ wanted to know if she could cycle to her day centre so as they could get rid of her minibus to save a few quid. she cant even cross the road on her own! And i bet there are a 1000 other stories like this throughout the county, so how can they find a spare 6 million? Best of luck with helping out your grass roots football team, who have done a fair bit to help out the youth of Redruth, one of the most deprived areas of Cornwall, and who could also benefit from a share of this 6 million quid.
  4. Martin, when Inox decided to put this big planning application in to develop this farm land within an already congested area they had all the answers AND ALL THE MONEY. now they change the goal post (excuse the pun) every five minutes to suit. i can only see one winner if the council give in to this bribery and that is the developers.
  5. can anyone tell me, where's the stadium for Devon, Dorset, Somerset, etc?